You Are What You Wear

I’m not too much into clothes . . give me a comfortable pair of jeans and a T-shirt and I’m really happy.  It wasn’t always this way though.  There was a time when I lived to shop for clothes and shoes.

In a month or so, I’m taking a road trip to Louisiana.  Any time I have an upcoming trip to Louisiana, I start calculating how much weight I can lose before I get there.  It always starts out the same . . 6 weeks til I go; they say you can safely lose 2 pounds per week; surely I can lose 4 so that’s 24 pounds before I go.  Then I don’t start losing 4 pounds a week and all of a sudden, I need to lose 24 pounds (really a whole lot more!) in one week so I never seem to lose weight.

I have this dress hanging in a basement closet.


I wish bugs would eat it!  I wish they would eat the buttons and the zipper and . .


most of all, I wish they’d eat that darned 3/4 size tag!  Why do I torture myself by keeping this dress?  Maybe because I bought it for an office party 15 years ago and oh, what an office party that was! 🙂  Anyway, I’m not sure I ever wore that dress more than once and we all know I’m never going to wear it again.

This week I had to go to Wal-Mart.  I seriously had been thinking about that trip to Louisiana that’s coming up and I’d love to lose those 24 (plus) pounds before I go.  The problem is . . I forget to think about losing weight til I’ve already eaten or had one too many Dr. Peppers.  Anyway . . I’m at Wal-Mart and this little kid . . like 3 or 4 years old, comes running up to me, pointing and saying COW!  COW!  I’m thinking . . Hey Kid!  I have a size 3/4 dress hanging in my closet!  Don’t call me a cow! His mom just kinda smiled and I’m thinking . . well, dang it, lady . .  you couldn’t get in that size 3/4 dress either, so why are you smiling?

Then I remembered I was wearing this shirt!


And then . . I really didn’t mean to be out in public in this shirt . . but then I remembered that when I walked in Wal-Mart, the greeter had said “I like your cow!”  I thought . . You funny lady!  I have chickens .. I don’t have cows! Thankfully, I didn’t say anything.

I shall not wear the cow t-shirt in public and I shall lose 24 pounds before going to Louisiana but if I haven’t lost 24 pounds when it’s time to go, I’m still going and . . if the cow shirt is the only thing I have clean, I will wear it in public! 🙂



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    I think we get dressed from the same closet (NOT the size 3 /4 dress…..but the cow t-shirt and jeans)!!! My wedding dress was a size 0 that had to be altered IN……..and you should see me now. *sigh* Oh, well……if we are happy then who cares, right?

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    3/4!?!?! The smallest I ever was-9/10!!!!!!!!!! And that was after 11 weeks in the hospital after a car accident. I’d love to be a 12 right now but ya know somethin’? I’m not going to make myself crazy. I have to lose 35 lbs to be where I was 10 years ago.
    Go to LA, have a good time and some down home cooking. Enjoy yourself. Remember, life is short; eat dessert first. 🙂

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    Deb says

    Yes, you hit the nail on the head! I broke down and got rid of my 5/6 (now I think they would be a 2/3, or even a 0! Since they didnt even HAVE 0 when I was a teenager!) but have kept my 9/10, with not much hope of ever getting in those unless I too end up in the hospital with something. But I believe I will be getting rid of those too! And for me, a t-shirt and jeans IS dressing up, to go out, because if I stay home, I love my pajamas, since we really dont ever get any surprise guests out here in the middle of nowhere. Nice to know we are not alone….

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    Cindy says

    Hhhhmmmm….just loved it! I can so relate to the “you are what you wear”. I’m ready to start my day and I’ll be leaving the house in my happy bunny t-shirt that says “me pretending to listen should be enough for you”. The kids groan whenever they see me in it. But I figure I dress up 5 days a week for work, Saturday and Sunday are mine to dress as I please!

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    You’ve been peeking into my closet. I have an Ellen Tracy dress that I’ve been hanging onto – don’t know why because I’ll never fit into it ever again! But answer this: Does going to Louisiana in September mean I have to lose weight? I mean, my brother wouldn’t be able to say “You’re twice the woman you were when I last saw you!” (I won’t tell you what my standard reply is.)

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    That’s funny………….I don’t even think I own a dress. If I can’t wear pants and be me, then I’ll stay home. The dogs don’t care what I wear. I say give that size 3/4 dress to the burn barrel—or better yet to Dress for Success or some other organization. Hope you are having an awesome birthday. 🙂

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    Best of strength and determination with the ole dreaded diet.

    Gotta say, weight doesn’t not come off MY body now as it did when in my 40s, or even my 50s. It just goes ON my body easier. 8-((

    And congrats on that dress 3/4. Wow girl, I was BORN a size 12! 8-)))

    Do you think the TV show “What NOT to wear” would ever come to western Nebraska and find ME? LOLOLOL

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    Sandy says

    What a great story to start my day. I can totally relate. Well, I have NEVER worn a 3/4 except in children’s sizes, lol. I still have my size 10 dress (back in my skinny days) I wore as my going away outfit for our honeymoon 37 years ago. I know I will never wear it, but it is fun to take out and pet it once in awhile and remember the good old days. Yes, a packrat I am. The Prom dress from ’68, the paperwork to my first new car a 1970 Mustang under $3200.00 tax and license included……I really should get rid of this. Just not yet.

    I never buy clothes that have pigs, cows, horses on them because I might receive negative comments. LOL You never know what kids are going to say.

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    LOL! You made my day with this one! I used to be a clothes horse too…now it more about shoes!—and of course fabric!–and of course comfort! Good luck with weight loss—and now I know why you get so much accomplished. Dr.Pepper. I know quilters that drink this stuff to energize. I’m not one of them, but it works obviously.

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    I decided years ago that I would never, ever wear anything that had cows or pigs on it! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉

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    Marla Southers says

    I sure know what you mean. I have a few dresses like that I should just get rid of but they still go back in the closet. Who the heck am I kidding?

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    Norma Bourgeois says

    Judy, you’ve been away from Louisiana too long. You know that you’ll sweat off those pounds while you’re here! Either that, or lose weight from all the delicious ‘maters and fresh veggies that we live on in the summer. It will be too late for the crawfish though. You look just fine to me and your family loves you no matter what.
    Norma in BR