Changes at Quilting Gallery

Almost every quilt blog I click on is a member of Quilting Gallery but the website has just been renovated and it looks so nice . . bright and cheerful.  I find the that the tabs at the top make it easier to find the shop locator, as well as the bloggers.  Great resource for us quilters.  Check it out and consider joining if you aren’t already a member.  I love that I can click through the bloggers of my state (MO) or my home state (LA).  Good job, Michele.  Now . . will you rethink those hats?


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    Thanks Judy!!

    I added ribbons and bells to the hats .. will take a picture on the weekend. Daniel meows at me every time I try it on.

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    I’m glad you reminded me of Quilting Gallery…I belong and have it on my sidebar but I only remember to look there periodically….DUH.