Menu Related Contest

This has nothing to do with quilting but when I look in my freezer, I see way too much ground beef.  This morning it hit me . . cook ground meat til Vince complains.  He doesn’t read my blog so if you’re one of his friends who reads the blog (Steve, Jim, Joe . . I’m talking to you!), please don’t tell him what I’m doing.  My plan is to fix ground meat Sunday through Thursday and then fix something else on Friday and Saturday.

So, how many nights of ground beef do you think I can get by with before Vince complains?   Don’t guess weeks . . just a number of days.  You can guess 49 days . . just don’t say 7 weeks!  When I’m out of town, that doesn’t count . . it’s purely a guess as to how many nights we can sit down to eat a meal made with ground beef before he says “Haven’t we had ground beef every night this week?” or something to that effect.  I assure you he’ll notice before I run out of ground beef.

In the event several guess the winning number, I’ll draw the winner’s name out of a hat.

The prize will be this book . . Grilled Pizza & Piadinas.  I love this book! Craig combines some of the most interesting flavors to create unique pizzas!  I don’t believe there are any ground beef recipes in there though! 🙂


In order to be included in the drawing, leave your guess before midnight on Tuesday, June 9.

As far as the recipes, I’m using — I’ll share my recipes here every day and the next day, I’ll edit the entry to leave a comment on how we liked the dish.

What’s your guess?  Because I don’t want to give it away, whoever responds with the first guess, I’m going to write to you and tell you my guess and that way, we’ll all see how well I know my husband . . once the revealing is done.



  1. 4

    Alison says

    I’m going to give him 15 days, you can do a lot of different stuff with ground beef LOL

  2. 5


    Oh, how fun! If it were my DH, I would have to have people guess in YEARS, not days! He’s just delighted to be fed. I’m going to guess 12 days.

  3. 8


    Around here I can do 2 – 3 if one day is hamburgers. I AM going to give Vince the benefit of the doubt and guess 9 because he might catch on by the 2nd week! 🙂

  4. 9


    I’ll say three…3 days……..that’s how long it takes my DH to complain about too much ground beef.

    Karen L

  5. 15

    Robin Walston says

    I think 4 days will do it.Actually, I think he’ll realize it on the first day you don’t serve ground beef.

  6. 18


    4 popped into my head. I think I’d be able to sneak by with 3, but by the 4th my hubby would be wondering if there wasn’t something else in the freezer. 😉

  7. 19


    I was going to say 11 but Gloria already did so I’ll go with 13. My hubby could eat some form of ground beef every night and not complain. 🙂

  8. 21


    Well, you’re so imaginative with menus that I bet you can get away with at least 6 nights in a row before he catches on. So 6 is my number.

    • 21.1


      I think 3

      I think he pays a lot of attention to what is going in his mouth !!! cuz your a good cook and he is spoiled ! LOL ! it won’t take long that’s for sure , LOL !

  9. 23

    Marilyn says

    I’ll go with 4 days. Mine would say something on the 2nd night unless it is leftovers!

  10. 28


    I’m going to agree with a couple of other folks and say 9 days. I think that you can be really creative so that he doesn’t realize that it’s ground beef AGAIN for awhile. Good luck!

  11. 30


    oh my….I think my hubby would catch on after about 10 days so that’s what I will give Vince. 10 days.

  12. 31

    Peggy says

    My guess is 5 days. My husband would not last that long, but Vince is used to you using leftovers in creative ways. I think Judy will tire of ground beef before Vince does his comments about the meals.

  13. 33

    CindyC says

    I thinking that he might last 9 nights. I know that at my house it might be 3 or 4, but you are more creative on cooking than I am.

  14. 34


    I’m going to guess that Vince will pick up on it on the 5th day in a row of ground meat.

    Here’s hoping he holds out longer though!

  15. 37

    Cheryl L says

    Oh how funny!!! I’m guessing 4 days. Even though I don’t know him, I’m thinking he’ll become curious about a steady diet of ground beef by about day 3 or 4, but I’ll stick with 4!

  16. 40

    trina says

    I think that it will take 14 days. Though I think he may say something earlier.

  17. 41

    Rebecca says

    I’m going to say you can slide through the first week (leap of faith?), but he’ll notice the second. So 8 days.

    His friends better not tip him off!

  18. 44


    I’m with Sue–my husband could happily eat ground beef forever! I’m going to guess 17 days. You cook it enough ways that I don’t think he’ll notice for a while.

  19. 46


    I guess 4 days. 3 is probably the limit, but I think he’ll wait until day 4 before he actually says something.

  20. 47


    I guess 5. At my house I think it would be weeks before I heard a complaint. But then again, I don’t do all the cooking.

  21. 48


    I think 5……it would be longer (in my opinion) but since he will get a break for 2 days before you resume the Sunday through Thursday ground-beef routine, I will have to say 5. My other guess would have been that he’d say nothing UNTIL you resumed with the ground beef meals after 2 days of NOT having them and then he’d say, “Didn’t we eat enough meals with ground beef LAST week????” LOL

  22. 51


    I’m stretching it by guessing 6. I would notice if Marion only cooked ground meat by 3 days, but wouldn’t say anything for a couple of days so I’d give Vince 6 days. Good luck. This is fun!

  23. 53

    Michelle Cyr says

    Oh, you are a tricky wife!!!! Vince is generally an easy going male and the variations in ground beef recipes can be hidden for quite a while…hmmm….Let my guess be 10.

  24. 55

    Jerzydeb says

    I’m thinking that you’ll probably be as crafty in the kitchen hiding that ground beef as you are at hiding your stitches when doing a binding by machine. That being said – I’m going with 16 days 🙂

  25. 56


    I am guessing three days until he mentions it. Mostly because he is used to your varied menu and will notice the sameness. Yep 3!

  26. 57


    I’m gonna say 5 days. I bet he notices and says something. Don’t try to hide the burger too much.

  27. 58

    Sandy says

    Since you cook from scratch and make delicious home made bread I think you will be able to cook 17 ground beef meals before Vince notices he is eating alot of ground beef. If you throw in a yummy dessert from time to time it might be longer, lol.

  28. 60

    Judi says

    I’m going to guess 5 meals and when you change he will probably say something like It’s about time we aren’t having hamburger.

  29. 62

    Kathy says

    My guess is 5 days. That’s about how long I could stand to cook ground beef, too!

  30. 63

    Frieda Z says

    My guess is 11(eleven) days. I would say something after 11 days. Hopefully Vince will also.

  31. 64

    Millie H says

    At my house I would say 2-3 days before my husband would scream, “Foul!’ However, for Vince I would guess 7 days.

  32. 66


    I bet he doesn’t last a full week. 6 days is my guess. I don’t think my family would ever notice if I did it.

  33. 67

    Norma Bourgeois says

    I was going with 17 days until I read someone’s answer, so I will guess 18 days. But leave me out of the contest since I won the last one. My husband can cook chicken many ways and if he can disguise chicken and I don’t notice it, I’m sure you can do the same with ground beef. If he’s like me, as long as someone else is doing the cooking, he surely won’t complain anyway.
    Norma in BR

  34. 68

    carol c says

    i think I said 7 days until Vince says whats up?

    i am making sloppy joes tonite

    but i use ground turkey rathe rthan beef.

  35. 72

    Sherry Bobak says

    My guess is 14 days. But I know for sure that I wouldn’t last that long.

  36. 73

    Dorothy says

    I think you can get by with 8 days. There are a lot of ground beef recipes out there!

  37. 74


    I’ll guess 9 – and I’m probably 3 times to high 😛 simply b/c of your great cooking skills and menu planning.. I’m sure VInce and Chad have come to enjoy your vast variet in meals that you cook for them. but yeah, I’ll go with the number 9 😉

    and TY for posting the recipes! Maybe I’ll be able to find a few new ones to add our menu here at home. I have one called “Cheeseburger Twist” that we absolutely love too 🙂 It’s from a Pampered Chef party I had 3-4 years ago.

    I use to make it weekly.. right after the party 🙂 but it’s been months since I’ve made it… so maybe at my next trip to the gorcery I’ll pick up everything I need and make it.. makes my mouth water just thinking about it…yummmmm I have it saved in word.doc would you like a copy?

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  38. 75

    Ida Lively says

    I’m going to say 8. Good luck!

    (As for me .. if it’s beef … just about every day! Specifically GROUND beef … well, hmmm … guess it depends on how much you use. Tacos wouldn’t be as much beef as say ‘meatloaf’. =-) )

  39. 77

    Mary on Lake Pulaski says

    My guess is five but I will certainly be watching to see what you make!

  40. 79

    Lydia says

    Wow, this is a fun “contest.” Let me think… I don’t really know how Vince is about eating (fairly new reader to your blog, at least on a regular basis), but if I had to guess based on my husband, I think that number would end up way too high, as he likes everything I make, and with the “something different” on Friday and Saturday, it would probably be months before he’d complain, if he ever did. Okay, none of that was relevant, so I’ll just guess 11 days. Time to get through 2 weeks of your planned cycle, and start the third week.

  41. 81

    Sandie says

    I’m going to guess that you are able to disguise it as well as I had to and Vince is as patient as My DH was, and say 18.

  42. 83


    My guess would be 3 days …… on the 3rd time you sit down to ground beef he’ll comment! It would be the same in my house but it would be my kids commenting and not DH.

  43. 84


    18! Knowing you, you’ll jazz up the recipes and he won’t tire too soon. I hope you’ll share what you’re making and some recipes along the way. My favorites are Mexican dishes! 🙂
    Watch for stores this afternoon/night.

  44. 85


    I meant storms, not stores!

    I tried posting the correct above, but got this message;

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down!

    Okay, geez, didn’t think I could be too fast for a computer! Trying again!

  45. 88


    I think it would be 4. In my house, it would be 2. Mike notices if I cook the same thing more than once a week, doesnt’ even have to be in a row.

  46. 89

    Joan says

    Beings the great cook that you are, you could easily come up with LOTS of varied dishes. However, I think Vince will catch on quickly, but not say anything until day 7 (lucky 7). I think he is going to tire of the beef and suggest he take you out to eat your favorite meal the following day as a gentle way to say ENOUGH! Enjoy your meal out!

  47. 91

    neen says

    Judy, I would guess 5 days/meals. If he’s like mine, he’s just happy someone cooks for him….

  48. 92


    If he’s anything like my husband, it’ll be about 9 days. He’ll probab;y love them at first, but then after awhile he’ll be wondering about the rest of your regular menu plan. You are always doing some amazing things in the kitchen and cooking, so we’ll see.
    I know it’s after your deadline, but wanted to share my two cents that is probably only worth a penny. LOL