Chicken House Update

Yesterday was such a beautiful day but it was HOT!  Can summer please be over now?  I’m ready for fall.  One of the few things I like about summer is that I can hang the clothes on the line almost any day of the week.  In winter, I have to pay such close attention to the weather in order to hang clothes and even then, they never seem to dry.


Vince didn’t mean to get in the picture.

Here’s the chicken house so far.  Another year month week and it might be done.


A  handy dandy little trap door for them go leave the coop any time they wish and go out into the playground chicken run.


Vince didn’t mean to get in the picture.


Laying boxes.  There’s a lid that we’ll open to get the eggs out.  Vince has the lid open now  .. see him . . in the picture again!


Roosts . . such a nice chicken house!


Windows . . all chickens need a view, right?

Vince’s arm didn’t mean to get in the picture!

Chad calls the chicken house “the bomb shelter” because Vince has made it so sturdy.  Yep, I stick by my original opinion . . ask an engineer to build a bridge but don’t ask an engineer to build a chicken coop . . not if you want it done for less money than you paid for your last vehicle and not if you want it done quickly!

But . . it will be a very nice bomb shelter chicken coop if when it’s finished, don’t you think?



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    peggy says

    That is a chicken coup worthy of publication in some farm magazine! The poultry version of ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, at least! Judy, you make smile when you talk about the weather. You couldn’t wait for winter to end. Now it’s not officially summer, and you don’t want it to be so hot. You sound like me!

  2. 3


    Wow that is some chicken coop.. are all the individual laying boxes going to be wall-papered and the windows have curtains ?
    It’s been some time since I kept chickens, but I’m glad they didn’t see your chicken coop or they would have all have caught the next boat to the USA !
    From a very hot England
    Happy Room Diana

  3. 4


    I’d say your chicks will be pretty safe in the event of a disaster! Heck, I might move into that thing! It’s a great coop! Your chickens will love you AND Vince!

  4. 5

    Julie says

    This is really a great chicken coop! It looks llike it is getting closer to moving time for those chicks. How are they doing in their run?

  5. 6


    Judy……the coop looks terrific………your girls will love it……..and they will be very safe from any type of weather. To me in most of the pictures…….its looks like Vince is working….he looks very proud of his accomplshments. Rome wasn’t built in a day………..good solidily built projects take time. I look forward to its completion and grand unvailing.

    Karen L

  6. 7


    Judy……the coop looks terrific………your girls will love it……..and they will be very safe from any type of weather. To me in most of the pictures…….its looks like Vince is working….he looks very proud of his accomplshments. Rome wasn’t built in a day………..good solidily built projects take time. I look forward to its completion and moving day.

    Karen L

  7. 8


    Every chicken needs a nice bomb shelter, I always say. Sliding windows even!! My compliments to Vince. And for a guy who never MEANS to get in the picture, he sure gets into a lot of them. LOL

  8. 9

    Denise says

    Hmmm will you be planting “hens and chicks” outside the coop! 🙂 It’s coming along nicely. I told you you should come here to help me put up the design wall today – summer hasn’t arrived here yet so it’s about 70, sunny with a little breeze – perfect!

  9. 11


    That looks WONDERFUL! Now you have to paint a quilt block on it- you know- like all those barns across America with different blocks on it. Hey, I know, isn’t there a quilt block with “Hen” or “Chicken” in the name? That would be perfect!

  10. 13


    Judy, that isn’t a chicken coop, that isn’t even a chicken condo, that is a chicken penthouse! It’s Awesome!!!!! Happy chickens lay happy eggs–wish I could remember where I read that.

  11. 14


    Your Chicken Coop has windows?!? Are they dual pain to help with heating and cooling? LOL I’m lovin’ it. No wonder it has taken more thatn 3 day to build it. Is it getting insulation too?

  12. 15

    Judy in Michigan says

    Congrats to Vince and his helper Chad! That is one awesome chicken coop!!

  13. 16

    Karla says

    I have never laughed so hard with the extra in the pictures and the engineer building a coop. I have a jerry engineer at home maybe I will show him the picture and see how his will come up as he is a truck driver no telling. Thanks for letting us into your coop for a little bit 🙂

  14. 18


    I am REALLY impressed, seriously. Looks like Vince has done a lot of thinking, it is airy and spacious and I want one just like it. Mine is converted from a five slot rabbit hutch with two cut off. I will replace it after we finish the ten year house remodel, (5 years in) if I live long enough.

  15. 20

    Marla says

    You put a big smile on my face this evening! If some homeless people could be so lucky!

  16. 21


    This makes me laugh so hard. My husband is an engineer too. When DS was about 5 he wanted a tree house more than anything. DH thought it would be fun to build him one. DS would have been totally happy with a platform in a tree he could hang out on and pretend to ambush imaginary bad guys. Well by the time DH finished it had glass windows complete with latches, a deck with railings and furniture. It cost a fortune and DS was over it by the time it was finally done. The kids only used it a few times. I think you are right he does fine with ships, but don’t ask him to build a tree house. 😀

  17. 22

    Deb says

    I have one of those husbands too. I have many bomb shelters in our yard including an out house I would stay in if there was a tornado! He is not an engineer with a degree, but he really SHOULD have been, since he is doing that work anyway. I still want to know how he is going to MOVE it! and of course when he does, we will get pictures, right?? Could be entertaining.

  18. 23


    Well, Judy, all I can say is it is beautiful around Southern California all the time, and you see what has happened out there….beautiful weather must do something to the psyche, so enjoy your sanity and the changing seasons. And please don’t send me any hate mail if you read this, I am laughing with all Californians as they know it to be true.

  19. 24


    Yep I’ve got one of those engineers myself… LOL… there are no quick or easy projects for them – they just can’t help themselves.

  20. 25


    I’m married to one of those too! I once (and only once) asked him to build a patio. You should have seen the drawings, plans, lists, etc that came first. They can’t seem to get a grip on “spontaneous” or “quick and easy” jobs can they? Still, when the job’s done you got to admit, it’ll be good forever.

  21. 26

    Rebecca says

    Dee-luxe!! That looks like a Martha Stewart chicken coop (and you’ve got her kind of chickens, too). However, I know you’ll put your Judy stamp on it when it comes to colors!

    The windows (haha…chickens with a view!) may help air circulation (and therefore smells).

    I’m on the “how to move it?” bandwagon. Just don’t push us off the wagon on moving day!

  22. 27


    You and Vince need to come visit the Texas Panhandle and Vince can build my chickens a wonderful house like that 🙂