Bad Weather & Tornadoes

I’m writing this tonight (Wednesday) but you’ll see it tomorrow morning (Thursday).

I’m always the one who is the chicken and making Vince and Chad go to the basement.  Vince had a meeting at work tonight and I was sitting upstairs minding my own business.  Chad, who always complains when I make us all go to the basement, called from school and said “MOM!  Get in the basement . . there’s a bad storm coming your way in about an hour!”.  The weather hadn’t gotten real bad yet and Vince got home and said “Why aren’t you in the basement?” and insisted we rush to the basement so . . the night before I leave on a trip when I have a million things to be doing, I’m sitting downstairs, waiting for the storm to pass.

To complicate matters, the closest TV station is in Joplin and their tower was taken out with the tornado/storms last Friday so we were getting feed from a Springfield station but that has stopped and we now have a screen that says “Technical Difficulties”.  Really?  Guess it doesn’t really matter because we’ve lost the satellite now.

The city will sound the tornado sirens when it’s time to run to the concrete room so we’re still safe (I hope).   I actually think the worst of it is going to stay at least 10 miles south of us but with tornadoes, 10 miles is too close for comfort.  80 mile per hour winds, tennis ball size hail . . please stay at least 10 miles south of me!

What do you grab and bring with you to the basement when you know there are already tornadoes on the ground with this storm?  Most of the time I’m more prepared but tonight I wasn’t.  We grab heavy shoes (in case the house falls apart and there are exposed nails . . like we’ll be needing shoes .. always trying to be optimistic); car keys (don’t ask me why I brought those . . the car would probably be gone or have the garage roof down on it); purse with wallet/cash, camera, cell phone, flashlight . . that’s all I can remember.

Vince decided he had a few minutes to spare so he ran upstairs to take a shower.  My luck, as soon as I got buck naked, the walls would fall.  I’ll just wait on my shower!

I’d really like to get to bed early tonight but that may not happy if Mother Nature keeps up this party.



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    I hope the storms didn’t go by your immediate area and I hope they dissolved before hurting any homes or people anywhere. I hate the thought of that kind of destruction. *sigh*

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    pdudgeon says

    just clicked on my Weatherbug and read about the storms you had.
    Those were doosies!

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    ida says

    JB is in Houston right now at a Hurricane Symposium …

    Talked to his substitute who says THIS WEEKEND and into next week …. get ready to build your chicken coop! Shhhh … don’t want to say this tooooooo loudly, but you might even get TWO WEEKENDS w/out rain (this and next).

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    Helene says

    Are you safe? Did the storm come and go? I think I’d bring my knitting with me ’cause I’m not good about sitting around with nothing to do (except worrying, of course).

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    I have been watching the news this morning about MO. It’s terrible! I hope all is well with you!

    I have supplies for the kids in the basement. Each have their own flashlight. I have some snacks, sometimes even bottled water too. We play games while we wait out storms. It keeps their mind off of things going on outside.

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    karla says

    Judy better safe than sorry, I have called MO several times this week as my family lives in Springfield and on tornado alley. This is the worst time of year for tornados. Thank the Lord you have a celler.

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    Shoes, fully-stocked diaper bag, purse, flashlight! Having little kids complicates things, so when evenings look rough, we stock up with snacks, toys, etc., to keep them from being afraid when the power goes out and all we have is a flashlight!

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    I have four complete sets of family members in Kirksville MO for a the Medical School’s graduation ceremonies on the 16th. All four families are staying in local motels/hotels and I haven’t heard a word from anyone yet

    I’m glad you’re fine and hit the road to higher ground but I sure wish I’d hear from my brother and all of his family members!!!

    Have anyone in Missouri heard anything at all about the Medical School in Kirksville ? I know the tornado hit Kirksville the hardest and 30 to 40 houses were demolished and one woman killed but I’m having trouble finding any additional info online.

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    When I was little we lived in Nebraska for a couple of years. We got tornados all the time! My mom had a whole set up in the basement for us. I remember that there was crackers and juice…a radio with batteries…..blankets….two mattresses (one to lay on and one to put on top of us if the tornado hit the house) and she kept some toys down there for my younger brothers. She was a rock that woman! When we lived in TX I was the mom and had to keep it all together every time the sirens wailed that we were all gonna die. Not as easy when you yourself have to be the grownup!!
    Glad you are okay my friend,

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    okay–my first thought was–where are the chickens??!! Hope the bad weather passed you by, I will have to call my relatives that live not far from you and see if they had any damages. Hope you are having a good trip.