Good Neighbors

Would you want to be my neighbor?  I’d share homemade cookies with you.  I’d sometimes bring you warm homemade bread, though it might have a slice or two missing.  I’d sometimes call and ask you if you needed anything from the grocery store when I was headed there.  I’d get you to come over and help me choose fabrics for my next quilt.   I never let Speck out unless he’s on a leash and we’re real careful not to walk on the neighbor’s grass.  I threaten Chad with his life if anyone hears his stereo besides those inside his vehicle (not that I believe he listens to me but I think he does keep the music down when he’s in the neighborhood).

My neighbors should be really happy to have me in the neighborhood . . wouldn’t you think?  Well, maybe not so much.


Vince has created a shade for the chickens!  This beautiful, functional blue tarp is supposed to shield them from the sun and the rain . . you think??  Vince thinks so . . I’m not so sure.  What I do think is . .  if our neighbors had this in their yard, I’d probably not be too happy about it.

It’s in the back yard and I don’t really think anyone can see it but us.  That’s what I’m assuming anyway.  We can’t even have chickens in our subdivision but the lot behind us is not in the subdivision so that’s where the chickens will be living  . . as soon as the real coop is finished.  But, we’re not talking about when that will happen, right?



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    Morning Judy. I’d be your neighbor anytime. You wouldn’t even have to send over food. Just let me ogle your stash and lust over your longarm machine and I’d be a happy camper.
    I don’t think it looks so bad – think of it as a canopy rather than a tarp. That sounds classier.

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      Jeeze Louise Judy around here blue tarps are the norm, I would welcome you as a neighbor and I would even go over and feed the chickens and gather eggs..

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    Deb says

    What I want to know, is how is the coup going to get out of the garage/shed, and is he going to FINISH it first, in which case, THEN how is he going to get it out of there? I have to say, it IS looking like a very nice place for the chickens…

    And, I could be your neighbor, but you wouldnt want to be mine! We dont have any dead cars in the yard, but plenty of other things! And yes, tarps abound, since we have no garage, or shed.

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    You can come be my neighbor any day Judy, you and I would have a blast together and I’ve a feeling the guys would hit it off just fine too, LOL.

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    Mornin’ Judy, Thank you for such a wonderful start to my morning! I just love your blog. It never seems to be a dull moment with you and yours! Count me in too, I would love to be your neighbor! *smile*

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    Judy, Of course I’d want to be your neighbor, for the ones I have now certainly don’t bring me cookies! And you have that wonderful longarm and maybe I could whine to get you to quilt something for me (I’d pay you!) so I wouldn’t have to be on the l-o-n-g waiting lists of the local quilters. And we could go out and get a bite to eat once in a while. But, you’d have to leave your chickens at home when you came for a visit, if you didn’t mind. ;D
    I wrote all this in fun…….but serciously I’d be happy to be your neighbor. We’ve shared a friendship over these years that I think shows we could be good neighbors and friends, if that were to happen.
    Have a great weekend.

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    How thoughtful of Vince to provide shade for his chicks…..Does this make him the cabana boy???
    You are a terrific neighbor, wanna come live next to me? You only need 14 junker cars covered with an assortment of tarp colors, 9 barking dogs and your 5 kids and their spouses/SOs and children living with you in your house and in their travel trailers. 😉
    I think anyone that is concerned about how long her empty garbage can is left on the curb is a pretty darn good neighbor-blue tarps and all.

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    Robin says

    I agree with Connie W-You could be my neighbor and bring me cookies and eggs and I’ll bring you cookies or whatever. It would be nice to have a friend to visit and go out to eat with and to share a hobby with. By the way I too am on a looooong list for things to get quilted soooooooo maybe my ” neighbor could help out with that too!!!! HaHa! Seriously I think you would be a great neighbor. As long as you didn’t have the junk cars, etc loud music, and screaming.

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    It all works for me….. Id have the garden out there. talk over the fence.. share the goodies…. fire up the grill.. and NO JUNKY junk in the yard!
    Prolly wave from the porch while hemming a quilt…. Id even share cup of tea to anyone that pops in the door.

    but,, having been here in Mo 4 yrs on a cul d sack and not meeting a soul yet…. I find this portion of the ‘south’ lacking

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    I would think the cookies and fresh bread would more than make up for the blue tarp. We are the only ones in our section who don’t have outdoor animals, so we see all sorts of things. I would also think some fresh eggs when available would really help the neighbors acceptance of your tarp and chickens. Have a great day!

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    Linda says

    Maybe if your neighbors get a glimpse of it they’ll think it’s a really rustic hot tub. If I had a neighbor who gave me fresh homemade bread & cookies I could overlook a few chickens, blue tarp & all. Just think how much those chickens will appreciate their classy coop when it gets finished.

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    pdudgeon says

    i’d take you and Vince and Chad and Speck and the chickens for neighbors any day of the week !
    and if i lived next door i’d bring you flowers from my garden, treats for Speck, get the raised beds set up, rototill the garden for you ( being sure to add all the good stuff in), share my seedlings as well, be an extra set of hands to help Vince with the building of the coop, and watch all the Sunday football games with the guys.

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    I’d love to be your neighbor – tarp and all. Chickens and all. Though I might sneak over to look for eggs. 🙂 blessings, marlene

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    Julie H. says

    You can be my neighbor. Your chickens could play with my chickens and we could compare tarps (I put one out over my tomatoes because of frost, not to be confused with the dimunitive brown tarp over the chicken coop.) My nearest neighbors (1/4 mile) are wild and the next nearest is THE MOTHER-IN-LAW. ‘nough said about that. I’m sure you are a great neighbor, blue tarp and all.

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    Marla says

    I am with Vicky. I would live next door to you in a heartbeat, but the way my back yard looks at the present time (clearing my throat here), you may not want to live next to me. My DH is next to you big time on unfinished projects. Serious ADD going on there.

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    I’d be your neighbour. At least your are concerned about hat tarp.And you don’t have garbage or rusting cars in your yard so you can’t be all that bad. Except for the chickens. Ha ha ha. But you can still send me some cookies.

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    WOW……..looks like you could live in most ANY neighborhood from all the comments I see prior to mine….and you can add ME to that list, too….because I’d love to have a cooking and quilting gal as a neighbor……..even with chickens that don’t have a permanent coop yet!!!

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    dawn says

    I’ll be your neighbor for sure! we could quilt together and send the men off to finish the coop! LOL

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    Deb S says

    I’d be your neighbor in a minute – long gone are the days when your neighbor brings you anything ! When we moved into our first house – I brought the neighbors “welcome to the neighborhood pies and cakes” – and they looked at me as if I was crazy (and yes, we moved a few years later to a somewhat nicer neighborhood). Now if your Vince is ANYTHING like my dh – your chicken coop will be nicer in some ways then your home ! When we first started raising rabbits – we made trip after trip to Home Depot – the rabbits ended up with a 2 story home (yes, I did inquire as to what would happen to the first floor rabbits if the rabbits on the 2nd floor decided NOT to use the designated area as the porta potty …”) but they had it all – heated water in the winter, shade trees, it was simply amazing !

    Your neighbors won’t mind one little bit – especially with the cost of eggs these days 😉