How Often Should You Buy Tires?


When I first bought my Honda, the tires only lasted about 6 or 8 months.  The car was new and the local tire dealer in KY wouldn’t honor the warranty because he hadn’t sold the tires.  Right . . like brand new cars anywhere come with tires purchased from a local dealer.  I had to replace those and then 6 years later, the tires I had bought were dry rotted from not being used enough and I had to replace them again.  Not Chad . . he goes through tires like I go through Dr. Pepper . . almost!

This morning I went with Chad to talk to the tire dealer about his tires.  He ended up having to order four new ones.  I guess keeping the same tires for 8 months is a record for Chad and the tire dealer is going to try to figure out why they’re not lasting.  I’m afraid I already know the answer to that and it’s probably the way he drives.  I bought the last ones.  He’s buying these.  If it is the way he drives, how often would you spend $550 on tires every 6 to 8 months before you decided to change the way you drive?  Me . . it wouldn’t take but once!  I believe this will be the 5th or 6th set of tires we’ve put on Chad’s car in 3-1/2 years.  I feel bad that he has so little $$ to spend and he’s having to buy tires but if I paid for them again, he would have no incentive to change the way he drives . . the way he takes off from a start; the way he love driving fast on gravel, curvy roads; the way he takes corners.  If the tire dealer finds something mechanical wrong that’s causing a problem, I’ll pay to fix that but otherwise, we’ll just plan on replacing the tires again around Christmas!

I’m thinking Chad would do much better with a bicycle than with a car!  Somehow, I don’t see that idea going over very well with him.



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    Yup, not all tires are the same……on DH’s new pickups, first thing he does is trade in the tires, he just doesn’t like the ones that come with the pickup!!!! For the rest of us……..when we start slipping and sliding on the ice and no traction on the snow in winter…….time for new tires…..usually about every 3-4 years. But as you said, there might be an issue with Chad’s driving that might be causing tires to wear faster……I know I’ve seen plenty of rubber on our streets that should be on the tires.

    Karen L

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    There was a special on TV a few months back about old tires being sold by tire dealers. They wear out much faster than more recently made ones. There is supposed to be some type of number on the tire so that the knowledgable person will know the difference. Might be worth enquiring about. As recent world events will attest, I think that as consumers we are “taken” far more than we realize.

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    I am leaning toward something mechanical with the vehicle. I have three children ages 18-24 and we usually get 3-4 years from tires. I know they don’t all drive perfectly, so saying that maybe it isn’t Chad’s driving. I hope you can get to the reason and get it fixed. There are lots more fun ways to spend money than on tires.

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    if no highway driving every other oil change then rotate the tires..if highway driving every oil change…rotate the tires…and if not rotated at all then need new tires more often…the dealer should give you a warranty about the tires when the car is purchased and honor the tires…that is too bad he didn’t for you! Poor Chad..I am thinking mechanical…like a tyrod..or something…or improper alignment of the car..whoever aligned it previous it was still off…or one tire was no good and caused a problem…I feel so bad…tires are so expensive…mileage is what is important…how many miles is he going on the tires he is getting? are the tires he is buying living up to the miles they are warranted for? if not write to the manufacturer…of course I have a master mechanic in the family so he is telling me what to write…

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    oh P.S. inflation of the air…and if he works at Wal-Mart…he can ask the automotive dept if they have one to check the air in his tires while he is working if he wants…as a favor…

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    Diane says

    It really may not be Chad. My husband is what many would call an aggressive driver…fast starts, fast stops, fast turns…fast everything. His tires last a long time, at least two to three years. Mine last much longer since I don’t drive as much or as hard as he does. I sure hope the mechanic find what the problem is and I hope it isn’t Chad.

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    Evelyn says

    I REALLY don’t think it is Chad – that is way too many tires in a short period of time. I hope you can find out what the real issue is. Cheers! Evelyn

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    carol c says

    truck 4 years old, drive it every day atleast 88 miles, tires all around this month-first time. had a blow out last week middle of 70mph hiway, crossed 2 lanes of traffic, went into 2 spins, backwards up a steep hill to the service road where i finally got it to stop, hit no one, no on hit us, small damage where the tire blew on the side. angel fell out of sun visor when i got it to stop. angels looked out for us

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    becky R says

    My husband just replaced the tires on his truck. His truck is a 2002 and we just replaced the original tires! He drives pretty normally which means he sticks to the speed limits. Of course he bought the same brand of tires since he has had such good luck! Amazing.

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    dawn says

    I agree tires are not cheap. But there are tires out there that are better than others as well.
    I have had some “bum tires” in my life and tires can have dry rot and all that good stuff. I rotate them and usually replace every couple of years unless need to sooner because of a blow out. And I drive like an old lady! LOL

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      Maybe I’ve been lucky but my own tires seem to last a reasonable amount of time. I guess I’m more aggravated that the dealer is pretty much unhelpful.

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    karla says

    I think the brand of tires makes a difference too… Bought 2 goodyear, two douglas, less than a year have had to replace the goodyears. Douglas still has good tread. I do a lot of driving as I work 35 miles from where I live. I also live off a gravel road but usually take them slow unless I am late for work 🙂