iPhone or Blackberry?

Some would be surprised to know that I’m not much into the newest, shiniest, most up to date “stuff”.  You know how happy I was to get my 20 year old sewing machine back and not have to buy a new one.  My old van was 10 years old when we bought my Honda.  The van was no longer a good vehicle for road trips . . it had a rough life, thanks to a mechanic in Louisiana who decided to glue some bolts on that he had broken off the engine.  But when we bought the Honda, it was probably 3 more years before I’d take it instead of the old van when I needed to run around town.  We have an almost 2 year old vehicle that doesn’t have 2,000 miles on it yet.  I much prefer to drive my Honda.  My friend, Elaine, had just bought a new car right before we left for Paducah.  I didn’t want her to feel like we HAD to take my car and she was welcome to drive if she wanted to but I told her “we can spill in my car!” That’s what I like . . something that already has a scratch or a dent or a stain on the floor.

It’s been past time to buy a new cell phone.  My phone was about 4 years old and had been one of the cheapest phones around when I bought it.  I just needed something to make calls . . nothing fancy.  But, with traveling too much lately, I need a bit more out of my phone.  I really don’t need to haul a laptop around for short trips but lately, seems like I’m always calling Vince from the road and saying “can you get into my email and find this or that email?” or “can you get online and look at my calendar?”

A month or so ago, I narrowed it down to the iPhone and the Blackberry Bold.


The iPhone seems to be so popular and all the ratings I read about it were excellent.


The Blackberry Bold also has excellent ratings.   Vince had a Blackberry (though I don’t know which model) and never did like it.  It was provided by the last employer so it stayed when we left Kentucky and he now has just a regular phone which he likes a lot better.  Any mention of a new Blackberry brought frowns and derogatory comments from him.  Nice to have moral support! 🙁

They both cost the same so I couldn’t even use price as the determining factor.

I have researched and read and researched and read some more; talked to friends who had both; gone back and forth; decided just to keep my old phone and forget about a new one but yesterday, after doing more research, I went to the AT&T store and came home with the Blackberry Bold.  Now I have to learn to use it . . wish me luck with that!



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    Enjoy your new phone Judy! My phone is Sprint’s version of the iPhone. I’m really considering a Blackberry when it’s time for a new phone. I know I love having the ability to check email and have my calendar on the phone. Have fun figuring out all the functions!

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    I have a Blackberry for work and I couldn’t live without it! I want another with my personal phone and email but I’m not willing to pay for it yet.

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    Judy, let us know how you like the Blackberry. I’m in the same situation – trying to decide between the IPhone and a Blackberry.

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    Judy……..I recently got a blackberry………..keep in mind its a mini computer, I thought I would have a tougher time getting used to it but I found it quite easy. Here’s a sight that helped me get started http://www.crackberry.com
    they have a bunch of tutorials that help to get you started on getting the most out of your BB………what I like most….take a picture and email it to your home computer in 3 clicks. Enjoy your phone.

    Karen L

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    Quiltinggranna says

    love love love my iphone, a mini computer that will do everything and more than my imac. it was so helpful when I am out of town, as when I was in Houston for the quilt show and a recent shop hop to 16 shops with Bee friends. it has so many great features and apps I could use it and not ever go to the desktop. It is a piece of amazing technology.

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    You are way more into technology than I am. I have a pay-in-advance cell phone (track phone) and only turn it on when I want to make a call (which is rare). I get no incoming calls and it’s a good thing since I don’t even know how to use the voicemail feature if someone were to call me and I didn’t hear the phone or didn’t have it turned on at that time. I am really in the dark ages with stuff…have no idea how to use an iPod, either, and have never even been able to figure out the VCR and DVD players in the house. (I guess my secret is out now. LOL)

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      Judi says

      Don’t feel bad, I’m in the same boat as you. I also got a new phone and didn’t want any internet on it so the last bill we got was $400 and we can’t figure it out. DH is really po’d at me this time but hey I have no idea why it’s so high. I got lg insite he says it’s like an i-phone.

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      I’m really only a few steps ahead of you. There’s so much I don’t know how to do but I manage to figure out the things that I think I’ll use the most. No way will I ever know and use all the features of this phone but what I do use it for . it’s very useful and fun.

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    Oh, geez, I was talking about needing a new phone just yesterday. Mine is so old that I can’t even remember when I got it. Hardly make any calls, but I like the security of having a phone, especially in the car. I’ll be watching your learning curve closely!

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    See, I have an iPod touch which is basically an iPhone without the phone. I really like it, and would seriously consider an iPhone if given the right incentive.


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    Nancy says

    Just FYI. Most phone companies allow you to use a new phone for say, 14 days, and if not satisfied, then you can return or exchange it or something. Bet you end up loving it, though. Good luck! (I’m envious….!)

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      What I should have said . . it’s not like we can just “use” it . . we buy it and if we’re not happy with it within 30 days, we can return it for another phone. Not sure if it has to be something comparable or just any phone.

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    Frieda Z says

    We are a 2 iphone, 2 blackberry phone family. Everybody here seems to like the phone they chose. I think you will be happy with yours.

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      I knew that whatever I got and learned to use, I would be happy with. The reviews on both phones were excellent. It’s like with longarm machines . . whatever brand everyone has . . they love it and think it’s the BEST and are very loyal. Wonder if some of that is kinda like “I made the choice to get this brand and I’m going to prove to myself and the world that I made the right decision!”? So far, the Blackberry has been easier to learn than I was expecting . . but I don’t know nearly everything there is to know about it.

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    I have a friend who has an iPhone, and she likes the extra features, but says she rarely uses it as a phone, because it’s difficult to hear people talk to her. She thinks it’s the shape.

    Me, I’m like you–just the basic camera phone.

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      Last time I bought a phone I had argued that I wanted a phone without the camera because I *always* have a digital camera with me. Nope, couldn’t get one at our local AT&T store. The only picture I ever took in almost 4 years with that phone was one that was the wallpaper on the phone. Not sure I’ll ever use the Blackberry as a camera either but . . we’ll see.

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    My daughter has the IPhone and loves it. My son has the Blackberry and loves it.
    When it’s time for me to get a new phone I’ll probably go with the IPhone, but then I’m a Mac person – love my IPOD and my Mac computer. I think it’s all in what you get used to. Enjoy learning what it will do.

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    I just got an iTouch from my (sweet ) kids for Mothers Day! I am SOOO delighted with it. Didn’t need a phone but love that I can check my email, my blog, and it is an APPLE!! Yeah (no viruses)! Hope you enjoy your new phone.

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      I’m certainly not an expert but the Blackberry doesn’t used Windows operating system. While I’m not going to say the Blackberry cannot get a virus, it seems very, very unlikely from what I’ve read.

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    Sorry but….what about the Palm Pre which is supposed to come out in June? I almost bought the iphone, which my son already owns, but went back to palm.com to see videos of the coming Palm Pre and it seems GREAT. So, for myself, I’m just waiting a month or 2 more!! (Hopefully, in Europe we will have it in july…) Go on their website to have a look ;o)
    Nat, in sunny Paris, France

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      When the Palm Pre is released, it will be a Sprint exclusive and I’m with AT&T so that ruled it out immediately. It may not always be exclusive to Sprint but I usually don’t buy something as soon as it comes out, preferring to wait and read what everyone has to say about it and let any bugs get worked out. For how I use the cell phone, be it a “Smart Phone” or a regular phone, the latest and greatest just isn’t necessary. The Pre does look great and I know those who love the newest tech gadgets will love it.

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    Deb says

    I talked my husband into the iPhone, since he is on the road ALL the time, and he never had a phone with email. He always thought it was too much phone for him. Ha! He LOVES that phone! Every time I get an email from the phone, he tells me “I LOVE this phone”! I have used it (and I just like one that makes calls) and played with it, and I LOVE that phone too! It is SOOO easy to use, the software is just so simple, (for us “simpletons”). I have never used a mac (although I do have iPods, and they are easy) but now I also want one of those phones, but have to wait a year till my contract runs out. I have never used a Blackberry, so let us know your findings. But I am sold on the iPhone.

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      I think anyone who has and is happy with either an iPhone or a Blackberry would be well advised to stick with what they are already comfortable using. The reviews/pros/cons were so similar between the two, I really had a hard time deciding and I’d never try to sway anyone one way or the other. I will let you all know how I like the BB after having used it a while.

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    Hope you enjoy your Blackberry, Judy. My sis-in-law has one and really loves it. I got a little regular phone for my B-day last year. My previous one was 9 years old! I don’t use it much, can you tell? It took me a whole year to use £25 worth of credit! 😉

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    Nancy says

    Also, another FYI. I’ve heard that iPhones have “faces” that are easily shattered despite having the extra case to protect them. I don’t know. I don’t have either of them, but maybe the Blackberry is sturdier. Either ones looks lovely!

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      As much as I dropped my old phone, if I do that with the BB, I’ll have a broken face in no time. I’m planning to be more careful but . . we’ll see.

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      Seana says

      I have an IPhone, I bought the Otter Box Defender Case for it and have dropped it a couple of times and have no problems. My husband works outside and has the same phone I put that case on it to and it has worked great. I love my IPhone, I can do so much with it.

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    Cindy B says

    I love the Iphone. I kept wondering why everyone had their phones out doing something with it every single free second. Now I know. The Iphone is cable tv, wireless internet, computer, Kindle, Ipod and cell all in one. Amazing. We have the opportunity to be able to have things unimaginable a few short years ago.

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    Love, love, LOVE, L.O.V.E. my new iPhone. I’ve had it for 4 weeks. I cannot say enough great things about it. The only thing I don’t like about it is you can’t look at websites that require Flash (although I hear a fix is coming for it), and I’m anxiously awaiting the Microsoft Office product for it. I had resigned myself to getting a Blackberry for business applications, but when I found out iPhone could do them, I was sold. Hope this is helpful to you.

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    I did the same debate with myself Judy. I got a Blackberry Bold about 3 weeks ago because: I couldn’t get insurance for the I Phone and I was afraid I would drop it or lose it, etc., I could tether the Blackberry to my PC for internet use and couldn’t the I Phone (the cost is $30 a month extra but there’s no contract so I used it for a week and dropped it while out of town and will do that again the next time I’m away from home), and I could text pictures or videos but on the I Phone they told me you could only e-mail them. I’m not sure if any of those reasons appeal to you but if they do…maybe this will help. blessings, marlene

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    Mary Carole says

    My phone is sooo old that it only makes & receives phone calls. My kids laugh at me! I’m satisfied for now!

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    Deb S says

    I know just what you mean as my ’95 Suburban sits in the driveway with 215,000 miles on it ! With 4 kids, I’d much rather have something that they can eat, spill, and generally be comfortable in, especially since we spend so much time in it !

    As for phones – I’ll be going with the Blackberry when it’s time to renew my contract. The main reason is it can be unlocked to use both her with my current provider, and then overseas when we travel. That was the only thing I looked at – now I’ll have to figure out how to work the darn thing 😉 Good luck with yours.

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    I had a Blackberry before buying the iPhone and I like the iPhone better but I really debated for a while before deciding to buy it. Hope you love your new one!

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    I don’t know anything about the “Bold” must be new… I have the “curve” blackberry – but I did a search for you and found a wep page I’ll share that will take you to a page on how to and help for YOUR model – the bold. 🙂

    hope this helps you learn your phone better. I’m still finding out new features about mine -but I love that I can synch my same Outlook clanedar and address book to my phone – and also get Facebook too 🙂

    I go tmine on sale for just $49 after the rebate… so for me the iphone from ATT was never an option b/c I just could not afford to pay that much.

    Have a great weekend and lots of fun at the quilt show!
    Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

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    By the way, always wehn I read your post and then want to leave a comment, I quickly hit the “end” button to take me to the bottom of the page so I can write what it is I’m thinking right away before seeing what others have left before me. (maybe I’m the only one who does this)

    but then after I’m done and hit “reply” I then scroll upwards and read what others said… and just had to say how cool it is that you are now able to comment and reply to everyone HERE so we can all read!

    That is COOL – you are so cool JudyL! 🙂 always on the cutting edge! 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie