Week 17, 2009 Stash Report

It could  have been worse.  Wednesday I was very strong . . bought nothing.   Thursday I was strong . . bought nothing.  Friday I wasn’t so strong but I didn’t do too badly either.

Fabric Used This Week: 7.25 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date: 178.50 yards

Fabric Purchased This Week: 53 yards
Fabric Purchased Year to Date: 53 yards

Net: 125 yards used

I’m still committed and will stay on the stashbusting wagon the rest of the year. I knew Paducah was going to be hard for me and even though I came home with 53 new yards, it’s all great fabric, and most of it will probably be used before the end of this year.

How did everyone else do last week?





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    April seems to have passed me by, but I have been fairly good and not bought any fabric, but I have not used very much either! May may be difficult as I have been told of a factory that sells Liberty fabric very cheaply and I am going on Saturday! JUST TO LOOK !!!

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    Evelyn says

    53 yards, excellent self-control at a very large show! A couple of weeks ago I bought just a few fabrics and when it totaled 12.5 yards I was pretty surprised – those yards add up much faster than you think especially when buying borders or backgrounds. My sister told me that the sales of sewing machines was actually up last quarter, in hard times I think people entertain themselves more at home so the sewing/crafting segment of the economy might not be as hard hit as others.
    Cheers! Evelyn

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      The yardage does add up very quickly. That makes sense that people would buy sewing machines and probably freezers and things like that when the economy is in the dumps. I suppose it’s those of us who have too many sewing machines already that should be re-thinking the decision about whether to buy a new one or not though. College or sewing machine?? I’m still thinking! 🙂

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    Oh, go for the sewing machine! It’ll be around long after Chad is out of college!! (See? You can justify anything if you think hard enough!)

    Anxiously awaiting pictures of what you bought!! I can’t imagine going to Paducah and only coming home with 57 yards! You did good!!!!!!!!!

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    Diann Smith says

    That’s why I stayed away from the quilt show…I knew I’d buy and buy and have kits and fabrics and everything else waiting here from previous shows. Can you take some pics of your new aquisitions for those who live vicariously? My buddy who did go for the entire time was told not to sign anything that is nonrefundable for next year ………..we wonder what that means as far as where the show might be in 2010?

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      Pictures will be posted soon. I haven’t even unpacked my stuff from the car. Yep, I heard the same thing about not making non-refundable deposits for next year. I have my reservations for 2010 and 2011 and even if there’s not a show, our group decided we’ll go and have a little private retreat. We can still go to Hancock’s and the museum.

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      The Bernina 430 machine. I really spent more time making sure mom and dad saw the things and were getting around ok. That was my priority this year.

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    I agree that we need to see the photos of the fabrics…

    Like the nested comments – sorta like overhearing a conversation. Is this a WordPress option?

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      I use WordPress but I don’t know enough about it to tell you anything. The lady who is working on my new blog did it all in preparation for what’s coming soon.

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    report posted – another week down – ready for the next one.
    Judy – you did good – all that fabric for you to drool over and you came home with the amount you did. Temptation is a bad thing isn’t it?

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    I’ve been on a bit of a buying spree myself but I don’t feel too bad — it’s probably less than 30 yards…I can’t remember for sure because part of it was bought online and I don’t remember how much I ordered!

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    Regina Scott Brooks says


    Do you pre-wash your fabric before adding it to your stash? Before using it? I was just calculating how long it might take you to wash those 53 yards of fabric. I went to Rosemont last week and I have 15 yards sitting on the floor of the basement staring at me and waiting to be washed.

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      I wash every piece of fabric that comes in .. before it ever gets to the sewing room. These new purchases had some large pieces . . a couple were 7 yards, several were 5 yards. Only a few were one yard pieces so the washing went pretty quickly.