The Purchases

Our little group did their best to stimulate the quilting economy.

Elaine had brought along a red, black and white quilt she was hand quilting and mom fell in love with it.  She was on a mission to find red, black and white fabrics and she found plenty . . along with plenty more!


Mom also found a few kits, more fabrics to add to her red, black and white collection.  She also bought the GO Cutter.


Ruthie will probably make her report on her own blog so I’ll send you over there to see that.  Ruthie came down with a scratchy throat and a bit of a cold so she may need a day or so to recuperate before making her post.

My friend, Becky, bought a couple of things for me that I’ll show in another post.  Somehow I missed getting a picture of the things Becky bought except for this panel.  Trust me . . she bought more!


Elaine found plenty too.  Thimble, fabric, book, tote, T-shirts, stencils, jelly roll, patterns . . lots of good stuff.


Best of all, we had lots of fun; lots of laughs and plans to all get together again as soon as possible.  Thanks Becky, Elaine, Ruthie, Mom and Dad for a wonderful three days! And a huge thanks to AQS for doing all you had to do to make the show happen this year. I hope you all know how much your efforts are appreciated!



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    Evelyn says

    Oh Judy – you are too funny! You don’t think we are falling for that do you? Show us everyone else’s purchases thinking we just might forget about yours??? Well, today is Monday so Vince will be at work and you can safely “smuggle” all your goods out of your car and into your house! Cheers! Evelyn

  2. 2


    I have to agree with Evelyn. Very subtle evasive tactic on your own purchases. I loved the reds, blacks and whites. Glad you had a great time!

  3. 4


    Yes…Miss Judy…….do you think we were all born in the cabbage patch and wouldn’t NOTICE that little omission???

  4. 8

    Marilyn says

    Love the reds, B&W. I have a B&W top to quilt. And a Go Cutter! I spent alot of time with them at Road but left empty handed. That or the Studio are on my wish list. Just couldn’t justify it at the time. We want to hear how she likes it!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

  5. 9

    Linda says

    Looks like everyone found lots of pretties.

    You know that list, 100 Things to do before you die? Paducah’s on mine.

  6. 11


    I hope your Mom loves her cutter like I do! I cut some BIG tumblers out tonight but it’s for a I Spy type quilt so I don’t mind that the Die is so big….hopefully they’ll come out with a smaller one soon since I want to make a tumbler for me. It’s so quick and easy — I have to be careful that my sewing keeps up with my cutting.

  7. 12


    My friend directed me to your blog. I just want to thank you for purchasing my patterns in Paducah. As a thank you for giving me some free publicity on your blog I want to send you my latest pattern, Hip Chicks, that will be showcased in my booth at the spring market. Please send me an email with your home address. I will mail the pattern out just as soon as I hear back from you. Can can the join the “hip chicks” club that I haven’t started yet!!!!