Which Border?

For the Big Star Stash Project, assuming I can get them both to work easily with this quilt, which border pattern do you want?Β  Majority rules and whichever one you don’t pick will probably show up on another quilt soon.

Border #1:


Border #2, which is probably the border or a similar border that was originally shown with the quilt.




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    Sarah Myers says

    Good day, Hope the sun is shining on you today!
    Border one makes me want to look at the border.
    Border 2 makes me want to look at the center and seems to be a complement to the center blocks. I vote for # 2. Both will be beautiful. Sarah

  2. 3


    I like how #1 echoes the star points. . . and sort of resembles a bow.

    But I think #2 makes the quilt look more “finished”.

    So, add another “tick” in the #2 column.

  3. 4


    I’m not participating in this quilt project so my vote doesn’t count, but my vote would be for #2. Love what it does for this quilt! Wish I had made time right now…

  4. 7


    I like both, but as they are colored I prefer #1. I think #2 has too much of the green for me or maybe it is the placement of the green.

  5. 8

    norma says

    #2 makes me wish I had made the quilt along with you. I guess it’s never too late to use up scraps.

  6. 10


    I like #1 the best. I just think it adds to the quilt, not take away from it. I would make a beautiful setting. #2 makes gives it a closed look. I have always felt that your border is your frame, just like in a picture.

  7. 12


    Oh, my…I am torn….I like the design of Border # 1 better than I like # 2, but I feel like Border # 1 is lacking in color…..and # 2 is more exciting, colorwise, for me.

  8. 13

    Nancy says

    Voting for #1…it sort of “dances” around the quilt. Both are lovely, though.

  9. 14

    Carol B says

    I really like border #1! Both borders are very nice but the first one really caught my eye.

  10. 16


    Well I don’t know if my vote counts since I’m not doing the project but I love #2. Really great quilt and as always, I wish I had more time to piece because you come up with such great quilts.

  11. 18


    I too like how the #1 border echoes the center stars. But that means cutting more little multi-colored squares and doing more FG…Oh my!

  12. 22


    #2- Oh, how I’ve been waiting to get going on the border!!! YAY!!! Whichever border (although I REALLY hope for #2), I hope it will be posted soon because every time I go into my sewing room the UFO taunts me!!! I am SO ready to get this one finished and on the frame!!

  13. 24

    Becky says

    of course #1 it goes so well with those star points. I wish now I had saved this one to make. There was so much going on that I didn’t even try. πŸ™

  14. 27

    Diane says

    #1 Is lighter and my favorite for this quilt. #2 is heavier and I feel too much for this quilt. But I can think of a couple of tops I would like to use #2 on.

  15. 28

    Pam says

    #1. Looking back over the blog (April 15), I was not happy with #2. You had a different version of it, but I think the new #1 is much better.

  16. 32


    I vote for #2, That was the border that got me to start this quilt. Please take your time deciding…I had to make this a bit bigger (20 blocks instead of 12) so I am a bit behind. What else is new!

  17. 46

    pdudgeon says

    it looks like a tie vote to me. so offer both and let them choose which they use.

  18. 51


    I love border #2! It looks like colorful puffy clouds surrounding the stars.

    Judy, can you tell me how much background yardage is needed (including all the spacing strips and borders) if it is all one fabric rather than a scrappy background? I am wanting to start this next week while on vacation… Thanks!

  19. 56

    Trish says

    #2 is definitely my fav! It “finishes” out the quilt center… JMHO of course πŸ™‚

  20. 65

    Sarah says

    They are both great and look good with the quilt but I think #2 finishes of the blocks nicely. The first one mirrors the blocks but the second one is more substantial and frames them.

  21. 69

    Judi says

    border 1 is my favorite but I also like 2. I can see why you asked us that is a hard decision.

  22. 73

    Barbara W says

    #2. I like the “solid ” blocks of color around the multi-colored stars

  23. 74

    Mary Lea says

    I like border #2 the best. But of course any one of them would be fine.
    Mary Lea

  24. 78


    #1 gets my vote, because the pieces are smaller… but either one is fine! Thanks for doing this quilt, too, Judy! The stash MAY show signs of shrinking soon – kinda like a diet, you don’t see the difference at first, do you? Tee hee.

  25. 79

    sue williams says

    I think you need to write a book on different borders. I think it would be a good seller. I like #1. sue in La.

  26. 81


    2 please…..it’s so neat. I can see lots of others like #1, so I’ll just keep an eye out for that border later if it doesn’t happen this time.

  27. 84


    are we allowed to vote for our favorite even if we are not making it currently??? if so, I like #2 best. πŸ™‚ and also is there a list or Mr Linky to those who are making it? I always use to enjoy following along with the progress of all those “quilting along” πŸ˜‰

    Happy Weekend and Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  28. 85

    Becky says

    I like #1 the best. Now I would not feel bad if you gave us directions for both. Great quilt by the way.