The Chicken Coop

Before I left for Paducah, you’ll remember that Vince and I had a discussion about the chickens living in the basement.  They are outside chickens!  Despite my burning desire to have chickens, I never ever wanted inside chickens and I do believe my girls are learning to love their cushy quarters.  Central air and heat, hand fed fresh worms, freshly picked and delivered dandelion blossoms  . . this cannot continue!  These girls are growing so quickly and I want them outside . . NOW!


So, as I understood the plan, the chicken coop was going to be built when I returned from Paducah.  HELLO!  I’m home!

Vince has been working hard on the chicken coop.  But . . it isn’t quite ready for chickens . . don’t you think?


He really has been working hard.  I’m not complaining (Vince doesn’t agree), but I just want them outside!  How do you nicely say . . That’s lovely, dear but .  . I expected a bit more!

He does have the floor built.


That’s more progress . . but the chickens are still in the basement.  I can’t take it another day and for sure not another week til next weekend.


Marriage saving temporary living quarters have been built.  A wooden crate, bottom removed, the lid will be hinged, the top will be covered in wire so we can just raise the lid during the day, close the lid at night.  The chickens will be out of the house . . maybe before dark today.  I can remove the clothespin from my nose when I go into my basement!

But, until the salt rising bread is gone, I’ll continue to use the clothespin on my nose upstairs.



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    Wow, they’ve gotten big! Yep, it’s time to move them from the bassinet to the big bed! Have you named them yet? 🙂

    • 1.1


      They don’t have names. They probably all think their names are “You Stink!” because that’s what I say the whole time I’m dealing with them!

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    Evelyn says

    HA! Isn’t your DH an ENGINEER??? So is mine. Engineers excel at really good IDEAS… then you have to hire someone to come in and actually make the idea into something tangible. Just my experience…. Cheers! Evelyn

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      Aren’t they growing? And they’re pretty! One of the Americaunas is a lavender shade of gray and one is almost a burnt orange looking. It’s hard to believe how quickly they’ve grown.

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    LOL Evelyn you got that right, I’m married to an engineer too and that’s EXACTLY how it works!

    Judy, maybe you’re starting a new trend with indoor chickens :). Predator (4 legged AND 2 legged) proof, disease resistant…


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      Yes, I agree about the engineers. By the time Vince got finished with his plans for the coop, it was too heavy to work for a chicken tractor. This coop is going to be able to withstand a Cat 5 tornado I think. My only complaint is that he didn’t put in tilt out windows for cleaning! (That’s a joke . . I doubt I worry about cleaning the windows in the chicken coop.)

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    Your girls look so cute!!! But………one day they will be “old-bitty hens” and those I can’t stand. Fresh eggs soon at Judy’s home.

    Karen L

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    Phew…I’d not be able to stand that STINKY in the house, either. I’m glad they have at least temporary quarters now!!!

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      They’re actually in the basement garage so technically, I suppose they’re not “in the house” but out in the yard would be much better. They’re still too young to be out at night without a light on them but we’ll figure it all out soon . . I hope.

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    My husband has the same disease that yours has. He’s a mold maker by trade and it takes forever to get the job done. Everything has to exactly perfect. Try hanging wall paper with him and it’s almost time for a divorce.

  7. 10


    I was surprised to see how big they’ve gotten so quickly. I had to make sure I was reading the right blog. ~ksp