Goals Met, Plans Changed

If I hadn’t listed those three things on here this morning, only one thing would have been done.  By the time I finished the 10 blocks for the orange quilt, I was tired and ready to stop.  But, since I’d proclaimed to the world, or at least to my blog readers, that I was going to get the binding on a quilt and get another quilt loaded . . I had to do it.  It didn’t help that I stopped in the middle of the day to make the batch of Speck food (which I’ll share how I do that tomorrow) and then I made homemade hamburger buns for our grilled burgers tonight.  Do not make those homemade hamburger buns! If you do, you’ll never ever buy hamburger buns again and for the rest of your life, you’ll have to make homemade hamburger buns.  I made the mistake of making them a month or so ago and I don’t believe we’ll ever buy buns again.

About that orange quilt . .


This is what it was going to look like.  It was going to be about 80″ x 102″.  Bobby (the groom) was here today.  He walked right past the design wall with his quilt on it and had no idea it was for him.  After he left, Chad said “I hope you know they have a queen size bed.”  I explained that the quilt was going to be more just to hang over a quilt rack or fold at the foot of the bed.  NO!  Chad wanted it to fit the bed.  Apparently it bugs him that I just make quilts without regard to bed sizes and he thinks quilts should fit beds.  The boy should be an engineer.

Together we worked on the design.  We took off the bottom row of blocks and added more borders.  Now it’s going to be about 89″ x 100″.


The 12″ blocks are all made.  Vince is off tomorrow so I can only hope to (1) put all the blocks into rows and (2) quilt the top on the longarm.



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    Linda says

    That’s going to be a very striking quilt…………and this from somebody who doesn’t usually use much orange in a quilt. Makes me think of orange sherbet.

  2. 3


    That Chad sure knows what he wants to give as a gift doesn’t he??? 🙂 Smart boy wanting it to fit the queen sized bed generously… and very smart of him to notice it was on the small size. I really like the extra boarders you added on there!

    You can certainly tell that he’s payed attention all these years as you’ve made his teachers quilts… and other’s quilts from “him” 😉

    I wonder if I should start thinking about giving Nora’s teachers a quilt from me – the quilt would have to be lap size of course and that’s hoping I could get it done during the school year! LOL

    Did you make every teacher a quilt or just Chad’s favorite teachers? and at what grade did you start this tradition??? By the way I know the orange quilt is not for a teacher.. but friend getting married.. I just got to thinking of the other 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. 6


    I wonder why you had to remove a row from the length. I’d think it would be better longer and wider, not just wider. Nice of you to make a gift for your son. And on short notice! It’s a good thing his mom has a longarm to quilt it fast.

  4. 7


    What a clever boy is Chad! To notice the size and then to tell you about it. I really like the borders of the darker orange. When I read about you taking off the last row, I cringed because I HATE ripping things out. But when I had scrolled down to see what changes you had made… Just Beautiful!!!

    What a great Mom you are!!!

  5. 8


    What IS the name of the quilt? I must have missed the post that said which name you’d chosen. I’m glad you were able to make the needed adjustments to get the quilt to the size that is needed! It is really a vibrant quilt and I’m sure it will be well-loved.

  6. 9

    Bessie H. says

    As beautiful as it was before, I love the new borders even more.
    This is one I would like to make for my eldest son and his new bride
    (less than a week) only in browns, beiges and teals.

  7. 10

    peggy says

    Could you post an individual block? I’m having trouble picking them out. I’m impressed with how quickly this seems to be going-onto the longarm today. I just finished a baby quilt (except for a 4 inch border), and it took me almost a week to get to this point. All it is is 16 framed squares with sashing. I’m going to machine quilt it. For me that means straight lines and stitch in the ditch.

  8. 11


    I love the new borders! Chad and his friends are lucky to have you. 🙂
    Those HB buns were on my list of things to do today. Now I MUST make them!

  9. 12

    Rebecca says

    I’m loving this quilt, too! And orange is (usually) my least-favorite color, but this is yummy.

    I had to laugh…I just printed out Rosie’s (Calico Cupboard) May newsletter, where she included 12 free scrap quilt patterns, and this was one of them! What a coincidence,

  10. 13

    Deb says

    I like the new design A LOT, and I have to agree with Chad. I try to make mine all fit a bed, usually with a 14+” drop. Luckily, (or NOT) we have 2 twins, 3 fulls, and 2 queens in the house (2 are in the campers, and 2 in a separate little log cabin in the yard, our house isn’t THAT big) So there are a lot of options. I have started to make my lap quilts larger too, since everyone wants them to COVER them completely. Baby quilts too, I have started making them big enough so that when the “babies” are no longer, the kids can still use them. more work for me, but more practical, and I am all about practical.

  11. 14


    This quilt is just plain yummy! I absolutely love the new border treatment. I love pieced borders rather than plain strips. Good Job as usual!

  12. 15

    Rebecca says

    I’m so sorry! Rosie did offer several stash patterns, but this was NOT one of them! I guess I was just thinking it fit in with the others. This really is a cool pattern, and I’d buy it! (And I don’t often buy individual patterns).

  13. 17


    “Apparently it bugs him that I just make quilts without regard to bed sizes and he thinks quilts should fit beds. The boy should be an engineer.”

    I STILL think all the quilts I make must fit beds. LOL. I’m trying terribly hard to get out of the habit, though. :o)