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Several mentioned that with the update to the blog, you can no longer click on the photos to enlarge them.  The nice web guru had already noticed your comments and fixed those two photos and sent me instructions on how to make them work correctly.  This is a test to see if I did it correctly.  It was totally that I didn’t know what I was doing . . which is pretty much standard procedure around here.


Coming home with lots of bread causes Vince to want me to go away often.  Well, maybe that’s not what he’s thinking but bringing home bread doesn’t hurt . . especially since the bags of fabric are still in the car and he hasn’t seen those yet.

Every year for maybe 10 years, I’ve asked at Kirchoff’s Bakery for salt rising bread.  Never have they had it.  This time they had it!  On sale on the “day old table”.  They had two loaves and I bought them both.  Becky brought me two loaves of bread from Great Harvest Bread in Owensboro.  We love their bread!  While at Kirchoff’s, we had chicken salad sandwiches on Cranberry Nut bread.  It was so good that I bought a loaf of that also (the round one).

OK . . if clicking on the picture makes it larger, our problems are solved.  If eating the bread makes my butt larger, my problems are not solved! 🙁



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    Clicking on pictures works great — I shouldn’t comment on how bread affects butts, as bread-y things are a particular weakness of mine! All your bread looks wonderful, and I think my butt got bigger just looking at your picture! Yummmmm.

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    Your ‘guru’ is sweet for fixing the ‘click’ for us AND your dad IS handsome. Yummy looking bread. We have about 5 bakeries in Fayetteville and DH likes it when I check them out and bring home bread(s). Even smelling bread will make a butt bigger!!

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    Yup…it works now…and I’m trying to diet, so I’ll try not to click on anymore food photos…just quilt photos!!! LOL

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    Can you tell me how to make the pictures bigger? Mine doesn’t work either and my web guru (16 yr old son) doesn’t know how to do it .

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    Carol C says

    YUM, I havent had salt rising bread since I was a kid in KY, and I can recall the taste to this day. LUCKY YOU

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    We are home too, so tired!!! We only got to eat there 3 times because of my classes—-but next year will be different. maybe. We brought home only 2 loaves–what was I thinking????