About the Salt Rising Bread

So many commented about having had salt rising bread years and years ago.  Try it!  Susan Brown left a comment with a link to her website dedicated to salt rising bread.  Check it out here.  It isn’t hard to make.  It takes a little time but a whole lot of the time, the starter is just left to itself .. it’s no more labor intensive than making regular bread.  Well, there may be another step or two.

If there’s something you remember from your grandmother or great grandmother’s days, whether it’s a craft or a recipe or a family tradition, dig and find out all you can about it and keep it going.  Don’t let family traditions or family recipes or crafts die with previous generations.  Keep them alive!  Salt rising bread is one of those things.  It is so hard to find authentic salt rising bread now and so many people have never had it, yet it was apparently very common a generation or so ago, especially in the Appalachian area.  I had never heard of it before moving to KY and probably would never have tried it if someone hadn’t given us a loaf.



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    I am definitely going to try this recipe. I have been looking for a yeast free bread recipe.