Stash Project Pictures

The majority wants to see the stash project before starting.  Maybe later we’ll do a mystery but to tell you the truth, I’ve never done a mystery that I was thrilled with.  I just like to know what the end result is going to be . . part of my nature I suppose.  I’ve seen some gorgeous mystery quilts . . just not my own.

Here’s the project I’ve planned.  Simple, simple!  It’s a simple block with outer flying geese added.  Heck, there may be a block just like this and there may even be a setting similar.  This isn’t a top that required a whole lot of creativity to come up with the design.  Plain blocks . . plain setting, a pieced sashing.  But, it is a great way to use the stash.

This plan will produce a top that is 67″ x 85-1/2″ finished.  But, I want mine to be larger and I can hardly stand to make a quilt without pieced borders so here are a couple of options for my own top:

Or, by coloring the same border blocks differently, I end up with this:

I might like this second one better.  What do you think?

The top I make will be 84″ x 100″ and it is for a friend.

Now that you’ve seen it, who’s going to do it with me?


  1. 1


    I will!

    I hope you will post the majority of the instructions so that I might get a head start since I don’t exactly know where I’ll be living in a month.

    It looks fun, easy, and worthy of a stash busting project.

  2. 2


    I love it and I am in. You make such beautiful quilts. I think I will make mine in Christmas fabrics and make a larger version. Thanks again for sharing!

  3. 3


    Judy I am so glad I went back to your blog. My mind is kind of messed up today…I guess that is going to be normal for me from now on…but I was not sure what you were talking about. First I read about the new project to use up stash, then I read about a border. My mind was still on the new project and thought “Wow, I really missed the directions someplace!” I looked at some another blog. She was talking about chooks getting wet and the smell. and I thought “I missed something on Judy’s blog. I was right. When I went back you posted the very pretty picture to the new project. Thank you for clearing up my mind. Now I can go make dinner…Chicken and stuffing.

  4. 5


    OH MY–I am definitely in–and STARS!! were you reading my mind? this is the one that starts on the 18th?? I am excited yet again–I see lots of scraps in it! yeah for me!

  5. 8

    Julie says

    I’m definitely in on this new quilt. It looks wonderful and will be exciting to see it come together! Thanks for doing this for us, Judy.

  6. 13

    Ruby says

    I’m in! Looks like it will be perfect for my large stash of 30’s fabric. Thank you for showing the picture!!!

  7. 14

    Nancy says

    Count me in. I love stars. I love stash busting. I don’t love mysteries…well, not that much. Thanks for sharing!

  8. 15

    Mary Jo Jones says

    I love your quilt…and you can count me in! Thank you sooooooo much for offering it to us!

    Mary Jo in Iowa

  9. 16


    Count me in. This one looks perfect for using up stash. Now to figure out what my theme will be, brights, holiday, or what?

  10. 19


    I’m glad you posted a picture. I would hem and haw over doing a mystery, but I’m definitely in for this!

  11. 20


    Count me in!!! Would you believe, I have a bunch of 10 inch blocks that will perfect centers for the block!—so not only will I be using stash, but also orphon blocks. I am more than a willing participant!

  12. 21


    ME!! I want to play!!!
    gotta get those borders on the Bears in the Farmhouse first !
    I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice,, not enough time to do what I want to do!

  13. 22

    Linda says

    I like ALL of them!
    I don’t like doing mysteries either until I see the finished product. Just don’t like to commit the material or the time until I know what I’m working toward. How the heck do you choose fabrics when you don’t know what you’re making??
    I probably won’t make this now, I already have to many projects in the works, but will save the directions for later.
    Thanks for coming up with another cool, stash using project.

  14. 23

    Christina D says

    Yes, I’m in. I can bust the stash with this one!
    Can’t wait to get started!

  15. 27


    I’m pretty sure I will. It seems like the only way I quilt is if you post a pattern and I have the desire to keep up the Quilting Jones that visit your blog. LOL.

  16. 32

    Mary Lea says

    I’m in. I have a collection of Fusion fabrics that I’d like to use. But than again, if I use them I want have a collection….

  17. 33


    I like them both, went back and forth saying hmm to myself and if I were forced at gunpoint to choose would probably choose the second. Not sure I personally like the darker green outermost border with the second border option but on the other hand You have never made an ugly quilt yet so maybe I should have more faith huh? :~)

  18. 34


    That’s a great quilt! I will follow along but I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep up and do as fast as y’all. My hours at work just changed back to full time and I’m on an entirely different schedule that I’m still trying to get adjusted to. I don’t have as much time to sew now as I did before.

  19. 37


    Oh I love it and count me in!!!! And I have the perfect fabrics for it too. I love the pieced borders – are you going to give us instructions for those as well? Can’t wait!

  20. 38


    I love that quilt! I’m definitely in, only I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up this time. I really like that last border. Great project!

  21. 39

    Marilyn says

    Judy, this will sure be pretty in batiks. I have two to cut out, one already cut out. Just finished quilting a baby quilt for my grand niece,,,my first panto and it turned out great. But, I want to do this one..might be a good Lake Tahoe project. I do lots of piecing there. Beautiful pattern!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

  22. 40

    Susan ~ Patchkat in TX says

    Both borders are great, but the 1st one is my favorite. Looks so bright and happy. I love stars, so I’ll be joining you on this one! I may continue working from the brights/batiks stash…or maybe I’ll pull my plaid bucket and do plaids! I could use another Christmas quilt…so there’s another possibility.

  23. 44

    Becky says

    Ok Judy, Count me in. I finished my temporary job today. We are taking a trip for a week but I think I can keep the pattern together and catch up rather quickly when we get back. Let’s go for it girl!

  24. 45

    Karen says

    I really like the quilt and I am motivated to do some stash busting. Thank you for taking the time to share your creativity with others. I can’t wait to start.

  25. 48


    I love it too and can’t wait to start. I really like the 2nd border. I think I’d better get some more background fabric. Why is it that my background stash is so small!

  26. 50


    Funny…I just bought fabrics that would be perfect for this quilt. I would love to do it!! It is a beautiful quilt…

  27. 51

    Vickie says

    Ok … between work and full time college I am IN!!! I think it is beautiful and I have a stash and half to use up. Hope I can “keep up”. I don’t get much sewing time and I’m way behind, but like being part of the group. Beautiful and I so enjoy your blog 🙂

  28. 54


    I love it!!! Can we have the option of doing the pieced border too? I loved that pieced border! You are amazing!

  29. 56

    Jeanne says

    I’m going to give it a go! I LOVE this quilt! And the colors you have the sample in… why I think I just may have some brights laying around that I can use! Thanks for this!

  30. 61

    Carol says

    Me! Thank you for offering such a pretty pattern. I like both borders but I think # 2 allows your eyes to rest. Maybe border # 1 would look better with a dark background.

  31. 63


    I love the idea of a stash quilt! I have been trying to “tame my stash” by folding it differently and putting it in cabinets. Thought I had it all done, but no, am find more of it! Not sure, maybe Christmas would be a good idea. I have LOTS of older Christmas “cutsie” fabric. Do you think this pattern would work with a large variety of different Christmas fabric? as in Large designs mixed with cutsie little designs? I liked seeing the finished quilt first, although I do love a good mystery!
    Hugs, Trish

  32. 64


    Yes, I would like to do it also – the one with the simple border. I plan to do mine with all scrappy fabrics. I probably could make 100 of them and not run out of scrappy pieces to use!

    It looks like a fun quilt to make – and I like the Star pattern it creates.

  33. 65


    I’m in! Definitely want to use up SCRAPS and not STASH on this one. I have 2 tubs of scraps I need to get out and pull today and get ready to go.

  34. 67

    Barbara W says

    Getting my ducks in a row so I can start sewing Flying Geese!!! I’m thinking patriotic …I’m thinking QOV. THANK YOU

  35. 69

    TerryG says

    I have sooooo many works in progress….I really shouldn’t……..who am I kidding…..I have no willpower….I’m in. Thanks for providing another awesome pattern Judy.

  36. 70


    I’m in. Those flying geese directions you linked to were great once I did it with fabric instead of trying to read it at work and fold up pieces of scratch paper which made me completely confused.

  37. 73

    Mary Carole says

    Looks good to me. I’m still hooked and I still have stash. My Bears in the Cabin still needs some border work but I’m ready to go on a new challenge.

  38. 74


    I’m in! I love it and have beautiful stash fabrics to use. Thanks for showing the picture first, Judy. I’ve never done a mystery quilt because I’ve been afraid of spending time doing something that I didn’t love.