Remember that Vince and I move at different speeds and we also think very differently!  That’s not always good . . in fact, it’s rarely good.  Before I left for Paducah, I had dug out a little trench and put some landscape bricks in for my flower/kitchen garden at the edge of the house.  This picture doesn’t show much but this is how it looked when I left for Paducah.


This is how it looked when I got home from Paducah (and a week later, still looks exactly the same).


My landscape bricks have been removed and a mound of dirt dumped!  GRRR!

While I was in Paducah, the temporary chicken coop was built.


But, the chickens remain in my basement garage.  It’s been raining and the box isn’t waterproof!

And, while I’m in a complaining mood, I had asked for raised beds.  I was very specific . . I wanted 6 or 8 beds  . . each 4′ x 8′.  This is what I found when I returned from Paducah.



OK . . so it’s raised!  But it’s not my idea of a raised bed and the dirt was just dumped on top of the weeds . . no weed cloth, no tilling up . . just dumped and spread out.

At this point, I fear there will be no garden this year and I fear I will end up in that wooden box because me and those chickens have just about lived together long enough.  It’s going to rain all weekend.  Nothing will get done on the chicken coop or the garden.  Frustration abounds!



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    Linda says

    Sounds like Vince is lucky to still be alive……….he is, isn’t he???? But, you know what they say about women & power tools right? They can do anything. Start getting out the electric drill, saw, measuring tape, level, whatever, like you mean business………….he’ll probably be out there in the rain, just abuilding away…men find women & power tools a scary thing. Do you know anyone with a tractor with a blade or bucket on the front? Have them come over & push all that dirt in a pile somewhere & get the beds started the way you want them. If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself or suffer the high blood pressure, I always say.

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      I learned to drive H’s Kubota (and the fancy-schmancy backhoe) last Thursday for the very reason Judy commented on… now I have one small garden bed. Note the use of the personal pronoun… not raised, but I did it myself!

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    Oh Judy, I am so sorry, I’m trying not to laugh. I swear they could be twins!!! Maybe it’s time to hire the handyman. Good luck. 😉

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    pdudgeon says

    remember a while back you talked about giving the chickens to someone else when they were thru laying? maybe they would take this batch a bit early, giving you and Vince more time to prepare for next Spring and a new batch of peepers.

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    pdudgeon says

    and if worse comes to worst (and it sounds like it has…) see if there’s a nursery or landscaping contractor that you can hire to make your raised beds.

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    What happens if you tell Vince you are going to hire someone to make your beds and the chicken coop and use the money he was going to buy “whatever” with? Would that make him move any faster? Or, just forget it all and go on a 16 day Baltic cruise with me in June. I need a roommate.

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    peggy says

    On a somewhat similar note, that is, that husbands can be frustrating. Mine just retired. After a career that most often took him away. We always talked about our friends who never seemed to do something productive in retirement. Now my DH reads, exercises, eats, watches TV, complains about the dog, worries about the economy, worries about his retirement, worries about anything he can think about that needs to be worried about, and stands over my shoulder. Yikes! There must be a chicken coop he could build. Or a garden he could plant.

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    OK. Raised beds I know about, and you can too: Mel Bartholomew’s “Square Foot Gardening” book gives great instruction with great photographs of 4 x 8 raised beds. We made them last year (I have severe chronic pain, so DH acted as my “hands.”) Our best success was with 2×10’s, 8 feet long. Three of them = one bed (2 = 2 sides, cut the third into 4′ halves, presto! 2 ends). Use the Makita/Black & Decker power drill to drill pilot holes into the ends, then use that same drill to drive in screws at least 2″ long. Wood screws. (Some people put a 4×4, 10″ high, into the corners for more stability.)

    Don’t worry that you won’t have a garden this whole year; there are lots of veggies you can plant from started transplants vs. seeds, even relatively late in the season. Corn has yet to hit its planting date in much of the country. Green beans are also relatively forgiving of planting date, so long as they get the water they need. Many people plant in mid-August or later for fall harvest or over-wintering of plants, with spring harvest.

    There are tons of websites (and forums; I know b/c I help moderate one of them) just waiting to help you build those raised beds, light a fire under DH by holding that power drill in your hands, and plant those yummy veggies. Herbs and flowers, too…

    Not sure what to recommend about the chickens… 🙁

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    Oh, my….I think the air will be BLUE on this rainy weekend by your house….and I’d be frustrated, too. I have a hubby who tends to operate at a different speed from mine, too…so I understand AND sympathize with you. *sigh*

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    Marilyn says

    Mine has done alot of remodeling projects. Now that I am retired, I am getting frustrated with the stuff so close to being finished. But, when I pull out a power tool, he rises to the occassion. He always wants to go the cheap way too, if we had spent $25.00 more, it would have been high end. So, we end up spending the original amount plus 25-50 more. Could have done that the first time around.

    Our MB…3 years ago he asked me to strip the wallpaper so he could start working on it. Can you guess…….exactly as it was 3 years ago when I finished my part. Looks terrible and have to keep the door closed when we have company.

    About a month ago, he asked for a lesson in loading the dishwasher. I gave him one. Showed him how to turn it on. Ever since, if he rinses a dish…it is awaiting me. About once every two months, he takes the trash out. I help him get it to the street. He has a pool man, a gardner and a guy that trims everyting. But, he does help with the cleaning if we have people coming. Loves to sous chef for a good meal. Takes care of the garden and roses. He also does his own ironing.

    He has plenty of energy to play golf (thank goodness) and plenty of energy to watch tv all day and all night. He can’t figure out why I don’t watch tv (who controls the remote).

    They are not perfect, but I sure love him!

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    This may be manipulative and small but I’ve heard that women want to be desired and men want to be appreciated so (I really have tried this) sometimes when I want something done I try to be encouraging and apprecitive about what has been started so far (and yes, this part is really hard because…you know..thats not really how your feeling) and then ( and this is really low) I let him think that these plans were his idea and what great ideas they were ( I don’t husband responds better when he thinks its his idea…otherwise he’s just being hen-pecked) If nothing else, its a interesting observation in human behavior to see if you get anywhere with this. Good luck and by the way thats a really big garden. My is so sad looking next to yours.

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    Personally, I’d hire someone else to make the chicken coop and raised beds while your DH’s at work *OR* do it myself. I’m single and patience just isn’t one of my *strong* points.

    Last time I had my MF (male friend/boyfriend) fix my livingroom screen, I had to stand over him and explain in detail what I wanted him to do, because the first time he “fixed” it, the screen wouldn’t fit back into the window!!!

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    Judy, just skip the frame for the raised beds and go to lasagna gardening–it’ll go much more quickly and is practically a raised bed in itself. You’ll just need to haul some supplies out there to dump. Very easy and very forgiving.

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    Judy………..I’m sorry things aren’t cooperating. Would you like to borrow my DH, whenever there is a project that needs doing……….he just signs a blank check…….that makes life so much easier than “waiting” for him to do it. But then he knows that I will get the best deal possible. We figured out along time ago that my DH doesn’t do anything remotely domestic, he can take apart a motor in a truck and put it back together, but do some little project… way….hire it done….saves on the domestic squables that way also. I hope the weather straightens out soon so the projects can be finished.

    Karen L

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    Bessie H. says

    Chickens don’t melt. Rain won’t hurt them in the least.
    That’s what their feathers are for. I believe it’s warm enough
    and they’re old enough now for them to be outside.