Yes, I am Quilting!

Most of you know my M.O. by now.  When I’m working on projects I cannot show, there’s little discussion about quilting on the blog.  I am quilting . . day and night . . non-stop.  But, it’s all projects I cannot share.  So, just trust me, ok?

Since we can’t talk about quilting . . why don’t we talk about . . let’s see . . what??  Maybe the chickens!!!!!!

Remember when we last spoke, Vince had rigged up a tarp that was going to keep the sun and rain off their temporary wooden crate.


Well, this setup didn’t quite make it through the storm that came through about 7 a.m. Friday morning.  Don’t feel bad for the chickens though . . we sprang a leak inside the house too.  It was quite a storm!  There’s a tremendous amount of serious damage all around us – TV tower is down for the Joplin TV station, power still out in some areas of Joplin and Pittsburg.  Sadly, there were at least two deaths in a tornado east of here.  We’re feeling pretty lucky that our little town was spared.

Vince made some renovations to the wooden crate.


Is it just me or is my chicken crate beginning to look like an outdoor toilet??  Our temps are going to drop back down into the mid 40’s tonight and for the next couple of nights so the chickens either have to come back into the basement garage or they have to have a light on them.  I voted for a light on them.  In fact, what I really said is . . they can freeze but they are NOT coming back inside.  I didn’t really say that but I do not want them back in the basement garage.

So, Vince cut the hole in the top of the box, set up his old tripod and put the light on them.


The chickens are kinda like me . . they don’t like the dark.  They’re much happier with the light on but . . girls, I hate to be the one to tell you this . . as soon as it gets warmer, the light is out!  Permanently!  Get used to the dark!  What’s there to be afraid of, anyway?  Hmmm . . maybe this is a discussion to be had with someone besides me.

Vince took off half a day and worked on the chicken coop.  Vince is such a hard worker.  I’m definitely not handy with a hammer, a saw and nails but I have to admit  . .  I do not understand how Vince works.


Why is the coop tilted?  I guess so he could reach things with the ladder but wouldn’t it be easier if it weren’t tilted?  I don’t know . . he doesn’t tell me how to quilt so I’ll try to keep my mouth shut about the coop.



  1. 1

    Helene says

    He took a off a half day to work on the coop? Oh, he’s a good man!

    Well, as long as it was paid time off. If it was unpaid, not so good. 🙂

  2. 2

    pdudgeon says

    we’ve been having storm roll thru here as well, but nothing as serious as you’ve had!

    Good Vince for making sure the chickens will be nice and warm—-outside!

  3. 3


    Storms through my area also but nothing that bad. I am getting tired of all this rain though, can not do anything out in the yard. And I agree with ya, the temp coop does look like a giant, old, outhouse toilet lol. The big chicken coop is looking great even if he does have to do it on a angle lol. I quit trying to figure out why men do things the way they do, When I help build./fix something with my hubby, anymore I have to bite my tongue because he blows me away with his way of thinking at times. Makes ya wonder how they could ever live without us women lololol.

  4. 4


    hahaha….you have a real way with words….LOVED the part where you said they could FREEZE but weren’t coming back in the basement. (And…don’t try to fool us…..we KNOW you were really thinking that….cuz…..they STINK a lot now, I’m sure. I’d have been thinking the same thing as you!!! LOL)

  5. 5


    I am also quilting, but can’t talk about it. I love the quilt I am making and it will be at market…at least if I get it done. This is when I wish I had a long arm machine.

    You kept the chicks in the house much longer then I could have stood the smell.

  6. 6

    Linda H says

    Glad you fared no worse in the storm. This spring has had some strange weather attached to it. I suspect Vince is innovative…..if it doesn’t work one way, he will figure out a different way to get the job done. I tend to quilt that way sometimes. lol Looking forward to seeing the projects you’re on.
    I’m sorry to see that Vicky’s Daisy is gone. I’m sure she is quite sad.

  7. 7

    Marla says

    Judy, I think the area south of us in southern Illinois got some of that same storm system. They are calling it an inland hurricane and has demolished several counties. I happened not to work in the office in Marion yesterday but from home and glad I did as I would have been trapped there I am sure overnight. The roof of my office was taken off. My daughter is a student at SIU and her car barely escaped a tree from crashing on it. They will be without power for several days and she told me it was the scariest thing she ever experienced so far in her life. I hate storms and that one was a doozy.

  8. 8

    Jackie says

    I’m was wondering about you and the storms that went through. I’m glad everyone at your house is o.k.