Using Eggs

For those who asked about what I’ll do with all those eggs . . we eat them! 🙂  They will last 3 – 4 months in the fridge.  Do you know that it can take up to 30 days from the time an egg is laid before they get to the grocery store?  Here’s some info.  We use at least 2 dozen eggs per week so the eggs I showed earlier are in no danger of going bad before we use them.  With breakfast, cooking and baking, eggs don’t last long around here.

As far as freezing eggs, I’ve never done it but here’s some info on that.  When my chicks start laying, if I get more than I need, I’ll probably give them away to friends.  No need to freeze them as long as I have plenty more coming in.  But . . we’re not to that point yet! 🙂


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    Eat them, for sure. We eat our share around here, I used 6 in the egg salad and 4 in the tapioca pudding just this evening. That’s almost a dozen in one day. And it’s just my husband and myself, we used many more when the boys were home. I love watching the videos of your chicks, I’m sure you will enjoy the eggs. I wish I had time for chicks. Enjoy!

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    Enjoyed the egg information links. But….DARN it…I guess this means we are all NOT invited for omelets and quiche. *sigh*