Who Likes Hot Weather?

If you like hot weather, come visit me on June 18!  Accuweather says it’s going to feel like 119º .


Hot!  I’ll say 119º is worse than hot!  The only good thing about weather extremes is that when they happen, there’s a better chance of seeing Joe Bastardi on TV!   I like him a lot!

In Kentucky, my air conditioner guy told me that the air conditioners are only able to keep the house 20º less than the outside temp.  Basically, he was saying:  Lady, stop calling me!  There’s nothing wrong with this darned air conditioner.  It’s doing the best it can!

I hope he meant the a/c can bring the house temp down 20º from the real temp and not the “feels like” temp.  One of my blog readers works for Accuweather and during the winter I was begging her to take away the snow and ice.  Dare I ask her to give us an early Fall?  Ida??  Can you help me out here?  I’ll never ask for any weather favors again!  🙂

I’m just joking.  I know that Accuweather can’t really do anything about the weather but it’s fun to joke about it.



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    Hmm. Well I won’t be down there June 18 but I will be passing through the Springfield area to Arkansas July 11 and returning July 17. Does that count?

  2. 2

    Sandy says

    Whew! Sounds pretty hot to me. If you add hot flashes to that, you are going to be one hot mama, lol. Please don’t send that hot weather to Illinois!

  3. 5


    I just talked the MR into a blue pool… not deep….. but its WET.

    … add margarita ville… or orange koolaide… something with ICE anyway. ~~

    I like summer. shoot me.

  4. 6


    It’s raining and 66 here. Amazing, huh? It’s supposed to be wet through the first part of next week. I love this weather. Just don’t get near about enough of it here!

  5. 7


    I am a summer person………so…I’d be happy to be there on June 18 (and it’s my birthday that day, too). 🙂

  6. 8

    Linda Bishop says

    Hot weather………..I hate it! I can never figure people wanting to go on Holiday to a tropical destination. That’s why I live by the mountains.


  7. 10


    I hate heat with hot passion! Oops. That doesn’t sound right. 😉

    Let’s just say that I start to make a lot of funny noises when we go to Phoenix in the middle of summer, where it’s well over 100. And good thing there’s nothing for us in Yuma anymore. Daily of hundred-teens are normal.

  8. 11

    Ida Lively says

    LOL! You can’t trust forecasts more than a few days out. 😉

    The forecasts that far out are all computer models, and it all depends on which model is ‘yelling’ the most.

    JB says it will be warm … but he doubts the severe heat.

    Hope that helps!

  9. 12


    We just got back from eating dinner outside — it’s 65 here and I was telling Keith I couldn’t believe it was still so cool in JUNE.

    I actually love it because who needs hot weather unless you are at the beach or the pool?? I’m looking forward to our Florida trip that starts next Saturday but in the meantime, I’ll take our slightly cool and breezy weather.

  10. 13

    Cindy says

    Oh, that guy is crazy. It’s 70 degrees in my house all the time. That sounds like someone who doesn’t know how to fix your air conditioner.

  11. 14


    DD and DH will be at the new Yankee Stadium that day. I hope they have sun but without your temps!! I’ll be home in the ac chillin’.
    Can I add my pleas to yours about an early fall? It’s my absolute favorite season of the year.

  12. 15


    We love Joe, too. I think about summer this way—-beautiful blooming mandevillas, red angel wing begonias, strawberry lemonade, beautiful tomatoes on the way soon, so BLT’s galore, bright yellow lantana, yellow and pink tuberose begonias, lazy days, go out in our boat on Lake Gaston, go swimming! Then sew inside in the cool sewing room and just wait and fall will be here before we know it.