Week 16, 2009 Stash Report

Stashbusters . . the test for me is next week.  This could be the last time I ever post my own stashbusting report.  Don’t worry . . I’ll still do Mr. Linky for you . . those of you with will power.  The Paducah quilt show could very well be my downfall.  I thought about just taking cash and leaving the credit card at home but since my parents will be there, I’m not above asking to borrow their card so I’ll just take my own and suffer the consequences!

This week was good.  Nothing added, 17 yards used.  My goal had been to use 200 yards before Paducah but I’m happy with 171-1/4 yards.

Share your stash report if you dare! 🙂


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    Oh Judy, I think if you stay away from Eleanor’s tent, you might be ok ! know there are some lovely fabrics at the show. The year I went I came home with 200 yds !! I have NO willpower. Enjoy yourself.

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    I look at it like this—we are artist — right!!!! Every artist needs supplies—how are we to continue to turn out our works of textile art if we don’t continue to update our supplies?

    I have a budget—and I will TRY to be discriminate about my purchases, but I definitely intend to update my “supplies”.

    Hugs! Wish I could join you for apple pie and ice cream (I run to the strawberry shortcake vendor at Puducah), but I am driving in each day from just outside of Nashvillle and try to get home as soon before dark as possible. I’ll look for you at the show.

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    Judy–the idea is to manage, rotate, reduce the stash–not eliminate it! Keep using up the older fabrics, and don’t feel guilty about replacing then with new ones! Have fun at Paducah!

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    You’ll just have to give us pictures of your purchases! Maybe could you do a Mr Linky thing, so that everyone who goes can report in to those who couldn’t go this year?

    How is your dirt pile – or is it turning into a mud pile with the storms!

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    My report is filed, but my downfall is going to be next month… my birthday! I am taking over running the quilt shop for 4 days while Mike and Cheri are at market and I’m working for fabric! I always buy fabric for my birthday and this year won’t be any different, except that maybe instead of impulse buying, I’ll have some sort of plan on how to use it quickly 🙂

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    My most fav booth last year was the Knit One, Quilt Too, found in the basement of the convention center. Wish I was going again this year, but I can’t. I’ll start saving for next year tho!!!

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    I had to go to the quilt shop for Synthopol before my trip and came home with some fat quarters and 3 backing/border fabrics that were 50% off. I no longer try NOT buy at all – I just want to keep using more than I’m bringing in!

    Have fun!

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    Denise says

    Ah Judy – live a little – you’ve used over 170 yards, you deserve to purchase to keep the inspiration alive. It’s always so fun to see what the vendors have but I could go into a comatose state just dreaming of walking into Hancock’s of Paducah – darn near heaven in a quilter’s world. 🙂 Enjoy!

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    I think we should all go off our “fabric diets”……..lets say starting on April 15, 2009 and maybe lasting thru most of the month of May. So many good shows we would hate to pass on cause of the “diet”……..Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward again.

    Karen L

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    Have fun in Paducah. I guess it will be a test but you can continue to post because I know that you will end up using all the fabric or most of it by year end. Have lots of fun with the hats.

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    pdudgeon says

    1.set your yardage limit before you go. without a limit you have little to stop the impulse buying.
    2. take along a small notebook, and keep track of the yardage as you buy.
    3. before you go, take pictures of your stash shelves and get reaquainted.
    4.bring the pics along with you as you shop.
    5.before buying, see if you already have something like that on the shelf.

    6. say to yourself “I must leave some fabric for other quilters to buy.”

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    Bobbie says

    I’m just sitting nhere DREAMING of PaducaH. Some day–somehow.
    Have fun Judy and all you girls going. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Sandy says

    Wish I were going this year. Last year we were coming home from the Carolinas and decided to spend a few days in Paducah. Actually, since we didn’t have reservations we stayed at the KOA in Benton, IL and drove back and forth in our tow vehicle for the 3 days. It is not everywhere you can park a motorhome.

    Hope you have alot of fun. Last year I met many of the big names in quilting. Kaye Wood, Marti Michell, Eleanor Burns to name a few. Since it was my second time there, I made sure I got to spend some time in Hancocks of Paducah.

    I am interested to know how the conditions are this year. I had heard the Convention center had closed and there was talk they weren’t going to have it in Paducah . The carpet was filthy, AC was not working and someone said the pool was terrible. Please let us know if they got the remodeling done they were suppose to do.



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    Judy I think you have used enough fabric already this year to feel free to buy new. Feel good about all your donations, gifts and samples you have made. You have shared so much with us on line. My only reminder to you (which I know you don’t need to hear) is to just not spend more then you can pay for without paying the interest.

    Your Dad’s quilt is wonderful. I know he will love it even if it was half as nice because you made it for him.

    Have a great time in Paducah.

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    I believe like the rest so far have mentioned – you have done WONDERFUL using from just your stash so far this year. As with any diet … we have to splurge now and again to make it worth wild. If you do and purchase something that isn’t a bad thing. You will have the rest of the year to be good again and use from your stash. lol
    I finally finished by Bears in the Farmhouse quilt. I messed up the border though. I didn’t have the printed instructions in front of me so I winged it after the HSTs were together. Hope you don’t mind that I strayed from you pattern.

  16. 18


    Judy – If we can all fess up each week… you can too! Good golly you’ve got more fabric used than any 10 of us put together… I think you’ve earned the opportunity to freshen up your stash…