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While I was away, a nice web guru did some work on my blog and while the blog looks the same to readers . . for now, what I see behind the curtains has changed and it’s pretty exciting.  Maybe I’ll write more often! 🙂

Maybe not!  But, it’s easy now for me to answer questions in the comment section by respnding to your comments on the blog.  So, from this day forward, til death do us part, when questions are asked in comments, I will respond in comments so if you ask a question in the comments, please go back there and check for responses, ok?  I hope this is easier for you because it is going to be a whole lot easier for me!

Thanks nice web guru! 🙂



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    Oh Judy….I think that is a good idea……sometimes alot of us have the same question so being able to respond on the blog will probably save time on everyone’s part.

    Karen L

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    Judy, did your ‘web guru’ change something about clicking on the photos to enlarge them??? I tried clicking on the photo of your dad to check out how handsome he is with his new quilt and nothing happened. Going back a couple of posts, the photos enlarge. Will miss seeing the closeups if he changed that.

    Glad you had a good time AND got to visit with your parents!!

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      I don’t know. Just realized that was happening. I’ll check it out. Might be something I have to click on or something she can “fix”. Thanks for letting me know.

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    I noticed the same thing about the photos…usually yours do enlarge but the ones of your dad with the quilts didn’t enlarge for me. So maybe that change was put into effect, too….and I’ll also miss being able to click and enlarge to see details. 🙁