Projects Are Taking Over

Projects are usually stored in the rectangular plastic cake carriers but they’re all full!  In addition, the design wall had pieces of five different quilt, another one was started yesterday and there’s a quilt on the longarm that has a very near deadline.  I truly feel like I’m running in circles!    The quilt I started today is for an upcoming workshop.  I gave away the sample I had been using.  Why did I do that?

Got the pieces all cut out and tossed them in a cardboard box, along with the instructions.
Stuck the extra fabric in the box too.  I know me . . I’ll use it in another project and first thing you know, I won’t have it if I should need extra!


Then Chad mentioned that it would be nice to give a quilt to his best friend who is getting married.  Sure . . when is the wedding?  June 7! I showed him a couple of quilts I have here that might work but . . no, none of those will work.  I truly don’t think I can get a quilt done by June 7 but that doesn’t mean I won’t give it my best shot.

I hope to quilt on the longarm til noon and then spend the afternoon piecing.



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    Oh, gosh….I guess it wouldn’t be okay to get the top pieced and then have them give it BACK to you for finishing OR to take a picture of the finished top and have Chad put it in a card OR to have him put a “gift card” good for one quilt and then let THEM pick the colors and you can make it AFTER the wedding??? Other than that….good luck! I guess guys (even those who have lived for years with a quilter) don’t notice how long it takes from start to finish. *sigh*

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    pdudgeon says

    i agree. tell Chad to go thru the stack of quilts that just need bindings and pick one out. otherwise let him give a gift card for a quilt by you at a later date and let him pay for it out of his Summer earnings.

    there’s no time like the present to let him in on the realities of a quilter’s life, because he will have other friends down the line who will be getting married and having babies. put your foot down now and it will save a lot of problems in the future.

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      Most of the quilts needing binding are for the book and I surely can’t give them away. I give enough quilts away to people I barely know or to people I don’t even know at all that I wouldn’t dream of asking Chad to pay for a quilt for his best friend; a friend whose family has taken him in and allowed him to hunt and fish on their property; a friend whose family takes him on vacation with him just like he’s part of the family. I don’t see giving a quilt to his best friend (Chad is in the wedding too) as causing problems down the road. The poor boy is working two jobs, paying for a lot of his own college, all of his own car expenses . . he’s living pretty tight right now.

      As a quilter, I’m very, very happy that Chad wants to give his friends homemade quilts and I’ll be more than happy to give quilts to any of them who get married or have babies. I just might need a bit more than three weeks notice though! 🙂

      • says

        Yes, especially since you’ll be in Market with me for several days. Should I pack my sewing machine… I think there’s room in the car, as long as you don’t mind the roof 😉 (just kidding, there *is* room if you want, but I’m leaving in 30 mins or so.. call me)

      • Beverly says

        I’d be bursting with pride that my son thinks so much of my quilting he wants to give a quilt made by me to a good friend!

      • pdudgeon says

        yep, 20 lashes with a wet noodle for me, LOL.
        from now on i’ll stick to the quilting posts.

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    Oh the ole “can you whip up a wonderous quilt in a day” plea. 🙂
    Because you are even going to try is one of the many reasons we celebrate Mothers Day every year!
    Good luck!!!

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    I had a good laugh at your post today. 🙂 I guess we forgot to tell you how it would feel when they come home for the summer. A little chaos is good for us, right? It is all part of the parenthood game. As for the quilt, I would make one for my kids to give their best friends for a wedding gift as well. But I agree with some of the commenters that it is ok if it is not finished by the wedding. I didn’t even have my own daughter’s quilt finished before her wedding day. Anyone who knows you should understand.

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    Oh how good it is to have company on this merry go round we call quilting.

    You’ll get it all done. You always do. I find however that when I am nearing the end of a project that 3 will be started to take its place if I am not vigilant.

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    Hmmmm, maybe Chad will have to wait! LOL! I know what you mean, when I get too much going I get a little nutty. I bet you get it all done, though!