They’re OUT!

This afternoon the chicks got moved outside to the temporary wooden crate.  They’re so excited to be able to peck around in the grass.  I threw out a couple pieces of lettuce for them.

They ran around and had so much fun!  I guess they had fun . . how do you really know if a chicken is having fun or not?  They seem happy . . running around and exploring in their expanded little world inside the wooden box, walking around on dirt and grass instead of cardboard and wood shavings.


Then, it began getting dark and the chicks looked at me like . . mom, we are coming in, aren’t we?


The wooden lid was closed.  Goodnight dear chicks!

I can’t be 100% sure they’re happy but I’m definitely 100% sure I’m happy to have them out of the house.  Vince said tomorrow the weather maybe bad and they may need to be moved back into the house. I said . .  I said . . nothing!




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      They’ve been in the garage in the basement. I want them out . . completely out of the house! They’re fully feathered now so they should be fine with 60 degree nights.

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      They’re protected in the wooden crate from the weather . as much as they will be in the real coop. Not sure when the real coop will be done . . 2 or 3 weeks if we have good weather on weekends.

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    pdudgeon says

    is there room to put them in the shed out back or else convert that to the chicken house?

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      There’s no reason to put them in there. The temp would be the same in there as it is in the wooden crate they’re in now and short of closing the whole shed in, they’re no more protected from harm there than in the wooden crate. They need grass to run around on and there’s a hard packed gravel floor in there. The shed is about 30′ x 30′ so it’s way too big for a chicken coop for 10 chickens and the shed will eventually be Vince’s shop.

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    CindyC says

    The coop looks great so far. That will be a nice one (if ever finished)! Even in bad weather, they should be okay outside. Just put something on top of the wire to keep the rain from coming in. When I first put mine outside, all I had was a huge metal water tank from the feed store that I turned upside down and they were under it. We kept a car jack on one side to keep the tank raised above the ground so the chicks could go out and in. Although about as “redneck” as you can get, it worked.

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    I hope you brought them in. Is it a chicken that will drown looking up in the rain??? I thought I heard that some place. Heavy rains should be coming down there right about NOW! Hope you’re safe and everyone is dry.

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    Regina Scott Brooks says

    Just like children Judy, they are NEVER truly out (or at least that is what my mother said after each of her children moved out and then back and out again).