The Wedding


Sunday we attended the wedding of Chad’s best friend.  The wedding was outside and it was an absolutely gorgeous day for an outside wedding.  The setting was beautiful . . on historic Halley’s Bluff.  The bluffs and scenery out there are amazing!  It’s right on the Osage River and legend has it that Jessie James hid out in the bluffs for a while.  Chad has been hanging out in these parts for the last couple of years and he’s been telling us how pretty it was.  It’s on private property so we’d never been out there before the wedding but it truly is gorgeous.



But, speaking of gorgeous . . look at this guy!  Maybe I’m just a little prejudiced.





With his friend, Ruth.  She’s a sweet girl but they’re only friends.  Ruth has a boyfriend.  Those kids up in that little community . . the girls and boys all do so much together and so many of them are truly just friends . . not girlfriend/boyfriend.


It was a beautiful wedding.   Congratulations Bobby & Jenna.  I hope you have a wonderful life together and I hope Chad doesn’t spend every night on your sofa!  🙂



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    What a BEAUTIFUL setting for a wedding!!! Chad does look wonderful. How did they like the Peaches and Dream quilt???

  2. 4

    Gail says

    Judy, Judy, Judy…you forgot the most important thing of all. Which pair of shoes did Chad wear? Come on girl, you know we want to know if he went conventional or wore his favorite pair.

  3. 6


    That smile of Chad’s is a 1000 watt smile. So Ruth is just a friend. HMMM…. Lem and I were just friends for some time. In fact we double dated for a year. Then one day someone pointed out to us that we got along better with each other than we did with any of the people we were dating.

  4. 7


    They look so YOUNG! The pictures are gorgeous. Chad is looking pretty dapper himself. We know what a clothes horse he is so I’m sure he loved donning the tux. He is a handsome guy for sure. I love weddings too!

  5. 8

    Karla says

    What a beautiful wedding, and the bride was gorgeous as was the handsome groom and best man. What a fabulous smile your Chad has.

  6. 9


    In all the years of knowing you, I’ve never seen Chad, only his pix. He looks so handsome, especially all shined up in his suit. 🙂

  7. 10


    Chad is certainly a good looking young man. I know you are very proud of him. Seems you have raised a great young man. The setting is lovely.

  8. 11

    Cheryl L says

    Great photos! Chad really looks spiffy in that tux… he loved it, too!

  9. 15

    neen says

    What a beautiful day you all had, for the festivities!

    Judy, I LOVE Chad’s haircut! It makes him look soooo much more grown-up and mature. *now, if he’d only find out how to act that way, eh?!*

    Thanks for sharing….

  10. 17


    That’s so sweet! For some reason I have tears in my eyes and I don’t even know these kids.

    Chad looks so handsome, as always.