Done! Dad’s Quilt is Done!

Though I really didn’t think I would finish it, Dad’s quilt is done! Handwork is done on the binding, it’s been washed, it’s been dried, it’s folded, in the car and ready to head to Paducah!

And, the backing!  That’s a LOT of quilting!  See the next to bottom row, next to last one on the left, the one with the green center?  I went back and added a little feathered wreath in that green center.  It was the only one its size that had no quilting so . . fixed that and next time you see this quilt, you’ll see it with my Dad!  Yes, you must see it one more time.

Am I a good daughter, or what?  Of course I am! 🙂


  1. 5

    Deb says

    Oh man, it is awesome. Is it going to be one of a kind, or maybe a pattern for sale one day? I’m in, if it is.
    Great job again. I am going to start buying nothing but solids! WHEN I buy, of course.

  2. 8

    Evelyn says

    That is a TON of quilting – and you even went back and quilted some more! Great job, really. You pulled some late nighters on this one to get it done on time. And yup, I am sure we all want to see a picture of your Dad with the quilt! You always do such a great job of taking photos for your blog!! Cheers! Evelyn

  3. 13


    Judy….that quilt is a MASTERPIECE!!! I’m happy you got it done and will look forward to seeing a photo of your dad with it when you return from Paducah. Have a fun and safe trip!!!

  4. 14

    Another Linda says

    What a pretty quilt! So enjoy looking at your photo’s. Your Dad will have a big smile when he see that quilt! . Looking forward to your reports on the big show, hearing about all the new goodies on the market, and seeing what you buy!

    Have a safe and fun trip!

  5. 18

    dawn says

    fabulous quilt from the greatest daughter.
    Dad will LOVE it………
    if he doesnt, I know someone who will……….hmmmm could that be me?

  6. 21

    pdudgeon says

    definitely an heirloom piece! if there’s a contest somewhere for the best 100 quilts of this century, you should enter it with that quilt.

  7. 23

    TerryG says

    It looks fantastic! Congratulations on getting it done before you leave. I can’t wait to see a picture of it with your dad.