About that Stash Project

Some have written that they liked what we did with the last stash project . . where the fabrics were pulled . . just lights and darks, without knowing what we were making.  For those having a problem using the stash,  you sometimes want to match too much, or keep fabric lines/collections together.

How do you all want to do it?  Majority rules!

1.  I can show you the project first and you can choose your fabrics based on what the project looks like.  You may even decide after seeing it that you don’t like it.  If so . . please don’t tell me.  I’ll be crushed and may never design another quilt again! 🙁    Doubtful but you just never know!  (OK . . that’s a joke!  I’m used to coming up with ideas I think are fantastic and everyone else thinks they’re dorky!)

Oh . . speaking of ideas . . remember the fence I showed you:

I get to interview the guy who built it . . later.  Probably sometime after May 1.  Paducah is next week, you know?

Back to quilting:

2.  I can give you the fabric suggestions and cutting instructions and you can cut it all up and then we’ll start making the blocks.  Kinda like a mystery but not really.

Just for the record, this picture is from the blocks I’m making.  For the instructions, I have listed “background fabric” and “bright colored stash fabric” and “border fabric”.  That’s it . . I’m using lots of different ecru on ecru fabrics for my “background”; lots of brights for my “bright colored stash fabric” and green for my “border fabric”.

Of course, you can use anything you want for your “background fabric” and where I’ve used “bright colored stash fabric”, you can use Christmas fabrics, patriotic fabrics, homespun . . whatever suits you.

Your choices are “1” or “2”.  Tell me what you want and that’s what we’ll do.


  1. 1


    I”m kind of the “safe” kind that prefers NOT to have anything be too mystery-like. Of course, I’ve not yet had the chance to participate in any of your stash-busting quilts…although I have enjoyed watching the fun from the sidelines. I hope to do this one (or…if not…the next one)!

  2. 2


    hmmm me and choices don’t go together too well…am thinking if’n I knew more then maybe I could use purposeful fabrics and make for a baby..ehhh I could do that anyway..umm I’ll just sit back and go with the majorrrrity
    cheers Vickie

  3. 3


    How about a compromise – put the picture of the quilt under a topic on the right hand side of your blog – those that like mystery quilts don’t look at it and just follow the instructions.

    Those who prefer to know what the quilt looks like can go over there for a look-see and make their fabric selections and adjust for size of quilt according to their stash and quilt needs.

    And, there can be a middle group that can select fabrics to try to free themselves of color/fabric blocks and then look at the quilt and adjust.

    I would be in the last group – is there a 1.5 option?

  4. 4


    The one time I did a true mystery quilt I was disappointed with the result. I loved the pattern (when I finally knew what it was) and the entire process of putting it together but my fabric placement really sucked! The pattern was lost because I chose the wrong fabric (value I think.) I think I’d like to see the pattern first before I pull my fabrics. Just my 2 cents.

  5. 8

    Christina D says

    I’ve wanted to make a quilt using Flying Geese sections. I ‘m not a risk taker by nature,
    so I opt for a peek at the block first. I would use my fall fabrics for this one!

  6. 9


    hhmmmm–I think I like the idea of #2 the best..scrappy gets me all the time and I dont care what it looks like till I am done! LOL…or hey–I like your stuff and *quilting by the seat of my pants* majority rules!! —I need to find and join a project busting group! do you have or know of anything like that? hehehehe

  7. 10

    Kathy McC says

    I love the way the last stash quilt looked and I pulled lights and darks based on your recommendations. I haven’t finished that quilt, but it has become a leader/ender project for me, so I have a few blocks done. And I LOVE the way your flying geese are looking. I vote for option 2. People can always watch from the sidelines and join in when they’ve seen the whole quilt.

    Thank you for offering so much of yourself to those of us on the internet. I love reading your blog daily, regardless of the topic you are writing about. I’m looking forward to the chicks being bigger and I’m sure outside!

  8. 13


    I vote for #2 option. I’ve done lots of mysteries with pretty good success and I love working with bright fabrics. Can we start today, please… I’m really looking forward to this one!

  9. 14


    I like the idea of scrappy. I want to use my batiks. I too, like to sew by the seat of my pants. Just let me know if it’s light, medium or dark. I’ll go with the majority.

  10. 15


    I would normally say #1, but then I might not make it. I need a challenge, and not knowing what I’m doing is a challenge. #2 it is!

  11. 17


    I don’t think I can commit to this project as I have too many irons in the fire this spring. BUT I WANT TO SO BAAAAD!!! I’m like Carole S., I need to finish some UFOs, but I’m basically a weak person and may jump in at the last minute. Your projects are always so fun and rewarding.

  12. 20


    #1, although I do like Liz’s compromise. 🙂 I didn’t do the last stash-buster and am still working on the Bears borders, but I like making the no waste flying geese. 😉

  13. 23


    I am with Liz, a compromise. I like the idea of linking the photo on your side bar for those who would like to look and leaving it a mystery for those who don’t want to look.

    If that is not an option I go for number 1.


  14. 24

    Deb says

    I vote for #1. Even tho I like mysterys, these days I like to know how I will plan my time. Since I need to catch up with Bears, and the last stash project, one must pick and choose. Even tho I know I will love it, as it IS yours, I cant do ALL of yours, (they all go on “the list”) you are one busy lady! Thank you for these projects, once again. It is AWESOME to get so many free projects and good ideas from one of your favorite designers!

  15. 26

    Julie says

    I’d like number 1 – to see and pull fabrics that go with it. I like the way we did the Bears quilt. Thanks for designing quilts for us!!

  16. 27


    I’m a know in advance type of gal .. so number 1 for me. I hate to cute into beautiful fat quarters, only to need a small piece. Yes, I realize it’s stash busting, but I like to keep FQs whole, or with a purpose in mind .. hate to cut just a piece, then it won’t work for an FQ project anymore.

    The 26 FQs I used for the Market quilts, I’ve got a great stack of 6.5 x 10 pieces left over to use with 1/4 square triangulations. Can’t wait to get started on that one .. but wait I must.

  17. 28


    I like all your patterns and would love the mystery, too, but I think I’ll vote for #1. I have some specific areas of stash that I would like to use up, and I think I could choose more easily knowing what the quilt pattern is in advance. But…I am happy to go with the majority and will still participate, no matter what option we end up with. Thanks for letting us have a vote.

  18. 29


    Well my first choice was #2 because I thought it would take decision making out of my hands (which is the hardest thing for me). But then I really thought about it and decided I would rather know what it would look like….so I choose #1.
    There! Decision made. heehee

  19. 30


    I love mysteries but I like to know where I’m going with it too when I’m pulling fabrics. I can promise I will us only stash though. So I vote for number 1 or 1.5 (as some mentioned above). Give us a choice whether we want to peek or not.

  20. 33

    Sue Abrey says

    I would prefer it to be a complete mystery. I am one of those who tries to over-match, so if I don’t know where I’m going, I can truly just pull stuff out, put it in the light/med/dark/background piles and just go for it.

    Having said all that, if the majority is for option 1, the idea of having the picture etc somewhere else is good, then I could try to resist the temptation to peep!!


  21. 34

    Julie H. says

    I vote for #1. But I’d be just as happy if it was the compromise option and you had to click on something to get a peek. When it comes down to it, I’d play along with option #2 as well. Isn’t the objective to get lots of stash sewn up and out of the cupboard to make room for more?

  22. 36

    Marilyn says

    #1 for me too..I have tons of batik scraps and lots of batik fq’s. I like to know before hand who I might make something for……..

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

  23. 37


    I think I’d prefer #1. I really am not sure I’m ready to think “outside the box” again so soon after the last stash project.

  24. 38


    I’m with Liz for 1.5 and linking to the finished picture instead of posting it on the main page. I like to look ahead of time, but that shouldn’t mean that everyone has to if they like a mystery. Having the picture also gives us an idea of how much more or less to do if we want to vary the size without asking you to do all the math.

  25. 39

    Linda Bishop says

    Hi Judy
    I’m for the mystery with the option for those who need to know to take a peek. 2″ size please.
    Cheers from Godzone

  26. 40


    #1, please. Knowing what was coming helped me to finish the Bears Quilt (which turned out to be a very scrappy “Stash Buster for me)… thanks so much for hosting these projects, I know they are a lot of work for you. You are an inspiration!

  27. 41

    Sharyn says

    Yes I would like to go with no 1 also – I like to know just what the finished product will look like so I can choose correct fabrics – otherwise I’m not too good at flying by the seat of my pants!!

    Thanks Judy

  28. 42

    Donna says

    My vote is number 2, I’m a sucker for a good mystery. With all those flying geese, looks like it could be really scrappy….might use up all of mom’s old Christmas scraps if possible.