angelWhen I’m teaching, I often chit-chat with those in the class.  Who am I kidding?  I constantly chit-chat with anyone who will listen.

It’s always a surprise to me when someone tells me that they’ve started making bread or canning vegetables or planning their meals better after having read my blog.  I truly don’t ever write thinking that someone might do the things I do . . I guess I mostly write just to write.  Kinda like I talk I guess! 🙂

In classes, there are sometimes those who feel like they really know me from having read the blog; there are some who are just naturally friendly and chat along with me, even though they’ve never read the blog; there are some who just came to sew and could care less about my bread or my canning abilities.

In one of my classes this week, a lady and I began chatting and something about the lady, something about the things she said . . I was touched.  I left feeling differently.  Differently about a lot of things . . myself, my life, my future.  Is it something I’ll forget about in a few days or will it stick?  If it sticks, will I change anything or just always have that conversation in the back of my head.  Don’t know the answer .  . I’m still thinking about it all though.  I don’t remember anything like that ever happening to me before.

It’s a weird, but good feeling.  The lady probably has no idea that the things she said struck me the way they did.

Ever had something like that happen?



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    Yes…I have had a couple of times like that over the years….but they are few and far between (which is probably good, because if they happened everyday, they’d become too ordinary and might not have as much impact). I’m glad you had such a rewarding interaction with that lady and felt so good afterwards!

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    pdudgeon says

    i’ve had times like that with my dad when i was a little girl. i remember the things he told me and it did change my life.

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    My life is influenced constantly by the wit, wisdom and faith of those whom I encounter’ both in real life and in blog life. I feel blessed to be on the receiving end.

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    Yep. I became a Christian after a conversation with a Christian man. I was 18. He probably never knew what an effect he had on me, but my life has never been the same. :o)

    BTW, you influence me – my Presto canner/cooker just arrived yesterday. :o)

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    You, my dear, have been a major influence on me and I think of you as a friend. I am now a wheat grinder/bread baker. I’m still not ready for the pressure cooker but I’m thinking about it-the old canner kettle still works fine. Oh, and the smoker-have one, need to get using it more but it isn’t like yours. 🙂
    I’ve been touched by several great people in life and blogland. I hope I have touch others in a good way.

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    Sandy says

    You are an inspiration to me, Judy. I admire you for planning your meals and knowing exactly what you will be having for dinner. Getting the meat marinated, bread made, etc, in the morning instead of like me wondering at 4:00 what I am going to cook and if I need to thaw meat, etc. I have been doing much better since I have tried to adopt some of your good habits. *Smile*

    Also, watching the show “How Clean is Your House” on BBC channel they stress cleaning the kitchen everynight before you go to bed instead of facing dishes in the morning. It is amazing how 15 minutes of tidying the kitchen and picking up clutter in the living room starts one’s day so much nicer!

    I am also amazed how much you get done with your sewing projects. I am trying to set aside at least a half hour a day of just sewing something. It usually is longer but by getting myself into my sewing room it gets me going.

    You definately are a good influence on alot of us. Thanks, Judy.


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    Marla says

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Actually I feel we are who we are by the influences of other people we meet along the path of life. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not. I never know what kind of impression I make when I meet someone new for the first time. I hope it’s usually good. I know you have made a big influence in my life and feel I have grown as a quilter a lot in the past year I have been reading your blog.


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    Julie says

    Judy, you really are a good influence on me! Because of you, I have a large freezer, full, meals prepared ahead of time and frozen. I only go to the commissary about once a month, and to the local fruit/veggie market on Wednesdays when they have their sale. And, the Bosch mixer works wonderful – makes delightful bread. And if this isn’t enough, I just used my first striped fabric ever in the Bears in the Farmhouse quilt. You are such a wonderful influence – and I feel like you are a good friend. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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    Linda says

    I read your blog all the time but have yet to actually try any of your stuff…other than quilting that is! however I do think about it!! It’s nice when you have been a positive influence on someone and they are able to let you know….that happened to me, they sent me a card…which in turn influenced me!
    I consider you a friend…and think it would be wonderful to meet you at some time in the future (are you coming to Canada?!?!?)

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    Evelyn says

    You never really know how you influence others… by your words, actions, the example you set. Sometimes 1 little thing or sentence will change another persons life forever. You just never know. So, I always try to treat others the way I like to be treated. Glad you had a good experience. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Bobbie says

    Judy–I marvel at you and the things you do and your honest opinions and how very talented you are and, you’ve got chicks, and a wonderful husband and Son, and talk about a talented quilter you are and your probably one of the top cooks I know of and——————————————————————————————!!!!!!!!
    Last week, my ex-brother in law and his wife came thru here on their way home-He is the BEST person-has that good old Texas upbringing in him,–I will never in my life understand why my sister devorced him–what a mistake and I think she knows it strongly by now. Anyway, while we were having supper that night, I had told him of some bad news I had-he took my hand and said “Bobbie-this is the Best day of your life–each day you are on this earth is the best day of your life–don’t worry about tomarrow or next year-today is your best day. I will never forget that and what inspiration he gave me. Think about it and I hope it touches each and every one of you girls as it did me. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Isn’t it wonderful how we touch each other? All of us are the sum of our experiences… and those who have touched us. Some encounters are truly life-changing in a dramatic way, others “merely” contribute to our own special/unique-ness. Perhaps it isn’t “you are what you eat” as much as “You are who you meet”… (and where you choose to go with that).