Quilt in a Week??

You know I can’t make a quilt in a week but it doesn’t mean I won’t give it my best shot!  Chad’s friend is getting married June 7.  I had Chad pick out some fabrics this morning that he thinks will go with the house.  The master bedroom is orange and cream . . according to Chad.  I’m not so sure I shouldn’t check it out myself before making an orange and cream colored quilt but here’s what I came up with and Chad has given his stamp of approval.


A nap is at the top of my priority list right now but maybe I’ll just keep on keeping on and get started on this quilt.  Wish me luck . . that I can make the whole thing from the stash and that I can get it all done in time for the wedding.  Any suggestion for a name for the quilt?  Chad keeps saying their room looks like a Creamsicle® so I thought of naming it “Dreaming of Creamsicles®” but what if they don’t think it looks like a Creamsicle® and that offends them?  Don’t want to do that.  Whoever came up with the idea to name quilts is not my friend! 🙂



  1. 1

    Marla says

    Oh, it does look like either an orange creamsicle or orange crush soda. Just looks yummy!

  2. 2


    How ’bout “Dream of Creamsicle’s That Last Forever”

    And if anyone can do a quilt in 4 days, – you can 😉

    that gives you time to nap and think, make meals, and nap, check the chickens, see if the weather is holding out (it’s not here, unless of course you think snow/rain, cold and yucky is ‘holding out’), then you have to make sure you have the right fabrics, after all you don’t want to shop!! You have a deadline to meet!! 🙂

  3. 3


    Well….you could always call it…..”Orange You Happy?” ……get it???? (a silly way to say…..Aren’t you happy?) LOL I think the design you came up with is very nice and as long as Chad is correct on the color scheme, I think they’ll be very happy with this quilt.

  4. 4

    trina says

    The quilt makes me think of those push-ups I would get as a kid. Orange Sherbet. Yum!!!!!

  5. 5

    Kathy says

    It looks more like “Peaches & Cream” to me! Or, you could just name it something romantic like “And They Lived Happily Ever After”, and not tie the name of the quilt to the color. I just love the design!

  6. 6


    Looks like a great quilt Judy………a whole bunch of pieces!!!!…………I know I live in Tim-Buc-Too…….I’ve never heard of a creamsicle………I’m going to look for them next time I shop.

    Karen L

  7. 7

    quilterbee says

    I really like the design of the quilt you came up with. You don’t have to name the quilt just date it, who it’s for, and that you made it for their wedding.

    Tell, Chad you need more notice next time he wants you to make a quilt. My DD’s used to do the same thing with baby quilts until I told them you have nine months of time before your friend has their baby. You either give me more notice next time or you’ll have to buy them a gift.


  8. 10

    Deb says

    Once again, I love it. I am still waiting for you to come up with somehting I dont like, or even am not too fond of, (just because you cant love ALL the patterns your favorite designer does…) but I guess I am WRONG. So far, love them ALL.
    And I really like “Peaches and Cream” for a title. Can’t wait for this one to be finished. It makes me want peaches and cream AND creamsicles! Althought it is fruit season and we are ready to start our “case of peaches a week” anytime now. You just can’t beat fresh fruit!

  9. 11


    I love the design and since I am not an creamsicle or orange crush person I saw something different. I saw roads or paths and thought of the name “The Many Paths and Ways of Life Together” I’m sure you could come up with a better name.

  10. 12

    Susan says

    What an awesome quilt! Is this a design you would consider sharing with us?

  11. 13

    QltnRobin says

    I thought of Sherbert!

    Or Fresh Navel oranges 🙂 I like that “Orange you happy” idea.

    BUT truth be told, Who ever said you HAD to put a tittle/name on a quilt? Thats the QUILT POLICE trying to dictate to you.

    Make a really nice label that says their name , their wedding date, congrads and from your family. THAT is what will be a keepsake memory, not the title of the quilt.

  12. 15

    becky R says

    I can also see The Neighborhood in this design. The border resembles the fence that surrounds the neighborhood. I do also like the design.

  13. 16

    Judi says

    When I first saw it I thought of a dreamsicle. Love the colors and I’m sure you will have it completely done by then. Judi

  14. 17


    I absolutely LOVE this one!!! I think something like “Isn’t love Peachy?” I think this would be great in blues or greens too. Any monochromatic scheme really. You are amazing! That border really makes the quilt too!

  15. 18

    Another Linda says

    I like the Orange you Happy too …… 🙂

    It’s a very pretty quilt, and hope you’ll share the photos of the real one, when completed. It’s so nice that you are making the quilt for Chad for his friends.

  16. 20


    How about Sunrise or A New Dawn? Hopefully an old girlfriend wouldn’t be named Dawn!!! I like the peach references too. Who doesn’t love a peach? Maybe Peach Cobbler? Kind of looks like cobble stones.

  17. 22


    Very cool design. I hope you will make it on time, because I am sure the recipients will loveiit. Keep us posted on the progress.

  18. 23

    dawn says

    I only name my quilts that are to be entered into shows. all the rest get the name of the recipient and year etc. Sure saves a lot of trouble for me.
    I do like Orange you Happy though.

    Great quilt. heres rooting for ya to make your deadline!
    Dawn in MA

  19. 24


    Why not name it wedding gift? & Use EVERY Orange, Rust, & cream you can find! (Make the Anti-Judy quilt.) You are bound to hit their orange that way. (Throw in some peach too to be safe!)

    • 24.1


      It’s definitely not something I usually make . . there’s not a star to be found in this quilt!

  20. 26

    ida says

    You’re a Peach …

    You know, there’s a song about peaches … the chorus is something like peaches peaches peaches …. and I’ve heard it’s really about sex. 😉 So a ‘peachy’ bedroom wouldn’t be unusual for honeymooners.

  21. 27

    Judy in Michigan says

    Such great names – how about “Orange you glad we got married?” or “Mandarin Steps”? or just no name as many have suggested. Love it!!

  22. 28


    My first thought was “Orange Crush”. . . for both the colors & the time constraint. My second thought was “Orange You Glad It’s Done?”. . . .. ok, ok, you can stop throwing stuff at me!!! he he he he

  23. 30

    Bobbie says

    One wek??? I just chocked on my coffee-I don’t know if or how you’ll get it all done–Brenda did forget to put on “the list “^^^^ Making the bread and cooking.. How about “Orange Sherbet”? Hugs, Bobbie

  24. 32


    Orange? I love the drawing but WOW that’s a lot of orange – normally I wouldn’t expect to like an orange quilt so I can’t wait to see it finished.

  25. 34


    I need to start leaving my comment before I read the other comments. My first thought was “Orange you glad you got married”…..

    BUT, it’s thier quilt and I don’t name quilts that go to other people. I only name MY quilts….

  26. 35

    Denise says

    There’s a kid’s book about “Seeing Orange All Around Us” — that’s what you’d definitely be doing if you were in that bedroom covered with that quilt. LOL

  27. 36

    Joan says

    If you can build a quilt in a week, why is it taking Vince so long to build the chicken coop? I think you should make a race out of it. Surely Chad will give Vince a hand since the quilt is for his friend………….can the two work together?

  28. 37

    Becky says

    Way cool! Lincoln Logs or Pick-up sticks? I can see this done in scrappy “brights”. Enough to keep one awake at night…….

  29. 38


    my mind went a different way–I thought of Mango Tango! But the name and date on the label is probably the best. You can remember the quilt as “the time I made an orange creamsickle quilt!”