The Many Faces of Chad

That boy!  One day he’s dressed in a suit and tie for class; one day he’s wearing a starched and ironed dress shirt and dress pants to class; most days he wears jeans and t-shirts but it’s his shoes that amaze me.  The ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen . . I’ve shown them here before.

They’re python and Chad loves them!  He’s had them for a good while and he really has taken good care of them (which means . . he hasn’t worn them fishing and hunting as far as I know).

Here he is all dressed up . . with these ugly shoes on.

Don’t ask me why he had these ugly shoes on with his penguin pajama pants!

But, folks . . I promise you . . this is how he arrived home from school Friday.  If I had my choice, I’d take the python shoes over having on two different shoes.

He came to the door to get the flash light to look at something under his hood (he arrives home every Friday with his car making a new weird noise).  I looked down at his feet and . . . I said “Chad, you have on two different shoes!”  He said “And, what’s your point?”  Hmmm . . I guess I don’t have a point!

I’m betting that’s exactly what he wore to his classes today but I’m too afraid to ask!


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    Evelyn says

    Just goes to show that he is multi-versitile and should fit in well no matter where life leads him! Cheers! Evelyn

  2. 2


    Maybe this is a new fad that we older folks….. .(ummmmmm…….not older……but….mature folks) didn’t hear about yet??? I think it’s funny but he isn’t my child…so it’s easy for me to laugh. 🙂

  3. 3


    Too funny Judy!! Just think someday Chad will look at those shoes and these pictures and think to himself “what was I thinking?” or better yet his kids will see these pictures and I wonder what they’ll say 🙂
    Thank you for the morning smile before I head off for work. What a great son you’ve raised!

  4. 4


    I have to agree with the python shoes – oh my! However, I think the two different shoes are kinda cute. Be grateful he’s not covered in tattoos with piercings all over and purple hair!

  5. 5


    You’ve obviously raised him to be independent and not to be a big trend follower. (Okay, two different shoes may be a trend, but I’d be the last to know.) He looks like an all-American original to me! Aren’t boys fun?

  6. 6


    Looks like a “fashion statement” with the mixed matched shoes (or his closet is a mess and he couldn’t find the mates)…….with the other ones…….being the hunter he is…….he’s wearing something dead….just be thankfuul he didn’t kill it and then had it made into shoes.

    I’m a firm believer in “don’t ask, don’t tell”…….some things I just don’t want to know!!!

    Karen L

  7. 8


    More like the many Feet of Chad! I always say clothes are changeable, wait until the next fad. Yes,m and his children will definitely laugh at the python shoes…

  8. 9

    A. L. says

    If I can wear 2 different earrings (I wasn’t aware of that fact until on my way home from event), then Chad can wear 2 different shoes.!

  9. 10


    Those are some shoes Chad has. He will hate this picture when he gets older. Love the different shoes in the other pictures. Young men can certainly come up with some crazy clothes decisions…my oldest grandson is a case in point.

  10. 11

    Linda says

    Maybe he got dressed in the dark? Maybe it’s a new fad at school? Maybe he couldn’t find a matching pair? I have to agree with you about the ugliness of the python shoes. Should have left that skin on the snake!!

  11. 12

    Rebecca says

    That’s so funny that you decided you don’t have a point! LOL If it was purposeful, maybe your scrappiness has rubbed off on him! You know how it can “dull down” a quilt if it’s too matchy-matchy? Maybe Chad didn’t want to dull down his shoes.

    As Karen wrote: at least he’s not covered in tattoos. Shoes are changeable!

    You’ve raised an independent thinker: Bravo!

  12. 13

    pdudgeon says

    don’t worry…it goes along with the age.
    when we were his age we wore platform heels, mini skirts, chains out the ying yang, made dresses out of tie dyed ANYTHING, and teased our hair into behives complete with a ton of hairspray.

    compared to that, two different shoes is a mild fashion statement. LOL>

  13. 14

    QltnRobin says

    Hey The odd Vans are CUTE! Now those snake shoes are just nasty! And on his feet they kinda look like jester shoes, pointy toes?
    My daughter was always the nonconformist, wearing the strangest combinations. Even at a Charter school when it was strict uniform policy, She would wear one navy knee high sock and one khaki knee high sock (which got her sent home no less)
    Be glad its not face piercings all over the place, barbells, bull ring thru the nose, snakebites on the lips, black guy liner around the eyes like most of the youngm men nowdays. Ugh. Im VERY Glad my son is the “normal one” of my two kids! hehehehe

  14. 15


    Those python shoes are classic, I can’t share with you what we called them in England in the 60’s but they are quite wonderful.
    I have been known to put two different sneakers on in the morning rush but think this may have been a fashion statement, when you are young is the time to have fun. Could be a lot worse as others said.
    You ROCK Chad!

  15. 16

    Lavina says

    I live overseas in the UAE and those shoes are VERY popular here – men with 3 piece suits and dressed very well with those shoes. Takes some getting used to…but I admit I don’t hate them as much as I did last year. Your son is quite the trendsetter (but if you tell him that he’ll probably not wear them again)…..wait, maybe that’s what you want….haha

  16. 17

    Rose H says

    Actually think Chad’s nonmatching shoes are pretty cute. Haven’t seen that before, but what the heck–why not? Think it’s a whole lot better than the kids that wear the waistline at their hips. If they had to run, they’d lose their jeans to their ankles. For life of me, can’t imagine how uncomfortable jeans worn that way would be. Love that Chad knows how to dress up; so many young men never dress up. He knows how to dress for comfort plus how to dress up for success! A very nice young man your son is!!