Stash Project Info

First, don’t forget this weekend is Quiltathon.  Cook, clean, shop, do the laundry  .. do everything you can ahead of time so you can sew all weekend.

Either this afternoon or tomorrow I’ll put some cutting directions for the stash project.  I’m not giving yardage requirements because you’ll just use stash fabrics to get a large variety of “bright colored stash fabrics” which can be whatever you want – as mentioned yesterday, feel free to use Christmas fabrics, fall fabrics, batiks, homespun . . whatever is in your stash.  For the background, I’m using a mixture of ecru on ecru fabrics.  If you want to use the same fabric throughout, I haven’t figured that out.

There is no set schedule for posting instructions.  I’m traveling often these days and will post the instructions as I can and will try to give you enough time between the postings to get each step finished without feeling rushed.

The instructions will be posted for the blocks and sashing.  Note that there is outer sashing.  I’ll post the plain border info and anyone wanting to do the pieced borders can stick with me and I’ll share that info but those who want to have the smaller quilt with the plain borders will be done.

One note about the background fabric . . look at the outer sashing.  After that, there’s a border.  If you use the same background fabric for that border and for the outer part of the outer sashing, once the top is quilted, that will all look like one piece.  I’ll point out to you which pieces this involves when the cutting instructions are posted.

Probably makes no sense at all now but it will when we get to that point.


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    I’m in Judy but we are on the road this week. Currently in Washington DC and dry camping (no electric) so there will be no sewing for me. I can however pull fabrics and do the cutting and prep work.

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    I have to miss this months quiltathon :(. I have to work both Saturday and Sunday. I am however loading my commission quilt onto the frame to be quilted this am and will hopefully have it done by tomorrow. Anyways, I hope everyone who can do the quiltathon has a great and productive weekend!!!!

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    Oh, I can’t wait. I forgot this weekend was a Quiltathon. I’m so ready. I think I know which stash fabrics I will use for this one. I’ll pull them tonight. Thanks Judy.

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    Donna Bradbury says

    I definitely want to stitch this star quilt. This week-end, however, I am on retreat. I should be getting ready right now! I have three projects packed so far. I’m excited to be with quilting friends from as far away as TX.

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    Bobbie says

    I can’t commit myself either, but will be sewing as much as I can squeez in. Between me, my husband, my daughter, we have half of the month with Drs. appointments, some surgerys, and still ,more to come the rest of the month. But I have a bunch of things to get caught up in the sewing, and am so glad to be working on them when I can. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Deb Sarhan says

    I’m doing my major spring cleaning right now – actually recovering all the shelves in the kitchen. Will work outside next. Laundry later tonight. Need to get some schoolwork in there too – but I’ll be cutting and sewing right along – I do have to take a couple hours out for swim practice though….

    Peace – Deb

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    Pat Bleakley says

    Please count me in on this stashbuster. I need to use some of this fabric up.

  8. 9


    I’m in on the Quiltathon all weekend, starting Friday, but I will be working on existing projects. I decided I just had to be responsible just this one time and get some things finished before starting anything new. (Who is this talking? It doesn’t sound like me…)

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    Well, due to the current state of pneumonia, I will be home this weekend instead of at work, and might just get to join in. Who knew this could be a good thing?