Beef in the Freezer

Some days I think if I had a job outside the home, it would be easier than being a stay at home wife.  I’m very thankful that I get to stay at home but the work is never done!  You stay at home wives know exactly what I’m talking about, huh?

When we bought our freezer, I went with a manual defrost.  Here was my reasoning.  I only have to defrost it about once a year.  It really didn’t need defrosting again til late summer but I figured I should go ahead and do it before adding half a beef.  I’ve been putting off defrosting the freezer for a week, which means I was putting off picking up the beef.  I had pretty much decided to go this afternoon to pick up the beef and just forget about defrosting the freezer.

This morning as I was loading a quilt, I thought . . go defrost the darned freezer! So, I did and it took me about 30 minutes.  Why did I make such a big deal about defrosting it?  The first time we bought half a beef, we bought it from a local beef farmer/meat market and it was the best beef we’ve ever had.  The second time we bought from the same guy and it was almost inedible.  I still have 57 packs of ground meat left (and that’s 1-1/2 pounds of meat per package).  The ground meat was ok . . not great.  We use a lot of ground meat but there was just so much! There must’ve been over 100 packs of ground meat!


Almost everyone who works with Vince gets their meat from a butcher in Arma, KS so that’s where we got ours this time.  I had planned to go over there this afternoon to pick up the meat, and get home about the time Vince gets home from work so he could help bring it all downstairs.  After defrosting the freezer this morning, I decided to go ahead and run over to KS and get the meat, so I could get home about the time Vince gets home for lunch and he could help bring it downstairs then.

Got it and it’s all packed in the freezer and I have room to spare!


And, if you ever wondered what you get when you get half a beef, here’s what we got.


If I could figure out how to get a whole cow of just chuck roasts, I’d be one happy cook!  Look at that list though.  We got less ground meat from this half that what we have left from the previous half.  Oh well . . live and learn!

Now . . back to that quilt I started this morning.



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    Another Linda says

    How nice, and you did manage to make room! You look set for several months or so! Enjoy!

  2. 2


    Last time I raised bottle calves, we put 4 steers in the freezer(s) at once, I thought we’d never go through it all! Last kid left home that year. They came home on visits though, and through several large creek parties and supplied all the beef, LOL.

    We don’t eat enough beef to justify even a half, I hope Chad comes home on weekends until it’s gone!

    I could do a whole pig though!

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    I’m curious. What is a Pike’s Peak Roast? Dang now I’m hungry. I wish I could buy meat this way. But Alas, no freezer large enough.


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    Julie H. says

    Lots of things affect the flavor of beef. What you want is a steer, not a cow or bull. The younger the better and not an “emergency kill.” I’ve found that feed doesn’t affect flavor as much as you’d think. We’ve raised beef on pasture that tastes the same as beef raised penned with only alfalfa hay. Graining them at the end adds to the “marbling” of the meat but I prefer less fat-little/no grain. Also, the first kill of the pen is best. After that the other cattle get a little adrenalin going which makes the meat stronger tasting.

    The butcher usually asks for a detailed set of instructions on cutting and wrapping. My guess is the first butcher was lazy, resulting in an abundance of hamburger.

    Old farm wife, Julie

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    Surely you could fine someone needy to donate the older ground beef to so you don’t have to dread eating it.

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    A. is an Arm roast also known as a shoulder roast?
    B. What is a Pike’s peak Roast?
    C. Thanks for reminding me to order a brisket – dinner for Friday But I cook mine the day before, so that I can slice it cold…

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    Marla says

    I was wondering what a Pikes Peak Roast was too but see several others have asked that as well. Thanks to Julie for the wealth of information on butchering. I have learned so much from everyone on everything since I have reading quilt blogs!!

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    Cindy says

    Next time you go to Arma, you need to go to the Dairy Castle and have a footlong with chili and cheese.


    Hey, that might be supper tonight.

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    I love having meat in the freezer………..I like being able to go to the freezer in the morning and picking out what we’ll have for supper. I’m sure you will find uses for the hamburger……..maybe Vince could grill burgers for his staff on a couple of Fridays……..with fresh home made buns to boot!!!!

    Karen L

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    Reading this took me down ‘memory lane’. Years ago, my niece, nephew and I went with my sister and mom to ‘get half a cow’. On the way back home, I shall never forget my nephews face when my sister responded to his question ‘where’s the cow’? I can still here her sassy voice saying ” What? It’s in the tub (in the back of the station wagon). What, you expected to see a ‘cow’ sitting there?!?!?! Poor kid! lol
    P.S. I just love the updates on the chickens! *smile*