Flour & Wheat


The general store had white flour and Prairie Gold wheat berries from Wheat Montana.  I can’t believe the price they sell this for so I got a 50 pound bag of wheat and a 50 pound bag of flour.  Usually I stick the whole bag in the freezer for a few days to kill any critters that may have found their way into the product but my freezer is so full.


I’m having to freeze it in smaller amounts, then I’ll dump it into the buckets, seal it all up and have enough flour to get me through probably September and enough wheat to get me through . . the rest of my life!

I’ve been ordering 5 or 6 gallon buckets but decided to check at Wal-Mart and the grocery store to see what they do with the buckets they empty out . . food grade buckets of icing and such.  Bingo!  The grocery store sells 3.5 gallon buckets for .50 and Wal-Mart sells the 5 gallon buckets for $1 . . compared to $5 – $7 each for new buckets, plus shipping!  The new buckets I buy are heavier and better quality but the used ones will work just fine!  I have a few gamma seal lids but will order more.  We’ve now put chicken feed, rice, beans, wheat, flour . . you name it . . in the buckets.  I love having the 3.5 gallon buckets because they’re way easier for me to lift if I’m stacking them on top of each other.  I can’t lift a 6 gallon bucket full of wheat up over my head!



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    Denise says

    Ah Judy – now don’t you wish that blue flour bag was actually a fabric sack – it looks like it has great graphics on it. I could see it stuffed with polyfill to plump it out and displayed on a kitchen cabinet. LOL

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    Janice says

    My goodness Judy, what do you use all the flour and wheat for and to go through that much by Sept? I would love some receipes!

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      Bread, cakes, cookies . . you name it. When you figure that we eat three meals a day at home almost every day, and everything I make is pretty much from scratch, we just use a lot of flour.

      • says

        A while back, Judy mentioned a book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. At least I think this was the blog I heard about it from…

        Wonderful book and great recipes and so easy. Once you start having the bread dough in the fridge where you can easily bake up a loaf, you will not buy store bread and you do use up a lot more flour!


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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Judy, Thank you so much for all that you share with us. I just used your recipe for the strawberry pie. It is in the fridge getting nice and cool right now. It looks so beautiful, I can’t wait to taste it! We’ll be taking it to a fellowship dinner tomorrow along with pulled pork that I smoked in my Cookshack smoker. (That I learned about by reading your blog.)

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    Sibyl says


    I have been going to places like grocery stores to their bakery area and getting the buckets they have icing in. Been doing it for years. Another good place to try is the donut shop. they get their fillings in those buckets. I used to get them for free, but i have noticed that they have started charging a nominal fee for them. I like the smaller buckets also, Alot easier to handle.

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    That’s a great idea, smaller buckets. I can barely lift my 5 gallon buckets full of wheat berries!

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    Tina says

    Judy, that wheat is grown about an hour away from where we live here in Montana. It’s excellent flour. They harvest the wheat and process it all in the same area and have a Wheat Montana Store that sells fabulous pastries. You should come for a visit!

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    Lavina says

    My son from Seattle (age 25) buys 50 lbs of Wheat Mt Flour every time he comes home (to MT). I agree with Tina – there’s nothing like a stop at Wheat Montana!! I store my flour in a big plastic rubbermaid garbage can. We don’t have a bug problem in Montana so that might not work for everyone though.