I thought my plans for the day included quilting; finishing the quilting on my dad’s quilt and piecing a little.  Nope, that’s not what my plans for today included!

A lot of time was spent in the kitchen making a meal for a family whose wife/mom had surgery today.  Smoked chicken, homemade baked beans, homemade rolls, homemade brownies and mac & cheese.

Vince and I do not move at the same speed.  Almost 2-1/2 years ago when we moved here, I asked for a garden.  That’s the first thing I ask for anywhere we go.  Vince has to think about things for at least 5 years.  I’d be out with my shovel on the first day.  I’m not saying thinking is a bad thing but sometimes . . it’s just time to stop thinking and do it!

The first thing we needed to do, according to Vince’s months and years of planning, was get some dirt hauled in.  I’ve asked at least weekly for dirt for the past 2 years.  Seriously!  It’s too wet, it may rain, it’s too cold, it’s too hot, it might snow . . I’ve heard every excuse in the world.  A patient person I am not so about 2 weeks ago, we had a serious discussion about the dirt.  Carlini is the dirt guy.  Vince talked to him and apparently said “My wife is going to kill me if I don’t get some dirt brought in soon.”  According to Vince, Carlini said “It’s too wet!”

I do understand that dirt can’t be dug out of where ever the dirt comes from if it’s all muddy and since Carlini in his big dump truck has to go across my neighbor’s yard to get to where my dirt has to go, we don’t want any more ruts than are necessary, but folks . . I’ve been asking for dirt for 2 years!!

This afternoon I was outside with Speck and Carlini comes by in his pickup.  He stopped, he got out, he walked over to me and said “Do you want dirt?  Do you want me to bring it today?”  Oh, yes!

Two years!  I’ve been waiting for this day for 2 years!

And it’s such good, black dirt!

Oh, Carlini . . bring me another load please!

Two loads of dirt! Not only did I pay him, I gave him a warm brownie . . fresh out of the oven!

Anyone want to guess how long it’s going to take to get raised beds built?  Does anyone really think I’ll have a garden this year?

I did go ahead and plant a few things in the bed behind the house.  There are some onions, one tomato plant, one pepper plant, herbs, and a few flowers.  I only planted about 1/4th of this bed because Vince wants to build up the other end of it a bit.  At least I got a few things planted.


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    Did you know there is a web site you can order topsoil from? I didn’t until I read this post. And dirt devil, who knew all of the info you could find on that link. I am fascinated…when I read Judy’s header on this post I was curious as to what in the world could be about quilting that would lead to dirt….ha!….doesn’t have to be about quilting…..thanks Judy, I have had my laugh for today, ad wise. As for the dirt issure at your house? Been there, done that. I have been 7 years trying to get all of the beds done and full of lilies,,,,,maybe this year they will finally all get done.

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    I think your Vince and my Ernie were seperated at birth. I have heard those excuse so many times that I started to use them on him. He wants dinner, can’t, it’s too hot!
    I’m glad you got your dirt. Why don’t you go out and start to build a raised bed frame when he is home and be sure to make lots of noise when you start and ask lots of questions. That’s the quickest way to get him out there–hopefully. Sometimes that works around here and sometimes it backfires. 🙂

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    Carol Harper says

    Laughing because my Charlie got his mulch delivery today. All the neighbors (even the one who complains that the delivery causes so much dust that she has to close ALL her windows – there’s only ONE on our side of her house, and man, does she moan when it’s manure!) were teasing him because his dirt pile/mulch pie was running low! No matter. The delivery man says his truck still knows the way by heart, even with a winter-layoff! Dirt deliveries and my husband are a way of life around here!

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    Sandy says

    Judy you are such a hoot. We can totally relate to you. I have been wanting to get my carpet cleaned ( hubby does that for me) and he said he didn’t have time last week. Well, yeahhhhh….since last week was such nice weather and WHO was at the flying field EVERY DAY to fly remote control planes. He said it has been a long winter here and he was itching to get out there. (Okay, it might have been cold here but we spent the winter in Texas.)

    I think we all have the same problem but it is just a different chore we want done. I like to dive right in and hubby needs to study it awhile. I don’t get it. MEN!


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    We’ve been in the townhouse for a year now and I still don’t have my pictures and rods hanging for my quilts. I’m a little tired of bare walls but Keith’s probably tired of waiting for me to clean too!

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    Well, it’s a start!

    I have made raised beds before. Judy, if I can do it, so can you! Get an idea of your dimensions, go to the lumber store and have them pre-cut all the lumber for you. If you have a local lumber yard, they will probably deliver for free!

    Here is a link:

    Follow that link and click on “build your own raised bed” and it will show you one very similar to the ones I built. Also, I see they sell their own raised beds that you can click together.

    If I lived closer, I would come over and help you.

    We want pictures!

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    Congratulations on the dirt arrival!!!! What I have done to “light a fire” under my DH is to start working on the project myself…….so let see……maybe you could get some stakes and twine and layout where you think the beds should be…..and do it with the chicken coop also…….and then Vince can take it from there…..which will probably involve moving them to the “best” spot…….

    I remember when we were planning our home…..we got the plan all done doing it all together, ready for bids………and DH goes and sees the archetict again……….we ended up with a bunch of changes I knew nothing about until the contractor started putting wall up and nothing was where I wanted it…….I did sit down with everyone and got it put back the way I wanted it….do you know how easy it is to upset men……….changing there ideas is like the world is going to come to an end.

    Karen L

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    I just had to laugh! I think all women who have men in their lives have had similar experiences. I agree, start to do it yourself and shame him into doing it. I have been begging a friend’s husband for almost a year to fetch a big fan that I gave to him. They stay a few blocks up the road from me. You don’t want to hear al the excuses, usually his wife’s fault, why he has not been able to do it.

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    Sandy says

    Sometimes thinking things over is a good thing, isn’t it? I tend to be like Vince, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. But how’s this for thinking things over? My hubby and I disliked the bathroom when we bought this house twelve years ago. We were going to change it “someday”. Well, “someday” finally came — a couple of weeks ago, we made the plans, bought the supplies, hired the necessary craftspeople, and this week the work started. It’s going to be really nice when it’s done. Worth the wait, I hope.

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    Congratulations on the dirt. 😀 Your husband sounds much like mine. I did manage to get him to get me some dirt and build my raised beds in only 1 year. The trick was to get him to build the bed before the guy came with the dirt. He just dumped the dirt straight into the bed so the spreading was much easier.

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    geez, your Vince and my DH absolutely must be related!! can’t begin to tell you how many things are in the ‘planning stage’ — the world will come to an end before the ‘planning stage’ is over! oh my,,,