Week 18, 2009 Stash Report

How’s everyone doing?  The first four months of this year are history!  Eight more to go and it will be 2010.  Can you believe that?  Time flies, huh?

I was afraid that after falling off the wagon in Paducah and buying fabric, I might have lost my momentum.  This past week was too busy to think about buying fabric so I didn’t add anything.  I used a good bit . . mostly piecing backings for two tops I quilted.


Share your report if you dare!


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    I see you’ve used almost half of what you bought. That’s just what I thought you would do. Have a great week and I’m sure you’ll use the other half.

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    I’m hoping that staying put will help me get back to quilting and using up fabric. I did however get a Jelly Roll book… and I’ve got plans like sugar plums dancing in my head!

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    Karla says

    I am currently working on a baby quilt which I have started to piece together. I have 4 left over blocks which I am going to try to fit into the border. This is just one project of 4 which I have not finished. I am trying not to buy anymore fabric until I use what i have set back.

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    Denise says

    Judy I tried to give you a run for your money… err or fabric… but I couldn’t beat your shopping spree tho I gave it a good try. Back into the red for me.

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      Your numbers are awesome, Judy! I need to start paying attention to what you’re doing and quit poking buttons!

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    you amaze me at the amount you get done and the amount of fabric you are able to use. wish I had more time to sew but then I wouldn’t be working and that would cause problems.