How to make a Quilt Question 3

Today’s question is really a series of questions.  Just some questions that came to me . . no particular order.  Again, please just answer what I’m asking and don’t elaborate too much.  There are more questions! 🙂

1.  Are you more likely to buy a kit or fabric/pattern if you see a sample made and hanging in the shop?

2.  Have you ever bought a kit or fabric/pattern that you weren’t planning to buy and probably would not have bought except you saw the sample and couldn’t walk away?   You know you wouldn’t have bought the kit or fabric/pattern had it not been for the sample.

3.  Do you enjoy making quilts from kits or do you prefer to choose all your own fabrics?

4.  When making a quilt from a pattern, do you read through the entire pattern to be sure it all makes sense or do you start with Step 1 and work straight through it . . then on to Step 2, etc.?

5.  How often do you make the same pattern more than once?

6.  How often do you buy a pattern and then make changes to it before you ever start the quilt?

OK . . enough questions for today.

Thanks for answering!



  1. 1


    1. Yes. But I have purchased quite a few patterns without seeing a sample.
    2. No. I don’t think so.
    3. No. I’ve only made one quilt from a kit (at a guild workshop) and hated it. Loved the pattern, though, and made it several more times in fabric I chose. So why is that kit quilt still hanging in my studio?!
    4. Yes. I read the whole pattern first.
    5. Very often. Once I figure out a pattern, I’m on a roll.
    6. Not often. I usually get started “as is”.

  2. 2


    1. I’d say I’m about 50/50 on this one.
    2. No….if I like it, I like it and if not, the sample makes no difference. (I have friends though who are the total opposite.)
    3. Don’t work from kits…usually don’t like all the fabrics in kits.
    4. I do read the whole pattern first and then the steps that sound confusing tend to “worry” me until I get to them!!! LOL
    5. I rarely use the same pattern more than once….guess I should give away most of my already-used ones, huh?
    6. I don’t think I’m very capable of changing the actual pattern but have made things in a different SIZE (fewer blocks) or something like that.

  3. 3


    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. I like to choose my own fabrics
    4. I like to read through the entire pattern before making (preferably before I buy it!)
    5. I think I have made 13 Yellow Brick Road patterns….I will remake quilt patterns, but very seldom redwork patterns.
    6. The only changes I make to patterns are removing any hearts….I don’t “do” hearts. I will substitute stars most of the time. Usually it works as I don’t buy patterns if they are based on hearts.

  4. 4

    pdudgeon says

    1. yes, definitely. i love eye candy!

    2.Oh yes!!!


    4. I scan the pattern steps (illustrations) to see where i’m going before i start, and then read in detail as i go thru it.

    5.Lots! if it’s a good basic pattern i can change the look by changing the fabric or values in the quilt blocks.

    6.about half the time, especially if i can make it easier by using short cuts in cutting or piecing. I also look for ways to use the new specialty cuts of fabric in older patterns to save both time and fabric. I do pay very close attention to the yardage requirements in a pattern before cutting anything, because sometimes those are wrong!

  5. 5

    Evelyn says

    1. I sometimes receive small kits as gifts, which I do make. However, I never buy my own kits because it annoys me that many times they are so scanty on the fabric that there might only be an extra 1/8″ allowed, yikes!
    2. No
    3. Still busting my stash! I use my own fabrics.
    4. I read the entire pattern before starting.
    5. Once I find a pattern that I love, I use it over and over again using different fabrics.
    6. Sometimes I will change the border or lay my blocks out different (with or without sashing, etc.), but I like to refer to the pattern for basic yardage requirements.

  6. 6


    1. Yes, though even worse for me is examples on the internet as I do not get into stores that often.

    2. No. I do not get into stores that often.

    3. Own! I do not like kits, to me that is like paint by numbers.

    4. I take a quick look at the whole thing, but otherwise step by step.

    5. Not that often, there are so many others out there.

    6. Not that often, apart from the fabrics.

  7. 7

    Mary says

    1. No. I look at the photo on the pattern, and usually if the fabrics used are those that I would use, I will buy the occasional kit

    2. No.

    3. I prefer to choose my own fabric

    4. I read through the whole pattern to be sure it makes sense.

    5. Very occasionally

    6. Almost always I change some aspect of the pattern to make it “mine”

  8. 8

    Karen S says

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. own fabric choices most often
    4. glance over – then plunge in
    5. rarely
    6. no

  9. 9

    karla says

    1. I might occasionally buy a pattern but never a kit
    2.Possibly can’t remember
    3. I also choose my own fabric
    4. I am a step by step person
    5. yes I will use it again
    6. not that often

  10. 10

    Linda says

    1. Yes
    2. yes
    3. I like to choose my own fabrics.
    4. I usually quickly read through it just to see if I understand it.
    5. So far…. never. I’d get too bored doing the same thing twice.
    6. Often. Maybe not necessarily the block structure…. but usually adding or leaving out sashing or changing the border design or layout.

  11. 11

    Jean Foglein says

    1. yes
    2. yes, don’t you know it
    3 usually like to choose my own fabric, but hey in a kit its done, I can start right on the quilt top
    4.for sure I read it all – try to understand it – and I might be able to find a shorter way to accomplish something
    5. sometimes I use a pattern again, especially if it is fast and I need a charity quilt and know I can whip it up in no time and not have to stop and figure out the pattern, etc.
    6. quite often – it can be a challenge for me to see what I can change, update or speed up.

  12. 12

    Julianne says

    1. yes

    2. yes

    3. no I prefer to choose my fabric

    4. I read the pattern first

    5. not that often, but I do have a couple quick patterns I use again for charity.

    6 .not often.

  13. 13

    Katie says

    Oh boy, that’s a lot of questions…I should have taken notes!

    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.
    3. Usually my own fabrics.
    4. I skim each step as I get to it. If the pictures don’t make sense, I’ll read, but usually the words confuse me more if the pictures/illustrations aren’t good. I don’t think I’ve ever read a whole pattern.
    5. I try not to make the same pattern twice. Just too many others out there.
    6. Not too often. If I’m going to adjust something major, it’s often easier to start without a pattern and make my own.

  14. 14


    1. I would if I liked it but it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t buy kits. I buy patterns.
    2. No
    3. No kits for me.
    4. I read through the whole pattern first and semi check yardage required too.
    5. I have made the same pattern more than once on a few occasions. Mostly I want to make something I haven’t made before.
    6. I usually don’t make changes to the pattern with the exception of the border. I’ve changed a border a few times. Or made the quilt larger or smaller.

  15. 15

    Diane says

    1. yes

    2. yes

    3. yes sometimes – prefer my own fabrics usually because I prefer reproduction fabrics or a more toned down fabric instead of the really bright neon stuff.

    4. I’m bad, I hardly ever read through a pattern before hand. That is why I get so aggrivated when there is a mistake. I might have avoided it if I had looked it over.

    5. Not very often, unless it is an pretty easy pattern that works up fast but still looks good, then it can be made multiple times for Linus or QOV. But usually the fun is over after I make one.

    6. More often than not. I usually change the finished size right off the bat by adding or subtracting a border, changing the block size or adding or subtracting sashing, you know the easy stuff.

  16. 16


    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Never bought a kit
    4.I usually read part of the pattern, then dive right in.
    5.I hate to make the same thing twice, but I have once.
    6. Rarely, unless it’s to change the size.

  17. 17


    1. I think the only times I’ve ever bought a kit or pattern are when I’ve seen a sample.
    2. Yes. I never shop for patterns or kits, so usually they are impulse buys.
    3. I’d rather choose my own fabrics.
    4. I always read through it step by step and try to picture how its going to go together.
    5. I always intend to make another one, but I don’t think I ever have!
    6. I usually make changes to suit myself.

  18. 18


    1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. I prefer to choose all my own fabrics.

    4. I tend to skim the written instructions and work from the pictures. (Not always the best plan…see my blog post from yesterday!)

    5. When I find a pattern that I like I make it many times…especially if it is fast and easy.

    6. I don’t normally make changes to a quilt pattern unless it’s to the borders or the number of blocks used to adjust the size.

  19. 19


    1-3. I have never bought a quilt kit or any other craft type kit

    4. I do read the pattern all the way through-mostly to figure out if there is an easier way to achieve the same look

    5. I don’t repeat a pattern exactly very often.

    6. I almost always make some change in a pattern.

  20. 20


    1. Nope, never bought a quilt kit or pattern because of a sampler.

    2. Nope. It really helps not to go into quilt shops except a couple times a year! 😉

    3. I prefer to choose my own fabrics.

    4. Uh. Usually I find a picture of a quilt online or one that I’ve taken and just dive in once I make a guess at the measurements. If I’m actually following pattern, then I read it through first. I make more picture quilts than patterned quilts.

    5. I’ve made the same pattern several times over.

    6. I make changes to quilts all the time.

  21. 21


    1. Yes. In fact, almost every larger, bed size quilt I have made I have seen in “real life” first. The only exception is your first Quilt for an Hour and in that case you posted enough high quality images that I felt I had seen it in real life too.

    2. Yes. More times then I care to admit. Several are still in my basement waiting for “one day” to finally arrive.

    3. I prefer kits or at least some good quality images I can study because I rarely change a colour scheme in a quilt from the original. My only hesitation from using kits is that I like to have extra fabric incase I make a cutting mistake or want to enlarge the quilt so often I buy kit + extra. This is probably one of the reasons my stash is so out of control.

    4. I do a quick skim but don’t do an indepth reading.

    5. I always reuse patterns, especially for child and lap sized quilts. One double quilt I am in the process of doing a second double quilt with and I have plans for a redo of a queen sized one that I gave to my sister as a wedding gift. I love the quilt so much that I want one for myself now too.

    6. Rarely. Sometimes I enlarge it using the same block and set design and on rare occasions I may change the borders. Usually for size reasons though.

  22. 22

    Deb S says

    1. Yes – the large quantity of kits I have hidden in my closet attests to this 😉

    2. Yes – see above –

    3. I travel overseas – precut kits are wonderful – I can hand piece the blocks, then whip them all together when I get home.

    4. Start with step one – like a BOM

    5. Only when I first started – now one time then I give it to a friend.

    6. Not often, but more now then when I was first starting and unexperienced.

  23. 23

    Elaine says

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. I’ve done both, kits and choosing my own. Prefer my own.
    4. Read through it before making it.
    5. About 1 out of 4 patterns I will remake.
    6. Rarely will adjust pattern.

  24. 24


    1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. Prefer to choose my own fabrics

    4. I used to just start at step 1, now I read through the whole thing first.

    5. Not often. There are just too many great patterns out there.

    6. I usually do not change the pattern at the start, but I have done it a few times.

  25. 25


    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes and No .. I like both
    4. No rarely read instructions !
    5. No rarely repeat myself
    6 Rarely change pattern.

    Hope your having a good time where ever you are

  26. 26


    Lets see:
    1- Probably, I have several patterns here that I don’t remember why I bought them
    2-Yes, unfortunately
    3-I very rarely buy kits since I like to pick my own fabrics. Most kits (and now patterns) seem to be mostly promotion for a single fabric collection.
    4-Usually read through to see how things are done. Check for techniques I like or don’t like and if I can get the same result in a different way.
    5-Haven’t yet, but would like to in a few cases. Just not enough time.
    6-Maybe not before I start the quilt, but very often while it is in progress.

  27. 27


    1. Yes – I think samples sell kits!
    2. Yes – I’ve bought them impulsively when a sample is shown, because you may not be able to duplicate again….
    3. I do like making quilts from kits – you know what the end result is like, and you don’t need to run around a shop finding 8 fabrics. But when I select my own fabric, the quilt is more my ‘own’.
    4. I read through the pattern – but I like to read cookbooks, too!
    5. I hardly ever make the same pattern more than once – except nine patch / snowballs for baby quilts.
    6. I often make changes. Sometimes, its just changing a construction method to one I prefer; other times, I may alter the layout or border.

  28. 28


    1. Yes (why start from scratch if someone else put together a quilt I like?)
    2. Yes (bought kit because of sample)
    3. Both (enjoy choosing my own fabrics more though)
    4. Yes, read it through and try to understand it. Just like a recipe.
    5. Often. Have some favorites!
    6. Often make some change. Maybe 50/50, change/no change.

  29. 29


    1. No.
    2. Only once.
    3. Choose my own fabric.
    4. No.
    5. Don’t usually. Except for one pattern that I use to make up a quickie quilt and it is the pattern that I teach to beginner quilters.
    6. Never, I’m not that smart 😉

  30. 30


    Great topic Judy!!!!!

    1) do I buy kits………..well, I sew samples for a shop and as part of the fee, I get to keep the sample when shopowner is finished with it. Part of sewing the kit is checking for errors on the pattern and checking the yardages to make sure there is enough of each fabric. I do make the recommondations to the shop owner if I feel the yardage should be changed.

    2) Occasionally………..I’m such a sucker for hand dyed’s. I’ll buy small projects as a kit…especially applique.

    3) If its my own, I might substitute a fabric.

    4) I read thru the pattern first……I’ll note any changes in the sewing or assembly process as I have my preferred ways to do certain techniques.

    5) Usually once…….except for quilts I make as wedding presents….they are all double irish chain….I have the cutting and assembly memorized on that one. On the quilts that I contract to make the whole thing….I have certain patterns and fabrics (handdyeds) that I only allow as to guarentee that the fabric is available.

    5) Usually…………….I will change the cutting elements for my preferred techniques. On the shop samples I do….they are done exactly as the pattern says……….there again, the shop owner wants to know where any future issues that might come up with assembly, on occasion we have put in directions changes in the pattern to make it easier for those buy the kit.

    Karen L

  31. 31

    Becky says

    1. When I buy a pattern it doesn’t matter if it is made up or not.

    2. No. I have only purchased a kit once and probably wouldn’t do it again.

    3. I really enjoy buying my own fabrics and doing my own thing. When I did buy the kit I didn’t make it as suggested.

    4. I usually follow each step as it is given the first time I make a pattern. After the first time I do it my own way.

    5. It is about a 50/50 chance I will make it again.

    6. I often make changes in quilt pattern on the borders or color choices. A pattern is usually an inspiration but not set in stone for me.

  32. 32


    1. No

    2. Have you ever bought a kit or fabric/pattern that you weren’t planning to buy? Yes. But I don’t usually buy kits.

    3. I like to choose all your own fabrics? Use stash!

    4. Only if it isn’t a mystery do I read through the pattern.

    5. make the same pattern? Only the D9P have I made several times. And I change it every time.

    6. I usually get stuck on the borders and just put a slab-o-border on to make it bigger.

  33. 33


    1. No
    2. Yes, Yes
    3. Prefer to choose my own fabrics
    4. Read through first–I like to know where I am headed, going in the “dark” — is stressful to me….although I do like mysteries (go figure).
    5. Rarely—when I have, I have made significant changes so the quilts don’t look the same.
    6. It depends on why I purchased the pattern—if it really “spoke” to me, I use the pattern as is, but I don’t have a problem in removing a component I don’t like–ie. applique; adding blocks or borders, etc.

  34. 34

    Darlene B says

    1. Samples hanging in the shop definitely influence me when choosing what pattern to buy.
    2. Yep, the last pattern I bought would never have come home with me since the colors on the front were UGLY! But the sample was beautiful!
    3. I definitely prefer choosing my own fabrics. Kits are convenient, sure, but everything is SO matched up, that there’s no excitement in most of them.
    4. I always read through the pattern just to see if it makes sense to me.
    5. I have one pattern that I’ve done twice, but usually there is always something “new” calling out to me!
    6. The pattern I made twice (see #5) was a table topper that was too big for my taste (and for my table), so I adjusted the size strips, then had to adjust this, then that….but I love the finished product!

  35. 35

    Pam says

    1. No, but I love looking at the samples.
    2. No
    3. Choose my own fabrics–that’s a big part of the quilting process for me.
    4. Yes
    5. Lots–baby quilt, Christmas wall hangings
    6. It’s usually the borders that I change.

  36. 36


    1. No. Rarely buy patterns.
    2. No. See #1
    3. I love to choose my own fabrics.
    4. Usually, since earlier steps sometimes don’t make sense until I read what happens to the pieces next.
    5. Rarely. There are too many things to try!
    6. Borders – I usually run out of fabric!

  37. 38


    1. Samples definitely help me decide on buying a pattern. No picture looks as good as the real thing. I learned this taking pictures at quilt shows of gorgeous quilts and later thinking they were not that great in the pictures.

    2. I’m not much of a kit buyer, but I did get one a few years ago because the quilt was just incredible and needed a LOT of different fabrics. Easy to just get the kit. I only did it that one time, though.

    3. Generally I choose my own fabrics instead of buying kits. I like to try to use my stash first, and then buy fabrics to go along if I can’t get it all from stash.

    4. For the most part I do not read through patterns first. Sometimes, say if I’m riding home from a quilt show or something, I’ll open it up and look through it.

    5. I only make the pattern more than once if it is really fast and easy. For example, I’ve made Yellow Brick Road about 6 times now for baby quilts I’ve given away.

    6. I rarely make changes to a quilt pattern. If I do, it is probably just to make it bigger or smaller. My mom, who has been quilting for 30+ years, almost always makes some short of change, major or minor!

  38. 39

    Carol says

    1. Not really — I tend to go by the picture on the pattern and I’m highly unlikelyt o buy a kit at all

    2. No — but my husband has! he does that to me all the time, leaving me with a selection of patterns way above my skill level!

    3. I prefer my own fabric choices

    4. Step by step…

    5. never

    6. never

  39. 40


    I have never purchased a kit or a pattern and a kit. I don’t really think that I ever will. I do read through patterns first and then do them as they are written. I rarely make changes to patterns unless I know my substitution will work, for example , if the directions say cut a 12 inch strip and make half square triangles and I don’t have 12 inch strip but several small strips to achieve the same goal…. you know where I am going here. I have learned that making pattern changes lead to more changes with lead a loss of integrity to the original pattern. If I see a pattern I like and want to make changes I don’t buy the pattern, I just make my own draft as inspired by the original pattern.

  40. 41


    Okay, I am ready to answer!
    #1 – Yes, definitly!!
    #2 – Yes, and it’s still waiting to be made up, but I still love it, and will still make it.
    #3 – I love kits. No thinking involved, just sewing and I know it will be beautiful. No surprises with kit.
    #4 – I read through, to make sure I understand. And will keep reading it till I get it if I found it confusing. learing a new skill or doing it differently will have me reading it alot!!
    #5 – rarely.
    #6 – NEVER!!!

  41. 42


    1. yes, but not always
    3. I prefre my own
    4. When it isn’t a mysterie I will read through the whole pattern
    5. never
    6. not really often, but it happens now and than.

  42. 43


    I’m drawn to quilts and would tend to buy a pattern and/or fabric when a sample is available.

    I never buy kits because I rarely use preferred piecing methods so there would be a chance that I would run out of fabric.

    Fortunately, most patterns in kits are sold separately. I like patterns for ideas and applique, but instructions and I don’t get along.

    I buy patterns out of respect for designers and the quilt industry, but I can usually figure a quilt out (including construction and size) by looking at it. I almost always modify size and borders.

    I rarely make something more than once.

  43. 44

    Norece says

    1 – yes
    2 – yes
    3 – own fabrics
    4 – steps
    5 – only for charity quilts
    6 – 80% of the time I make the patterns bigger

  44. 45

    Ann says

    1 – yes, fabric/pattern
    2 – yes, fabric/pattern
    3 – choose my own fabric
    4 – read through pattern
    5 – rarely
    6 – often

  45. 46

    Robin says

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. I generally prefer my own fabric. I have sometimes substituted fabric in a kit, or even ended up using the kit fabric for something else and made the kit quilt from different fabric.
    4. I read through the pattern first. If I can’t for some reason dive into that project, I may read it over and over, waiting to get started.
    5. Despite having a huge collection of patterns, I do sometimes reuse patterns. Yellow Brick Road is an example (which I have also reworked for a half-size baby quilt).
    6. Not often. Although once I have made it once, I may then think about what I could do differently a second time.

  46. 47


    1. Samples entice me to buy patterns.
    3.I prefer to Do It Myself:)
    4. I read through the pattern before even picking out the fabrics.
    5. Never – so far.
    6. Almost always make changes – method used, size, borders, etc.

    Thanks for great topic and keeping us concise!

  47. 48

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    1. Are you more likely to buy a kit or fabric/pattern if you see a sample made and hanging in the shop? ==> No. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a stand-alone pattern. I often look through my quilt books for design ideas.

    2. Have you ever bought a kit or fabric/pattern that you weren’t planning to buy and probably would not have bought except you saw the sample and couldn’t walk away? You know you wouldn’t have bought the kit or fabric/pattern had it not been for the sample. ==> No.

    3. Do you enjoy making quilts from kits or do you prefer to choose all your own fabrics? ==> No kits. Not only do I prefer my own choice of fabric, I want to know that back-up/substitutes are available if I run short, make the quilt larger, etc.

    4. When making a quilt from a pattern, do you read through the entire pattern to be sure it all makes sense or do you start with Step 1 and work straight through it . . then on to Step 2, etc.? ==> I definitely read through the whole thing to 1) check calculations of yardage and 2) rewrite cutting directions for my own convenience.

    5. How often do you make the same pattern more than once? ==> Rarely. I’m doing it right now (Niece & Nephew semi-matching quilt design), but can’t remember the last time I might have done it.

    6. How often do you buy a pattern and then make changes to it before you ever start the quilt? ==> I don’t buy stand-alone patterns, but I inevitably change those I find in my books.

  48. 49

    Linda says

    1. yes
    2. yes (especially smaller projects)
    3. both
    4. yes
    5. occasionally, more likely for a smaller project (bag/totes/teacozies) than a quilt
    6. usually make changes as I go and realize that it’s not exactly what I want!

  49. 50


    1,2,3-I’ve only ever bought 1 kit and still haven’t finished it so I’m not really drawn to working with kits.
    4-I like to read it through first.
    5-I’ve made the same pattern (different fabrics and sizes) on a number of occasions.
    6-I haven’t bought any patterns.

  50. 51


    1. No – I never buy kits and seldom buy patterns.
    2. No
    3. I choose all my own fabrics
    4. Read all the way through (the retired teacher in me just HAS to!)
    5. Almost never (only once i my 15 years as a quilter)
    6. About 30% of the time

  51. 52

    Arlyn Parker says

    1. Not for a quilt, but I have bought purse and tote bag patterns after seeing them made up-it’s nice to see the sizes.
    2.Just once did I buy a kit and make the quilt. I have bought kits because I liked the combination of fabrics, but I used them for a different quilt.
    3. I usually choose my fabrics.
    4. I seldom follow the directions-I almost always make changes and I print the design from EQ.
    5. I’ve made 2 “Turning Twenties”-I had the fabric and didn’t know what else to do with it- and another design that I made for a gift, then made one for myself but larger and with different fabrics.
    6. Almost always!

  52. 53


    Probably, I have bought my patterns and fabriic mostly through internet. But that was with a picture of the quilt. I bought mostly mini quilt, the other are block of the months and the patterns and samplerpattern i got at my quilt lessons.

    2. Yes.

    3. 50/50

    4. I mostly read it completely and than reread it step by step.

    5. I quilting less than a year, and made each pattern only once.

    6. How often do you buy a pattern and then make changes to it before you ever start the quilt?
    The bought patterns of mini quilts i didn”t chance, i resized the BOM so i can use jelly rolls for it.

  53. 54


    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. prefer to choose my own
    4. read through but then whenI don’t understand something I just dive in and work through it
    5. rarely
    6. most of the time

  54. 55


    Here are my answers…1. yes…1.yes…3. I never buy kits anymore…I prefer to choose my own fabrics…4. Sometimes I read through if the pattern is by a “new to me” designer…just to get a sense of their style. I’ll scan the pattern and then go back if there is something I missed….5. I occasionally make the same pattern twice…I’m more likely to do this with smaller things that I might be giving away as gifts…6….always!!! This was a lot of fun…thanks for letting me play along!

  55. 56


    1. No
    2. No
    3. Choose my own.
    4. I read through it: so I know where I can change it.
    5. I have only repeated the D9P: kids charity quilts
    6. Every time.

  56. 57

    Diana says

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. I prefer to choose my own but sometimes love the kits
    4. I read through it to make sure I understand
    5. I don’t repeat many
    6. Not often

  57. 58


    1. Not necessarily.
    2. No
    3. My own fabrics.
    4. I’m supposed to read the pattern?
    5. It depends on the quilt.
    6. Occassionally.

  58. 59

    julie says

    1. no
    2. yes
    3. I love having the fabric ready to go from a kit
    4. I read through the whole thing
    5. once in a while, 10% of the quilts get duplicated in a different color or
    many small guilts that are gifts
    6. a small percentage, like 10%

  59. 61

    Sherry B says

    1. no
    2. no
    3. like to choose my own
    4. step by step
    5. I’m a newbie, like to try new patterns & techniques
    6. no changes, my own fabric choices are enough for now

  60. 62


    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. never by a kit, pick my own fabrics
    4. read entire pattern first
    5. 3-4x if I like it, especially like Irish chains and antique/vintage patterns
    6. 99% of the time

  61. 63

    Linda C says

    1. Nope
    2. Not that I can recall
    3. Have never made a quilt from a kit; always pick my own fabrics.
    4. Read through the pattern first. Sometimes there’s a “better” way to do something than they show (better in my own mind anyway.) Often also make a test block to look for gotchas.
    5. Nope. Similar maybe but not the same.
    6. Always. The pattern is a jumping off point, right?

  62. 64


    1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. combination of both

    4. read through first

    5. hard question – some many times, others never

    6. about half the time (usually making it larger)

  63. 65


    3)all my own
    4)read through it 2 or more times
    5)there are only about 2 or 3 patterns that I would do again, there are so many more patterns on my must do list
    6) only one comes to mind where I have actually followed the pattern right to the end.

    interesting questions.

  64. 66

    Mary Carole says

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Enjoy kits, can’t easily pick my own fabric
    4. Read through & than jump in
    5. When I find an easy pattern that’s easy to gift e.g Warm Wishes. Made about 8!
    6. Never

  65. 68

    dawn says

    1.samples help me to buy pattern or kit if I like the look
    2.I have bought because I couldnt resist.
    3.I prefer to use my stash though thru entire pattern to make sure it makes sense
    5.I have been known to make several of a pattern that is easy or uses up lots of stash
    6. I very often change borders on a quilt if I like the pattern but want a little more oomph
    When I see in magazine patterns I want to make etc or in catalog love the color combo, I save them in a 3 ring binder. it is my inspiration on days when I want to “see a quilt show” or what can I do with this floral thats been hanging around. I also sometimes combine patterns to get my own look.

  66. 69

    Carol says

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. I usually buy my own fabrics
    4. I tend to read the beginning of the pattern and then start working on the quilt – this might not be the best way
    5. Not yet because there are so many patterns I want to make.
    6. Occasionally and it’s always a learning experience as to what I think will work and what does work.

  67. 70

    Mary Lea says

    1. No
    2. Yes
    3. choose my own
    4. start with step 1
    5. not often
    6. not often

  68. 71


    1. purchase the pattern, 2. yes 1x, 3. choose my own, 4. yes, 5. if the pattern is easy and does not have a million pieces I will make it again and give away to someone but I will chose a different color wave. 6. several

  69. 72


    Judy, I just wanted to let you know that I answered your questions for all three sets on my blog. I am too wordy to do do it in a comment!

  70. 73

    Bobbie says



    #3-mostly buy my own choices

    #4-scan thru the pattern-then start with step one and get serious-(serious as I can be)

    #5 Not often

    #6 never-I have no self confidence

    Hugs, Bobbie

  71. 74


    1. Yep. I love to see how it looks done….not just in a picture.
    2. Yeah, happened to me the other day…saw it, had to have it. bought it, hid it from the huby. 🙂
    3. Right now I seem to be buying a lot of kits.
    4. I read it all the way through…okay, I skim. But I skim all the way through!
    5. I’ve only done that one time…the turning 20 pattern.
    6. Lots. Usually the borders get changed for me.
    p.s. I am totally jealous that Jen got to meet you and not me!!!!!!!!!! She said you were a sweetie, this I knew. 🙂 Next year it’s on! I will take you to lunch.

  72. 75


    This is a quiz I like!
    1. Yes, likely to see sample and buy pattern and/or fabric from sample.
    2. Yes.
    3. Choose own fabric.
    4. Read through several times and then keep pattern close by for reference.
    5. I’ve made several strippy quilts but wouldn’t really call that a pattern, rather a technique.
    6. Frequently! Usually size related.

  73. 76

    Cathy Bungard says

    3. I prefer to choose my own unless I really like the look of the material used
    4. I read first instruction and complete that one first for fear if I read on, it will look too complicated and I won’t even attempt it then.
    5. That depends on how much I like it but if I do make the same pattern, I will use completely different material as it gives it a completely new look.
    6. I always do it as written the first time and then might attempt to alter what I don’t like for the next one unless it has to do with size (that I will alter)

  74. 77


    This is fun!
    1. absolutely
    2. yes
    3. both. I prefer the fun of looking for the fabrics, but if it is an irresistable sample, I buy it.
    4. I only read and then do one step at a time…reading it all is too overwhelming
    5. often…if I like the block, I usually make a full size and a mini quilt with scraps
    6. frequently!

  75. 78


    1. I don’t usually purchase something spontaneously. I love looking at shop samples, but don’t usually purchase a kit.
    3. A bit of both. I belong to a sewing group (Silver Thimble). I love the kits Pat puts together for us. Sometimes I buy the kit, sometimes I find my own fabric, sometimes I pass altogether.
    4.I usually read the pattern straight through before working on Step 1.
    5.Usually once, but I have made some of Pat’s Silver Thimble patterns more than once.
    6. No. I’m a follow the directions sort of gal.

  76. 79

    Rebecca says

    1. I have never bought a kit. There are two patterns I sought out when I saw a sample in a shop.
    2. Both times I went back after making my other purchases, because I really liked the sample.
    3. My own!
    4. Read through
    5. Now I have to refer to patterns from books. I have made several quilts from “Tradition with a Twist”…the blooming nine-patch (different occasions) and the double Irish chain*…coordinating quilts for a couple with separate beds.
    *Do you even consider that a pattern? She does give yardage and size, so I guess I do.
    6. I don’t…except for size (Painted Daisys [stet]). I rearranged blocks in another after appliqueing them.

  77. 80

    Rona says

    1. No sample required to buy a cute kit.
    2. I buy kits whether there is a sample or not.
    3. Enjoy kits, quick, simple, self contained.
    4. Sometimes I read the complete instructions if something looks complicated. Need to read them completely every time but more often Step1, Step2, etc.
    5. Usually only once.
    6. Not often.

  78. 81


    1. No to the kits, yes to the fabrics
    2. No to the kits, yes to the fabrics & the occassional pattern
    3. I definitely prefer picking my own fabrics. Most kits are too restrictive in fabric choices and I’m a very scrappy quilter. The more fabrics involved, the happier I am!
    4. *IF* I use someone else’s pattern, I read through it completely and try to envision each step. It’s easier to know where I’m heading than to blunder into a step that I’m not equiped to do.
    5. If it’s quick and easy, I’ll make multiples for charity work. If it’s more involved OR it’s a gift, I will only make 1.
    6. Often. That’s why I don’t normally make a good tester, lol. I just can’t leave a pattern alone.

  79. 82

    Sharon says

    This one is pretty easy to answer as I have never bought a kit. I have always just made a quilt from a pattern I have seen in a magazine or online. I have bought one pattern since I have been quilting.

  80. 83


    Funny you should ask….this has been a big kit buying year for me….
    1. A sample is not much of an influence, the quilt design is what matters.
    2. Not so far (never say never!).
    3. While I love choosing my own fabrics, sometimes the idea of having the work already done for you is a big draw, especialy if a lot of different fabrics is involved.
    4. Definitely read it all the way through — I’ve heard/read too many horror stories about inaccurate pattern instructions.
    5. So far, have only had the desire to do that once (but haven’t made the second one yet).
    6. Again only once to accomodate using a different cut of fabric than called for but usually changes tend to come during the construction process not before.