There are 8

No, I’m not talking about Jon & Kate.  I don’t watch the show but they surely have been on the news lately.  We saw a show about them when the babies were maybe 1 year old but just haven’t kept up with them.  I hope everything works out with Jon & Kate.

But, the 8 I’m talking about are the 8 borders on this quilt.


It’s 91″ x 103″.  I thought I would never finish it.  As soon as I finished the pieced border, which was the 4th border, I began trying to figure out how I could leave off a border.  I was real tempted to make the 6th border about a 5″ orange border and be done but I knew I’d be kicking myself for not making it according to the pattern.  I hope to get it quilted tomorrow, get the binding sewn on and work on the handwork this weekend.  The wedding is a week from Sunday so I’m 100% sure it will be done before then.

The last three quilts I’ve done (dad’s, one for a new fabric/magazine and this one, have all been about this size.  I’m so ready for some smaller, quicker quilts.

Want to know what’s funny?  The next three quilts I have lined up to start do not have stars!  I think I’ll take two aspirin and go to bed . . something must be wrong with me! 🙂



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    Julie H. says

    What a great border for that quilt! I just finished a “monster” quilt too, and am ready for a smaller project.

    Chase that aspirin with a Dr. Pepper and you’ll feel lots better.

  2. 3


    Love all 8 of them but what a pain! I love making quilts without borders but then I’m kind of a lazy quilter…..

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    meredith says

    Ok, eight borders is about four too many for me! But you’re right, it was worth it.

    And about your previous post, in Australia it’s called “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. Have you ever noticed in a field of poppies there are always a few who grow taller than the rest, who stand out and catch our attention? They’re the ones that people focus on and think should be snipped back to conform with the rest. How dare you have ideas and opinions and stand out from everone else?
    So, you’re a Tall Poppy Judy, be proud of it!

  4. 8


    It looks wonderful, Judy…you did an excellent job and I love all those borders (although I doubt I’d ever have the patience to stick with it through that many of them)!

  5. 9


    I was just thinking that I have a pile of blue-green fabrics (you know the blue green that was popular a few years ago) that would look great in that pattern.

  6. 10

    Kathy McC says

    I love the quilt Judy and yes quilts with many borders are sometimes a pain to finish, but the results are worth it!

    Thanks for sharing with us, I LOVE reading your blog daily and going through the ups and downs with your life.

  7. 11

    Robin says

    Even though I could not see myself making an orange and white quilt- it turned out fantastic and the borders help make the quilt- don’t think any less would have looked right.

  8. 12


    The quilt is gorgeous and the borders really set it off. You’re the border queen.
    I had the same thought as Vicky – I can see this quilt in shades of blues and greens.
    I love it.

  9. 13


    You made that quilt in record time cause there is a LOT of piecing in that one. The borders are perfect for it. I’m glad you didn’t “cheat” and cut it down. It is wonderful!

  10. 14


    Mmm… very nice. I would never think to make a quilt in that colors, but I like the combo, and I generally hate borders because when I get there, I want to be done, but I like your borders! Maybe you’ll convert me yet.

  11. 15

    Darlene B says

    I love the borders on this quilt! I have a question though…..I am about to add a pieced border to a quilt,and I read a tutorial recently that explained all the mathematical ins and outs of making it fit. I thought it was on your blog, but now I can’t find it. Can you help me out? Thanks so much! Or if anyone else out there knows what I’m talking about, I’m open to suggestions. ([email protected])

  12. 17

    Cheryl L says

    Orange is normally NOT my color, but I really like this quilt! Those borders, even if there are EIGHT of them, really make that quilt!

  13. 19


    Finishing off by hand and adding a label and I almost forgot the very silly business of giving it a name. I wish I’d started way back when by just using numbers.

  14. 20


    OH my, the poor “eight’ on TV. I’ve enjoyed snippits of that huge family, but me thinks this “issue” is just another publicity thing. Hope THAT IS what is it. Can you imagine the stress of producing so many constant TV programs??

    You peaches and cream is just delicious! and huge. Big job, but lovely finish. 8-))

  15. 22


    Judy, it turned out beautiful! Though I don’t know how you worked all this time with all that orange! 🙂

  16. 23


    I can’t believe how stunning these 8 borders make the entire quilt. I love love love this pattern. I’m making one similar. I started it last October. It was going to be 3 baby quilts made after Nancy Halvorson’s baby quilt design.. which is similar to this. I just assumed that all the babies would be girls, and it turns out that 2 of the babies were boys. So now my plan is to make 1 twin size quilt for the one little girl, my grandaughter A.

    So I love how you finished your quilt with all the little borders. I might do something similar, if that’s ok with you! See my blog entry at

  17. 24


    I love the orange quilt!

    I have a really hard time picking a pattern. I can put together fabrics/colors without a problem, but once I get them home, I can’t decide what to do with them.

    Also, since I’ve never pieced a border, I might say that as well. I just get too excited about the top being finished and want to take the easy way out on the border.

  18. 26

    Darlynn Venne says


    I do love this quilt. Really love it. If you don’t put the pattern on your blog, are you going to publish?


  19. 28

    carol c says

    wonderfully one of a kind, beauty, a real tribute to the receiver and the maker

  20. 29


    Lookin GrrrrrrrrrREAT Judy! 😉 when’s the wedding again? I’m sure you’ll have it quilted in plenty of time. 😉 If the Bride & Groom don’t like it tell them they can ship it Cash on Delivery to “Orange” 🙂

    Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  21. 31

    Bekhy says

    My very least favorite part of the whole process is putting the rows together (the pressing part). I really enjoy or don’t mind everything else. My 2nd least favorite but trailing by a mile, is the binding, and then my 3rd least favorite is the actual quilting together the sandwich (mostly the basting part of this).