Paducah Sneak Peek

Judi is vending her hand dyed fabrics at the show in Paducah and she’s all set up and ready for lots of customers with lots of money to spend!  She’s just posted some pictures on her blog which show the renovated areas and I’m really surprised to see how good things look.

I’m a little disappointed to see that a contract hasn’t been signed for 2010.  I surely hope AQS doesn’t have to go through big hassles to get future contracts signed for the Paducah show.


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    Marla Southers says

    I read that too and wondered about it. Is it true that this seems to be a hassle every year about the contract being renewed?

  2. 2

    Sandy says

    I heard talk last year they weren’t even sure where it would be held this year . The remodeling hadn’t been done and the A/C wasn’t working. Isn’t this the 25th anniversary year? Perhaps they are waiting to see if changes have been made before they sign a long contract.


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    Have a wonderful time .. take lots and lots of pictures. We’ll look forward to your stash busting report when you return.