Do You Label?

I’m pretty bad about not labeling my quilts.  It really is important that we label our quilts.  Think of how many times you’ve wondered or you’ve heard other people wish they knew more about an old quilt or even a newer quilt.  I also wish I kept better records of the quilts I make and what I do with them . . but I don’t and I probably won’t.

For the Peaches & Dreams quilt, I made the label today.  I’ll let Chad look at it before I print it on the treated fabric.


I scanned the wedding invitation and it’s on the left side.  I blurred it because it has family names, wedding info .. things they may not want on the internet (or at least on my blog).  The floral wreath is from some of Dover’s permission-free designs.   This particular one came out of “Frames & Borders”.   I also love Scrapbookers Full Color Treasure Chest  and Floral Vignettes.  Great artwork for labels in all three of those books.

The backing fabric will be washed tonight just in case I’m able to get started quilting on it tomorrow.



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    I am awful about labeling…..and when I DO think of labeling, I never am able to think of a NAME for a quilt. I do, however, snap a digital photo of everything I’ve quilted and had intended….someday (you know how THAT is)…….to make some kind of quilt journal. I like the label you made for Peaches & Dreams….and I like that name, too.

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    YES, and I am doing better at keeping track of all the quilts I am making this year. I have a photo album of quilts I’ve made in the past and now have a paper journal to keep track of them. It has dates and who and how and all that info that won’t fit on the small label I put on. I use a piece of fabric from the quilt, cut a 3-4″ square and flod it into a triangle and stitch it into the binding. I write with a pigma pen, on both sides of the triangle. The receivers name, the date and my moniker on the front and the quilt name and pattern on the back. The last one I did had to be embroidered because I left the pen at home.

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    I just wrote about this on my blog! I am terrible at labeling my quilts, but recently rummaged through my craft room and came up with a cute tag that I now sew into the binding, so at least my name is somewhere on it. I’d love to know what you think of it, and it’s really easy to do. I can’t quite fit all the details on there that I’d like, but it’s a start!

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    I used to never label my quilts, either. then I was invited to mount an exhibit retrospective of my work in the mid-90’s and I could not remember when I had made things or even in what order.

    Now I write on the backing fabric at a minimum my name and the date and name of the quilt. Since I am a machine quilter, I have taken to free motion quilting my name and the date into the outer border of the quilt (usually small in in one corner).

    I like the idea of the folded signed scrap sewn into the binding above — but I am always conscious of the need to make the label hard to remove — if you exhibit your work, you have to worry about theft (especially during shipping). Much harder to remove something written on the actual backing fabric (as opposed to appliqued on top of the backing).

    🙂 Linda

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    I label HeartStrings quilts with a generic label but it doesn’t have my name on it. Personal quilts I’m a little more hit and miss.

    My design wall is clear …I finished up the On the Vine top today and am trying to decide what to work on next.

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    pdudgeon says

    almost all my stuff is labled that i keep, and i have been sure to lable everything i’ve given as presents/gifts.

    i do have a couple of master sheets of quilts i’ve made by size and the month to display them. I’ll have to add a third sheet soon to keep up with the projects.

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    I’m really good about labeling quilts I give away. Not so good with the ones I keep. I get caught up with those before our guild show every two years.

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    I almost always ahve a label of some sort. Sometimes I do it the lazy way and quilt my name and year in the broder while it’s on the longarm.

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    Rona says

    I try very hard now to label. Didn’t at first and regret that now. Also need to journal about the quilts that I make. Hmmm… New Year’s resolution for 2010.

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    I am also it and miss – I label gifts, but not the homekept ones.

    I am starting to keep track of the quilts & projects on my spreadsheet. I want to keep track in a book and my sister did give me one a few years ago.

    My blog is also starting to be a tracker of what I am doing and when. I am thinking that at year end, I’ll print out or somehow save the year in review.

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    Sometimes I label and sometimes not. I deleted one of the l’s so maybe this will fix my addy problem. We’ll see. 🙂