Happy Mother’s Day


Especially to my mom, but to all moms reading this, Happy Mother’s Day!

Each day I have a new appreciation for moms and grandmoms.  I was 33 when we got Chad and had never given much thought to what a mom goes through each day.  Along came Chad and life as I knew it was changed forever.  There were a few sleepless nights . . not many though til he turned 16.  Everywhere I went involved  a car seat, a stroller, a diaper bag . . simple tasks were now an ordeal.

Then he started to school and my great concern was that someone would pick on him and I wouldn’t be there to defend him.  Or something would happen and I wouldn’t be at school on time to pick him up.

Then he turned into a teenager and . . I must’ve blocked all that from my memory because all I remember is when he decided my rules weren’t going to work, he left and ended up spending the night in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Kentucky.

Now, he’s a young man.  Just a few months ago he went off to college and my heart was so broken.  I sobbed and whined and thought nothing would be right in my world ever again.  Five days from now, he moves home for the summer.  Will someone please remind me how sad I was when he left in August?  And, at what point does a young man learn to open a door without sounding like the entire wall is coming down?  I think he hits the door to push on it before he turns the handle.  I asked him  yesterday if he needs a lesson in how to open a door.  He just gave me one of those looks!

And, a very special hanks to the lady I will never know who gave me the gift of being a mom.



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    Happy Mother’s Day to you. I am so happy that you were able to experience being a Mother. My life would not have been complete without my children. Chad is a very handsome young man. I know you are very proud of him.

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    Happy Happy Mother’s day! I’m an adoptive mom too…and altho I also have 2 biological kids…and people tell me how lucky my SON is to have us, I can never get them to understand how lucky WE are to have him. I just tear up typing this! Hugs to you on this special day!

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    Happy Mom Day to you too…I’m glad you & Chad found each other…he’s with his “Mom”, bio or not!

    From a adopted kid,

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    Happy Mother’s Day, my friend…..and I truly say that to you from my heart. (And……I had to laugh when you asked us to remind you how sad you were when Chad went off to college……..and I doubt he will learn to close a door quietly until he becomes a dad and doesn’t want anyone to wake up his sleeping child!!!)

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    Happy Mother’s Day Judy!

    Oh, but the fun you’ll have baking/cooking for him! Oh and maybe he’ll help with the coop!

    My family survived the storms Friday morning, but were without power most of the day.

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    Happy Mother’s Day. I too had 2 miscarriages, and mourn for those babies daily. I have been blessed with 2 of the greatest step children and 2 biological daughters. I am married to a man who was adopted and the thugt that ths incredible man might never have been breaks my heart. We have raised all the children to know that life is precious and that no mistake can be solved by taking the easy way out. So I too had a woman I don’t know to thank today for making the right choice 45 years ago so that I might have the gift of my husband.

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    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you! I read somewhere that anybody can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy. We could change that to mother and mom! Like a house is a house but when it is a home—-oh how different. Does this make any sense. I am being too sentimental, probably.

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    Hppy Mother’s Day, Judy!! I am sure it was special with Chad being home. Yes, remember when he leaves for school again, and then you can giggle as you do a little dance, lol.

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    Evelyn B says

    I, too, thank my daughter’s bio-Mom in China for the wonderful gift she blessed us with. I am grateful to my two bio-sons, one of whom is an angel in Heaven and the other still at home at 24.

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    Bobbie says

    Judy-a little late in getting to read this, but you are a very special woman-thank God you found Chad and he has you. One of my Granddaughters-Tashena-is adopted at 4 days old, right out of the hospital into My daughters arms–I can never say what a blessing she was to her and all of us. She-DD-has some medical problems-diabetes- and didn’t or wouldn’t take care of herself-she was heading south quick-then came the Blessing-She told me not too long ago that she just didn’t care about her illness–UNTIL she got Tashena-found out what this life is all about. Tashena is almost 13 and sush a blessing to everone in our family. CHEERS all around to each with your blessings-either a gift to you or your very own children. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Lee says

    God bless that young lady who gave Chad life and you the opportunity to be a Mom. In 1972 I made a different choice, and have regretted it every day since. But I have a gracious, loving, forgiving Father, and I know He’s taking care of my baby – I do believe life begins at conception, though that wasn’t something I thought of back then. The father is still a friend, and whether he ever thinks of that or not I don’t know, but he did send me an email to wish me a happy mother’s day. God has blessed me with two other children and though there may be days that I face the parenthood frustrations, I’m so very thankful to have the two best kids in the world, and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

    God bless you for being a wonderful mom to “your best kid in the world”.

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    Mary Carole says

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day! It is a special day for me too. I spent it with my 3 adoptive children and the 2 grand kids that they gave me. They’re all in their 40’s now and they are still Mommy’s babies. I think all the time about their birth Mom’s and what special gifts I received from them. I hope they realize it! I am blessed, thanks for reminding me.

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    Dorothy says

    Been busy, so this is a late post but, my grandmother was 35 when she got my Mom, back in 1935, the state people brought her (my Mom to my Grammy) to quiet her down, she had been pestering them about adopting for a while, they thought she was too old, to adopt an infant, and the other reason she got my Mom was because they didn’t think she was going to live, she had been sick, but hello she did! She live to be 6 months shy of 65 and had 6 kids, and Grammy lived to be 6 months shy of 100. So, thank God for the women who have the strength to choice live for their children and to share that live with families that want those children!