Market Report #1

I didn’t take a lot of pictures during market because some people just don’t want pictures of their booth/designs showing up on someone else’s internet site and I totally understand that.  Trying to get pictures, even of friends, without getting snippits of booths in the photo is almost impossible so my market pictures are limited to the designers with whom I spoke and asked permission to mention them.  There’s no significance as to who is listed first . . but I’m listing Patsy Thompson first.  She was on our row and we saw her the most.


This is Patsy’s website/blog.  But, before you read what I have to say about her, will you please read this post from her blog?  Prior to market, I had never met Patsy but I  had become a huge fan of her quilting . . especially her feathers.  Just before leaving for market, I read the above referenced blog post and that one post moved her up quite a few notches on my list of special people.

I was delighted to see that our booths were close.  I walked by their booth literally hundreds of times this weekend (they had some of the best chocolate!) and never once did I see Patsy and Ernie when they weren’t smiling and looking like they were genuinely enjoying themselves.  These two are the kind of people I would love to be around every day!  Happy, talented, loving, positive, generous . . goodness, I will miss just seeing them!

Anyway, Patsy offers patterns, notions, quilting DVD’s and probably other good stuff for sale on her website.  She has some of the most helpful free info on there too.  I’ve told her several times that she gives away too much but there’s fantastic free info there for the beginner to the professional quilter.  Seeing her feathers makes me want to load something on the longarm and just play all day.  By the way, Patsy quilts on a regular Pfaff sewing machine.  If she can make all these snazzy feathers and background fill on a sewing machine, you can too.  Order yourself some of Patsy’s DVD’s and practice, practice, practice.



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      No, Connie. This was the spring market in Pittsburgh, PA for shop owners to view and purchase the newest and greatest fabrics, tools, advertising, etc. for their shops.

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    Beverly says

    I bought a couple of her dvd’s, they’re great! I have just recently started practicing with them again after I read your post about teaching yourself to make feathers. I was wowed by that because you do such a great job. So see, you and Patsy were already a team in my mind!

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      Thanks Beverly! You can always learn so much at classes but if you are unable to take a bunch of classes, you can certainly teach yourself by using the wonderful tools such as Patsy’s DVD’s and many other books and DVD’s that are available now. These are such wonderful times to be a quilter!

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    I have to say that Patsy’s quilts on her site are amazing and I agree totally about the feathers, wonderful. Sounds like you have a great time at the market, wish we had such things over here in the UK.

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    Sharon says

    HI Judy, I have a question about the Star BOM. Could you e-mail me? I sent an e-mail last week but I don’t think it got to you. Thank you so much .

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    Carol Campbell says

    Thanks for directing us to Patsy Thompson’s site. What a treat this morning, both that heartwarming story as well as the website itself. I was in awe of those pictures of her quilting along with the narrative. Can’t wait to try some myself and explore her site further. Thanks for the heads-up.

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    I loved her booth as well. All of her samples were so clean and perfect- for free motion. I can’t wait to watch the DVD I picked up. Its on my to-do list.

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    Pam says

    I have followed Patsy’s blog since I discovered her posting on YouTube. I have her dvds. Since I quilt on a DSM, I am a huge fan of hers. Her EKG stitch is grand and she tells how to do it on her blog. I just need to practice, practice, practice.
    PS–you are still my favorite.

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    One of my favorite blogs and I have several of her DVD’s. I’m always impressed with anyone who can quilt like that and the fact she does it on a domestic machine makes it even more impressive.