Speck Food

Speck has tummy problems and we’ve started making his food at home.  He still isn’t “well” but he’s doing much better and I feel like I’m giving him more nutritious food.


Because even though he’s doing better, his calcium level is low.   To whatever he’s eating, we add a spoonful of plain yogurt and he’s getting a multi-vitamin every day.  He gets either a scrambled egg or a bowl of steel cut cooked oatmeal, with the spoonful of yogurt.

The batch of food I make is cooked brown rice, cooked ground beef drained of as much fat as possible, cooked spinach and carrots.



Stir it all up, put it in smaller portions, seal it and freeze it til needed.  The square container will go in the fridge and that’s what we’ll use now.


Speck loves the egg and this meat/veggie mixture.  He isn’t so crazy about the oatmeal but he does eat it too.



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    I’m with Chad–I have trouble making a quilt that doesn’t fit a bed–so I make less quilts. Hope Speck gets better, our little Jazz has been very ill and I too am cooking her food.

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    Kerstin says

    One of my dogs has tummy trouble, too. I started her on a probiotic digestive aid and it worked wonders. The brand I use is NaturVet Digestive Tract Aid. You can buy it at Petfood Express if you have one nearby or probably on the Internet. You just sprinkle the suggested amount on they’re food and serve.

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    Brenda B. says

    My parents have a Shitzu, he’s about 9 years old and has problems with his eyes. They had someone tell them to feed him butter beans. They give him about 10 a day. It’s only been a week but the cloudiness in his eyes is already starting to clear up and he thinks the butter beans are special treats.

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    Bobbie says

    Sadie-my Corgi-had a beauty shop appointment a few days ago-mainly just for a bath-shes old and heavy and I don’t want to drop her getting her in the tub. She also had some-what I thought was mud-on her hiney. Ask the gromer what it was when I picked her up and she said she had had the diarrhea and most dogs cannot tolerate vegetables-did she have veggies in her dog food-yes she did Benefitual dry dog food-so shes off that and no more diarrhea-just saying if Speck get the diarrhea that may be the cause. Hugs, Bobbie

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    My one and only house dog we had was allergic to corn……….have you ever seen dog food without corn………so he ate people food all his life……..whatever we ate he ate. After awhile you get used to cooking for a pet that issues. Our Beau loved oatmeal, in the mornings when I would get up he would be sitting by the stove waiting for breakfast. Looks like you are doing what is best for Speck.

    Karen L

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    Deb says

    I feed everything to my dogs. (As per our vet) Of course unless it is not good for them-(i.e.-chocolate, onions, grapes, etc.) but I have labs and they are TOTAL garbage guts. I usually make their food, and throw in everything but the kitchen sink. I get chicken thighs when they are on sale (59-69cents a pound) get 30-50 pounds, and boil it, de-bone it, save the broth, and freeze it all. Of course we also use the chicken and the broth for enchiladas, soup and such too. I get canned veggies when they are on sale usually 3/$1 or so and then stock up. I throw in oatmeal, potatoe buds, rice, whatever to do some filling. And they get all the leftover stuff from the freezer, (if it is still good, but older and crowding the freezer) so they usually eat very well. I feel lucky they have not had any problems, but then, they are LABS. They also get dry dog food mixed in with their “mash”, and sometimes i buy canned food if I cant get around to making any.
    O.K., TMI, but hope Speck feel better.

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    I know I’m late replying but I’ve started adding homemade food to our dogs dishes (it’s a supplement) when I learned the reason they were eating grass was probably because they weren’t getting enough greens in their diet. That’s a first for me b/c I never had that issue before.

    Anyway, my dogs now get get cooked green beans, rice and chopped up cooked chicken. When we run out of this, I’ll be sure to borrow this recipe also! lol

    my dogs do also get to like the container after I eat my yogurt but that’s all I’ve ever ventured to give them.