The Coop

The contest should be . . what year do you think this coop will be finished?


Let’s see . . 4 weeks to plan; 2 weeks worth of work.  When will my chickens get to live in this coop?  May??  June??  They should be laying by the end of July.  They need a home!  Once the coop is finished, the wire pen still has to be built.  I’m losing hope!

Maybe I should plan a work day.  Anyone want to send your husband to my house on Saturday?  I’ll cook!



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    Wow Judy, Vince may be slow, but he’s doing a fantastic job! The slow part is over anyway, it’ll be finished in no time now!

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    Your chickens will be happy little ladies when this is finished. They are going from cozy to spacious comfort.

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    Vince is like my hubby — seems to take FOREVER, but he does a first-class job. After it’s done, you’ll forget about how long you had to have chickens in the house and will enjoy his good craftsmanship for years to come. And chickens in the garage does sound like a better back-up plan! I can’t believe how fast they’re growing.

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      They’ve been in the basement garage but even in the garage, I can still smell them. I surely don’t want the in the garage upstairs because then my car would smell like chicken poop! They’re outside and that’s where they’re staying! The worst that can happen is thunder, lightning and rain. Their wooden crate has a lid so while they may get damp, it’s not like they’re just out in the open with no cover.

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    Tell Vince to get crack-a-lackin’! That thing still needs to be painted. Put your foot down hard and put your hand on you hip, use a stern voice….think that will work??? Doubt it, but it would be fun to watch. Really the hen house looks great so far. Your girls will be decorating it in no time. 😉

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    pdudgeon says

    i’ll go for May with it’s 5 weekends and one holiday! one down and 4 more to go! GO VINCE!!

    it looks like the shed is almost ready to go outside now. then comes the plyboard and sheathing, tar paper, shingles, and paint.

    and yep, it looks like there’s plenty of room in that shed for the wooden box of chickens if bad weather should hit.

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      Chad gets home on Fridays about 4 p.m. and works from 5 – 10. Saturday and Sunday he works from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturdays he likes to hang out with his friends and on Sunday he leaves as soon as he’s finished with work to go back to school. He really doesn’t have time to do much around here on weekends. He works at a construction job while he’s at school so I know he needs the Saturday night with his friends. We’re on our own for getting the coop built.

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    Evelyn says

    It IS going to fit through the door, isn’t it? ‘Fraid my DH would be of no help as he is also an Engineer and we might lose the both of them altogether! As my Mom used to say – “chin up”! Cheers! Evelyn

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    If we lived closer…I’d GLADLY send DH. I’d not have to cook for him (as YOU would be doing that) and I could just sit and sew. LOL The coop is looking very nice and I’m sure Vince will have the gals in there and accustomed to it well before they begin laying eggs. Are you going to make them any quilts for their new home? 🙂

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    Julie H. says

    The four weeks of planning are paying off. That looks like a great design. There is a similar one in the farm/country magazines lately…..pre-built. I assume that he’s making a lid to the nesting boxes on the back to get the eggs without going into the coop.

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    I have faith in Vince. I believe he will finish it by the end of May. Otherwise, I think it may become a home for him and the chickens! I an anxious to see the way you decorate it.

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    I just wanted to tell you that I am soooo enjoying the Great Chicken Saga 09′!!!
    I am on pins and needles to see if the chicks will make it outside before poor Vince has to sleep out in the undone coop. heeheeheehee
    I am still thinking about what you made so I can enter the contest.

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    Linda says

    I’d be HAPPY to send hubby to your house….no need to send him home too quickly! In fact, you could come here and sew with me while the boys did their thing!!

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    Susan ~ Patchkat in TX says

    What an offer. Wish we lived close enough…cause we know this gal can COOK!!!!

    Your chickies will be newly housed before too long from the looks of the coop. Just hang in there.

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    dawn says

    wait. Put the chickens in Vince’s vehicle. That will get him motivated! Or you could promise to go shopping with him if it is done in a week. LOL

    This too shall pass and before you know it the girls will be in their new place and you will have fresh eggs for breakfast and all will be right in the world.

    hang in there!

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    Carol says

    Wow, that’s some coop. When can I move in? My father is an engineer. His projects used to be this involved and whatever he made lasted forever. Then, he moved on to what my mother calls “temporary permanent” work. When asked when he’s going to put the final touches on a project or move beyond the “prototype” and make “the real thing”, he just shrugs and makes a face like that’s not going to happen. I’m sure when Vince is done, your coop will be beautiful, well built, functional and not “temporary permanent”. Hang in there!