Friday Non-Sewing

Vince was off work today.  How much sewing did I do on the orange quilt?  NONE!  How long did I sit on the concrete in the driveway in the hot sun?  HOURS!

I was doing my morning chores and walked outside with Speck about mid-morning and this is what I saw:


Oh, my!  What is this?  I had no idea  this was what Vince was planning for the chickens’ yard area.  I was thinking something simple and square and wood and staples.  Ask an engineer to build a bridge but never, ever ask an engineer to build a chicken coop!

Chad helped for a while but he had to leave about noon to meet his friends for a big camping trip this weekend.  It was then my turn to crawl into the PVC tunnel and help get the chicken wire attached using a zillion electrical ties.


The sun was beating down on us.  It was so hot.  I was crawling around on the concrete.  I’m old and fat and out of shape and it wasn’t fun and I don’t like to sweat.  But we finally finished.  Then, I saw this!


Does it strike anyone else as odd that I was sitting on the concrete in the hot sun sweating and the chickens have a tarp to block the sun AND a fan?  Something isn’t quite right! sig🙂


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    dawn says

    I hope you got pics of you crawling around to show those chicks how much you suffered to make them comfortable! LOL they owe you LOTS of eggs.
    It is so funny reading your blog. always a new and exciting adventure.

  2. 3


    I have to admit that I laughed, too…I think it was the part where you said “old and fat and out of shape” as I was wondering why you were describing ME in a post about yourself and your chickens!!! LOL

  3. 4


    Oh I love this – and those chicks are going to have the Taj Mahal of chicken coops/runs when it is done – that is really a great idea for their yard – then hawks/owls, etc. won’t bother them……Hope you get some sewing done this weekend:)

  4. 5


    ROFLOL. OMG, I spit coffee all over my monitor when I got to this bottom of this post!! You two totally crack me up!!!!!!

  5. 6

    pdudgeon says

    that’s a great idea for the chicken run! and i’ll bet it’s light weight too.
    Don’t worry Judy, soon your chickens will have all the sunlight and fresh air their little chicken hearts desire.

  6. 7


    Oh Judy, I laughed out loud. Old, fat, out of shape – how did you know? Were you whining the whole time? I would have been. Your chickens are going to have the Taj Mahal of coops/runs. Hope you get back to quilting this w/e.

  7. 8


    Judy………your chicken run looks great……….very simple and lightweight and portable……I’m sure your girls will love it running around in it.

    Karen L

  8. 9

    becky R says

    Too funny. Quite the chicken run.Now it needs twinkle lights so the girls can strut their stuff at night too!

  9. 10


    Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh. That’s a pretty FANCY chicken run…I’m showing this to Vince’s twin!!! I’m not crawling around on concrete but I have some grandsons that would think it would be fun! 🙂 You could have borrowed them!!!

  10. 11

    Karla says

    Judy from someone who gets volunteered alot to assist with hubbies hairbrained Ideas I am with you. Why do they always want to do these things in the hottest part of the day. 🙁 Doesn’t seem fair that the chicks get shade and you didn’t

  11. 14


    Those chickens of yours should feel so privileged….a beautiful handcrafted chicken coop and now this top of the line pen. You know, even though Vince might not have been overly enthused when the idea of chickens was mentioned, he sure has thrown his heart into the project. And yes, you should have had the fan blowing on you!!!

  12. 15

    Sandy says

    Way too funny, Judy. So many of us can relate to you. And here I thought hubby and I were the only Fred and Ethel out there, lol. My face would have been beet red crawling around on the concrete in the hot sun since I am pushing 60 (not until December!!) and old, fat, and out of shape.

    Those girls of yours better appreciate the nice home you are making for them. And just wondering……if you help Vince outside with his work….does he help you inside with yours? Hubby always tells me he has his outside work to do but then why do I have to do the weeding in flower beds, trim bushes, etc? He knows I don’t know how to operate that riding lawn mower or grill and we are going to keep it that way!!