What Did I Make?

I think it’s time for a little contest but you’re going to have to think hard if you want to win this.  First, the prize:

Remember when I showed the wide backing fabrics available on my website?


The prize will be 100″ of two (your choice) backing fabrics.  Don’t pick the Henry Glass Green floral because I’m already out of that one but will order more so I’m leaving it on the website for now.  If I run out of another backing fabric before the contest ends, you’ll have to choose something I have in stock because it sometimes takes forever to get these fabrics restocked.

OK . . here’s the contest.

This morning I came home from the grocery store and as I began putting things away, I thought . . why don’t I just go ahead and cook everything and just get it over with?  Here’s the picture of some of the ingredients.  Not everything I used (not nearly everything) is shown but I did use everything you see.


Because the picture is kinda blurry, I’ll help you out:

  1. Boiled Eggs
  2. Stalk of Celery
  3. Red Frozen Glob
  4. Bowl of some kind of bread dough
  5. Toasted slivered almonds
  6. Toasted walnuts
  7. Leftover fried eggplant
  8. Italian Sausage
  9. Garlic Sausage
  10. Craisins
  11. BBQ Sauce
  12. Jalapeno Pepper Slices
  13. Gallon Jar of Dill Pickles
  14. Half a Roasted Chickens
  15. 3 – 1-1/2 pounds ground beef
  16. 3 jars tomatoes
  17. Yeast (in the quart jar)

So  . . what did I make?

I actually made 7 or 8 things (some will count two things as one and some will count it as two things) with these ingredients and a few other ingredients, but if you guess 5 things correctly, your name will go into the drawing.    Some things are kinda tricky . . almost sneaky . . don’t overthink this!  You have to be specific.  Bread isn’t going to work for the bread dough.

Do not leave your guesses as a comment! Because, if you do . . then everyone will see them!  Send them to me at [email protected].  Only entries sent to that email address will count.

Drawing will be held sometime Friday after 5 and 10 p.m. (central time).



  1. 1

    Carol C says

    stew, burger cassarole, tuna fish salad, bread, BBQ Chicken, pickle relish, salsa

  2. 2

    lori R says

    What ever it is, PLEASE send samples to my house. 🙂 I don’t like to cook, I burn everything, forget I’m cooking lol. So my address is:

    I promise to eat it all Loop
    Empty tummy, Oregon

    I can’t wait to see the list
    Lori R

  3. 3

    Deb says

    I’m with Lori, I dont cook either, but you ARE making me HUNGRY! I usually give your recipes to the hubster, and see if I can get HIM to make your recipes! (Tried the onion buns, but the dough didnt rise. Will have to try again with ‘new’ yeast.) The only thing we ever make with eggplant, is of course eggplant parmesan, so this could get interesting. But alas, the hub is gone for 2 weeks so it is frozen pizzas for me!

  4. 4

    Rebecca says

    I started laughing when I got to “10: Craisins” because you hadn’t yet mentioned different dishes. At first I was intrigued, but after Craisins there’s BBQ sauce, jalapenos, dills… LOL I’m quite relieved you’re making several dishes.

  5. 5

    pdudgeon says

    sent my entry in.
    LOL this was fun to try and think of what you would make with all the various ingredients.