Staying on Track

The trip to spring market seems to have thrown everything off kilter at the “Magic Cave of Life“.  Things were so hectic before I left . . just getting ready to go and finishing up some projects. But now, I’m back and I’m caught up on my sleep and my chores are done but I still seem to be running around in circles.  Get  this . . I haven’t cooked a single meal in 2 full days!  I haven’t made bread since I got back.  My family is going to replace me if I don’t do better!

I’m thinking about posting “plans for the day” on my posts each morning.  That might keep me accountable and more on track.  We’ll see . . that might work; might not work.

Here are my plans for today:

1.  Sew binding on a BIG, black quilt!


2.  Make 10 more orange blocks.  I have 18 or 19 made already.  Here’s 15 of them on the design wall. The design wall, as always, is a bit crowded.  Parts of 3 quilts on there.  I’m loving this orange quilt.


3.  Load a customer’s quilt on the longarm.


Think I can get all that done?  I know I can if I stay on focus and don’t go off and start some other projects.



  1. 1

    Mary Lea says

    Judy, your orange and cream quilt is coming along nice. The other projects on your design wall look nice also.
    I don’t know how you do all you do…

  2. 2

    Rona says

    Wish that I could get half the amount of stuff done in a day that you do. Maybe the full time job gets in my way. You can get those things done. I know you can.

  3. 3


    I love the orange! I’m sure the recipents are going to love it too. Any house for the chickens yet? I’m having chicken envy!

  4. 4


    I love how the orange and cream looks. It’s quite pretty. Good to see the chicken coop is coming along as well.

  5. 5


    OOO La La I love the orange.. I know how you feel about running around in circles after market. I’ve been doing the same thing. I’ve got my list for today and if I can stay focused….IF IF IF……….


    • 5.1


      Today was the first day I woke up early without the alarm so I figured I’m about to get caught up on rest. Good luck getting things done at your house.

  6. 6

    Pam says

    Quilt projects. Thanks for sharing The orange pops next to the blue. Maybe that’s a good name for it “Orange Pops.”
    I’m off to pick up new eyeglasses and my sewing machine which went to the hopsital.
    Have fun.

  7. 7

    Katie says

    I should have known the real thing would be better than the design. I love it even more now! If the intended recipients don’t like it, you can send it my way and it will be well-loved for sure.

    But wasn’t it just yesterday you were saying “can I do this?” Wow! Go Judy!!!

  8. 8


    Love the orange quilt. I’m drawn to square in square quilt patterns but yours is the best one I’ve seen. I would love to make it…hint hint…is this a pattern you might be selling? Glad to see the chicken coop is coming along.

  9. 11

    Deb S says

    I love the orange quilt – such a cheery quilt. I make a list nearly every day, and every night I carry over what I didn’t finish. I doubt there will ever be a day when I don’t have something to carry over …. it’d sorta be like not have any UFO’s – I can’t imagine that ?