Honey, I’m Home!

Where do I start?  As always, the show quilts were unbelievably gorgeous.  The vendors were all so tempting.  The crowds were as large as I can remember having seen them.  Prior to arriving at the show, I wondered how the economy and problems with the Executive Inn would affect attendance and I was very happy to see the huge crowds.

Ruthie, Becky, Elaine and I met at Hancock’s on Wednesday afternoon.  Since I was feeling very committed to not buying fabric, I went in and said hello to everyone, left Elaine with Becky and Ruthie and I went to Kroger for groceries.  Then I drove out to our cabin and mom and dad had just arrived.

Unfortunately the very committed to not buying fabric feeling didn’t last through the entire show.

Dad was given his quilt on Wednesday. As usual, he’s very excited over receiving a quilt.  See the excitement on his face?


Oh . . you’re having a hard time seeing his enthusiasm over having received a quilt I made him?  Here . . see how excited he was when I gave him his green cat quilt a couple of years ago?


OK . . maybe the excitement doesn’t show up well in the photographs! 🙂  Dad did love his quilt.  He had seen it on the internet as he reads the blog, and the picture was actually taken on Friday night when we were all pretty exhausted.

There’s so much more to share . .  later.  I’m tired!



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    Linda says

    My family seem the same way about my quilts, I do think they love them but they are so commonplace (it’s what Mom does) that they don’t realize the time, money and effort expended!

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      Exactly! And, I know he loved it. He had seen it as much as you had on the blog so it wasn’t like it was a big surprise. I just hope he uses it.

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    The quilt is beautiful. And I know he likes it. Glad that you enjoyed your time in Paducah. I went last year for the first time, and we had a blast. We were supposed to go this time, but had to cancel because of a family illness. Maybe next time (hopefully there will still be another Paducah).

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    It looks like your dad liked it. Sorry I missed you did you even find the vendors on the side of the main galleria????

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      I did find the main galleria and went through one of the side rooms but didn’t realize there was another one until after I’d already left. Some of my friends found you and bought some gorgeous fabrics of yours but when I told them I couldn’t find you, and they told me where you were, I realized I missed a whole room. I kept thinking that since I had seen a picture of you booth, I could surely find you but . . I didn’t.

      • says

        AQS needs to hear this because we were told by Bonnie that it was easy for everyone to find all the vendors.

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    Your dad’s quilt was so beautiful I am sure he was thrilled. I get varied reactions to the quilts I give to family. My family is always very excited! My children call my quilts my “art”. My children are all artsy. They write, paint play musical instruments, and design things, so, when they refer to my qulits as “art”, it really makes my day! When I give a quilt to my husband’s family they are not nearly so enthusiastic. I prefer my family’s reaction.

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    Evelyn says

    I’m sure your dad was excited to get his quilt. My Dad was never the most expressive person but you could tell, deep down, that he liked my quilting. I made my parents a quilt for their 60th wedding anniversary and he made the usual “warm clucking sounds”. Yet when he was in his final illness and they put it on his hospital bed, he was horrified because he felt it was far too beautiful and important to him to risk being stained. He died shortly afterward and I will always know just how much he loved that quilt and me.

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    Oh I bet he likes it……next time you go home it will be on the bed and I bet as soon as someone comes to visit them, the new quilt will be the first thing he shows off…….. You do remember years ago when pictures were taken you had to hold the “pose/facial expression” for a few seconds for the picture to turn out on those old black/white cameras….then along came the Kodak instamatic and we didn’t have to hold that pose anymore.

    Karen L

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    I think men don’t tend to show emotion about gifts as much as women do…so I’m sure he loved it but just isn’t into jumping around and hugging and shouting about gifts!!! LOL Welcome back…we missed you but you had some interesting posts on the blog while you were gone.

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    Evelyn says

    I like your sense of humor about these photos of your Dad’s “excitement”. The telling truth is that he had been reading your blog all along, probably anxious to see if you would get this beauitful quilt done in time to give to him this trip! Guys can be sneaky like that, ha! Cheers! Evelyn

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      Or, it could have been that the picture was taken on Friday night after we’d been dragging him around Paducah for two full days! 🙂