At the Airport

Up at 4 am. Went to bed about 10:30 after the storms passed. We were lucky – no damages. Chad called at 11:30. That’s twice this week he’s done that. When the alarm went off, I jumped up without hitting the snooze or I’d still be sleeping. Left home at 4:45. Drove to the KC airport with no problems. But, I wasn’t expecting problems! Security took my handcream — not nice, huh?

Will begin boarding in a minute — heading ti Chicago first. Aren’t you glad I got this phone?


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    I wish I was at the airport this morning. I am ready for a trip. We are flying to New York city in July. I am really looking forward to it. Have a great trip and enjoy your new phone. I have heard great things about that phone.

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    Judy I am glad you learned how to use the phone. I would still be looking at all those buttons and wondering what next.

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    I love my phone too — being able to check email or even post photos to the blog while I’m travel WITHOUT a computer is great. Have a good trip.

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    dawn says

    have a great trip! and looks like you are enjoying the features of the new phone.
    you go girl

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    Hey Judy! I don’t know where you went, but I’m glad you got to go and the storm didn’t get you. I’ve never been in weather that scary. Enjoy your new phone. I just got a little Verizon Wireless modem that plugs into my laptop and now I have internet anywhere there is cell phone service, which is mostly EVERYWHERE! I’m a happy girl! Enjoy your trip!

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    Linda says

    Can you blow up a plane with handcream?? Where’d you hid the detonators?? Sounds like airport security thought you looked dangerous and took all precautions……must have been that 4am look in your eye. 🙂

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    Quick question- did I miss the border steps for the stash project??? Hope not, but I’ve been busy and may have!!! Help!!!