The Last Stash Project

This is the last stash project we did.  I added the yellow strip a the top and bottom to mine to make it the size needed for the group where it will be sent.  The pattern does not include the extra strip at the top and bottom.  The pattern is now available for download here.  It will also be filed under “Patterns for Free” over on the right side bar and can be accessed there.

This is the drawing of the quilt if made by the pattern.


  1. 1

    Another Linda says

    Yes, I remember that quilt, it’s pretty. I made a copy and hopefully I will get “a round tuit” and make it, maybe this summer!

    Thank you for this quilt design and sharing with your readers.

  2. 2


    I feel like digging into my stash and make one of those right away – if only I did not have anything else on my to do list for April.
    Will save the pattern though – thank you very much 🙂

  3. 3


    Time got away from me when you put this quilt up on your blog, but I intend to get around to it at some point, just need a few more hours in my day and a gardener !
    Thank you for offering it as a download.

  4. 5

    Becky says

    Thanks for sharing all your quilts with us! You are so creative and I just love your designs!

  5. 6


    Thank you for sharing this quilt pattern. It is one I would like to make but was unable to make it with the group! Thanks again for sharing it!

  6. 7


    Thanks so much for making this pattern available! I wasn’t able to participate in the group sewing because of other project deadlines. I printed the pattern out today. Again, thank you!