New, Improved or Just Different

When I’m writing a pattern for publication, instructions for half square triangles are written to cut the squares 7/8″ larger than the finished size of the HST.  If I’m doing half square triangles for my own project,  using this method, I cut my squares 1″ larger and trim them down.

Half square triangles (and lots of them) seem to make their way into almost every quilt I make.  A while back, I wrote a blog post about making half square triangles.  Michele from Quilting Gallery suggested I try Triangulations for quarter square triangles.  That has changed the way I make quarter square triangles.  Unbelievably easy and perfect!!  Really perfect!  I love the Triangulations software so much, I’ve added it for sale on my website.  I am really sold on this technique.

In the next stash project, there are lots of flying geese.  No half square triangles though!  Since there are many flying geese and some are larger than average, I didn’t want to waste a lot of fabric, even though I’d end up with a bunch of half square triangles from the ends I cut off the flying geese, I went with the “no waste” method.

Patti Anderson has a great tutorial for making flying geese using this method.  Please review her method and if you’re going to do the next stash project, try it and see what you think. I’ve made a whole stack of flying geese using this method and they’ve all come out totally perfect and pretty darned quick!


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    When I first started quilting about 10 years ago, I found that tutorial and printed it. It’s been lurking in a drawer ever since; whenever I need flying geese, I pull it out! Of course, back then, I didn’t understand quilting directions, so I made a few mistakes, but now it’s all clear!

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    I’m always amazed at how clever people, and how nice of the author to share these instructions. They are beautifully done!

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    This is the only way I make flying geese. Any other way and they don’t turn out perfect. Can’t wait for the project.

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    Cindy B says

    I like theTriangulations software a lot. I found an even easier way to make HST and quarter HSTs. I bought a die cut machine. It’s easy to adjust the block size to the many common sizes of the dies. Dog ears are cut off, perfectly cut triangles, and only sew one seam. I don’t have to square them up. I think the home die cut machine is the best thing since the rotary cutter!

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    This is how I like to do flying geese too. It is easy and fun! I have a little pet peeve…I don’t like when quilts have half square triangles where they could have used flying geese. Isn’t that so anal and silly of me!

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    CarolE/UP says

    I love flying geese in a quilt — and have been wanting to try some. If I can get myself organized I just might join this project.

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    I discovered Patti’s method a long long time ago …. it is still my favourite way of doing Flying Geese. I’m so glad that you decided not to use half square triangles for Flying Geese …… that just irritates me and I don’t like the finished look of it.

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    Linda Bishop says

    Good Morning Judy
    I have been using this method for ages. Bless Patti for sharing with us! Every time I show this to someone else it’s a joy to watch their faces as they click to how it works!
    Cheers from Down Under
    Taupo New Zealand

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    Linda Bishop says

    Good Morning Judy
    I have been using this method for ages. Bless Patti for sharing with us! Every time I show this to someone else it’s a joy to watch their faces as they click to how it works!

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    I love that flying geese method. It’s like magic. When is the next stash project? I think I’m ready to do that one with the flying geese since I know that technique well.

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    QltnRobin says

    Hey this is a great way to make the flying geese! I have used this method when making with scraps, it goes really quickly~!
    Also Eleanor Burns has a flying geese ruler, no waste method but you start out with 2 large squares, 1 is an inch larger than the other, do the magic and you get 4 flying geese out of it but downside is not very usable for scraps unless you happen to collect BIG pieces (not me!).

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    Debquilts says

    I am looking forward to the next scrap project. It will be my first. Also my first flying geese. All of my previous projects have been simple Sq’s or Cabins. One square in a square.

    So I hope we start soon. Thanks, so much for doing this for us.